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Pleasing Eternity

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: GEEGEE
  • Chapters: 81
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 7.5
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“Even if the world shuns me, laughs at me, gives me strange looks, and labels me as a freak, I will not give up. I will never give up on what I believe in, even if it takes years, I will continue to persevere until I achieve my goal and get what I deserve!” These were the words Juan always told herself deep down in her heart whenever she looked at the mirror. These were the words that made her keep on going whenever they laughed at her, mocked her for being ugly. To her, as long as she has faith even as small as a mustard seed, she believes that one day, her time will come and her life will change for the better. All she needed was a chance, an opportunity and that is all it took for her life to be changed eternally forever. Destiny came knocking at her door and no matter how many times she tried throwing this chance away, it followed her home and from that day going forward, Juan, the ugly and clown everyone was used to became a beauty that many couldn’t touch. Even if the journey wasn’t simple and rocky, she wasn’t willing to give it up and live a life of suffering as she did. Will there be happiness waiting for her at the end of the road? Will she be willing to sacrifice it all to achieve her dreams and goals?


Life is unfair said another person and yet someone said that it is fair. Which statement should she trust and believe in?

She truly didn’t believe in anything like that. She was someone who believed in herself. As long as she lives her life righteously and in the right way, she believed that karma won’t treat her unfairly.

She was born as an only child to her old parents. The couple found it hard to have a child at a young age and only managed to conceive when her mother was in her late thirties.

Her mother had suffered a lot, people scorned her for being barren and called her names all the time. Her father’s relatives pressured him to divorce and leave her mother for a woman who can continue the family lineage.

But they failed to break the love between the two and the lovebirds stuck together through thin and thin. For his love and to be with the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, her father left the prosperous city and relocated to a distant province.

The two settled in a small town where they lived happily while ignoring the scornful gazes of the people who were always wondering why they didn’t have a child.

After many years, her mother finally conceived and she was born and the couple was very happy.

Her parents didn’t have high jobs where they could earn a lot of money like those rich people. Her father worked in the bank as a teller and earned over three thousand dollars monthly.

Her mother who wasn’t learned like her father operated a food stall that earned her enough profits to sustain their lives but over the years the two had saved a lot of money.

This money proved to be helpful as they were able to buy a small house for their family when her mother was pregnant. It wasn’t the best house but for them, this was enough and nothing could change that.

Juanita was raised in a spoiled manner, whatever she wanted, she was given as long as her parents could afford it. As a child who saw how much her parents were working hard, she didn’t make things harder for them and asked for what they couldn’t give her.

Her life was simply beautiful and made a lot of people envious. She wasn’t born beautiful but her looks were average, her hair was a bit strange and wasn’t black like others but a bit dark purplish and that was simply crazy.

This uniqueness of hers made her a target by other kids who labeled her as a weirdo and freak but thanks to her parents she fought it through.

Her life however dramatically changed one day when she went on a school trip. They were busy playing hide and seek with other kids. It was supposed to be fun and memorable but life is unfair.

Juanita didn’t know that the kids wanted to teach her a lesson especially that girl who was the school belle. Her grudge with the school belle was not that huge. The guy, the school belle liked confessed to Juanita and this made the belle and her cronies hate Juanita to the core.

Luckily Juanita also liked the guy so she accepted the proposal and the two started dating. Who knew that after a month of no activity, her judgment was delivered?

While hiding in a thatched hut, feeling safe and confident that no one will find her and that she will win the game, someone locked the door from outside. Because she was hiding, she didn’t even hear or see that something had been done to the place she was hiding in.

By the time she realized that something was wrong, the fumes were already inside and she was choking. Juanita tried her best to leave but because the door was locked, she failed.

The fire burned with vigor, she hit the door while screaming and shouting for help but no one came to the rescue. She was choked by the fumes and ended up fainting on the cold floor.

When she opened her eyes once more, a month had already passed and her body was filled with burn marks. She looked very scary that she cried her heart out. Even though she wasn’t a beauty, after burning she had become something else.

At least her face wasn’t that scarred as she had fainted while facing down instead of up. Her back suffered a lot; she couldn’t even touch it. Juanita felt that living was a burden to her parents who needed to fork out a lot of money for her treatment.

At some point after listening to her classmates who were cursing her, she downed some pills trying to end it all but she was lucky to get resuscitated and came back to life.

Watching her parents crying and blaming themselves for what had happened to her, she felt very guilty and swore that no matter how hard life becomes in the future, she will never give up but keep on persevering.

As for the belle that caused all this, she was expelled from school and her family paid compensation to her own. They were simply too powerful for her family to fight against especially in that town.

Where they went after that, Juanita had no idea and didn’t want to know about it. She was discharged from the hospital and began to pick up the pieces but from there on, it became difficult for her to wear clothes that expose skin as those scars covered most parts of her body.

The boyfriend broke up with her, it hurt a lot at that time but with the help of her parents, she was able to heal and concentrate on herself, made herself better, and graduated high school with good marks.

She was then admitted to a university in a third-tier city where her life changed forever after so many ups and downs.

Chapter 2: UGLY

Juanita’s life changed forever and that could be seen by how people looked at her with scorn, pity, and disgust whenever they looked at her face. Thanks to the fire, Juanita received burns she failed to get rid of.

For a girl, her face was everything and yet Juanita’s face was simply too scary to look at. There was no money for her to get surgery and get rid of the burn scars on her face, neck, and some parts of her body.

The money that was needed was simply too much and her family couldn’t even afford it. Her family tried their best to make sure that she was in the best condition and she was very grateful for that.

Even though her face wasn’t likable and she didn’t make many friends because of that, she was a studious person and managed to win scholarships which lessened the financial burden on her family.

At her age, she was supposed to be doing some part-time jobs and earning some money for themselves but she wasn’t able to do that. No restaurants accepted


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