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Palace of Affection

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When three royal brothers are after one girl, the kingdom suffers! Princess Bonnie is the only daughter of King Gilbert of Maxis. She’s lost in affection and her lustful desires have compromised her decision-making. Mortal and supernatural enemies surrounded her, complicating her search for true love when she fell for the three brothers. The three brothers have kept a dark secret from her. She can only see their true form if she learns to control her lustful desires and start making healthy decisions. The battle of love and affection is on. Who would be her mate?

Chapter 1 - Getting Stuck

The captain of fifty steadied his horse. He raised his hand above his head. “Halt!” he ordered.

His men riding behind him quickly forced their horses to a halt. They glanced at each other. Something seems off. The rocky road looks creepy today. As Knights in their shining armor, dressed for battle, they are ready to die at their duty, but there are no right feelings about today.

      “What is going on here?!”

Princess Bonnie peeped through the window of her cart. She doesn’t like coming to a halt, especially when riding on a narrow rocky road.

      She’s rushing to meet with the Crown Prince of Wex, a kingdom ruled by King Charles. Although she had no intention of journeying for days to the Kingdom of Wex, she had sent a messenger ahead of her to deliver her message to him. ‘I will be in Saxon village in our favorite inn,’ she wrote on parchment and sealed it up before handing it over to the messenger.

      Slowly, the captain climbs off his horse and approaches the Princess's cart. The rest of his men stood their ground but were very observant. The tales behind their suspicion are more than their mouths can utter.

      “My Princess,” said the captain, as he made a low bow. “The heavy downpour from last night must have caused a tree to fall, blocking the bridge.” He explained. 

      “Why are your men doing nothing to move the tree?” Princess Bonnie Scowled at him. “They should get to work. We don’t have all day.”

      The captain swirled and hurried back at once. “Alright, Knight of Maxis, we have work to do!” He made the announcement. Turning toward the two knights, he ordered them to stay put and guard the princess’ cart.

      “My Princess, I don’t like the feeling I am getting,” Maiden June said. Her voice was quaky and uncourageous before the Princess. She’s riding with her on the same cart. 

      “And what feeling is it you have?” She hardened her eyes, casting a steady gaze at her maiden. 

      Maiden June lowered her head. “It’s not safe for us to be out here this soon,” she said with a mix of courage and a quaky heart that betrayed her distress.

      The Princess’s father, King Gilbert, has declared it unsafe for anyone to leave Maxis because their Kingdom is being attacked by furious hairy beastly creatures with pushed-out snorts.

      The king’s decree was published in every village and town in Maxis, but his daughter refused to listen. Her mind will not settle if she doesn’t set her eyes on the Crown Prince and have a taste of his lips again.

      “You’ve nothing to worry about,” she assured her maiden. “Everything will be under control as soon as they move the tree.”

      Maiden June breathed a sigh of relief but was still not convinced. Her thoughts went deep and heavy. She looked downcast but feared to speak further.

      “What is taking them so long?!” Princess Bonnie cried out in frustration. She peeped through the cart carriage window to see for herself. “Sir!” she gestured to the knight guarding the cart carriage. When he approached, she fired a question at him. “What is taking so long to move the tree?”

      He lowered his head to answer with an act of respect. “I don’t know, my princess.”

      “Then go find out!” she ordered, furrowing her brows.

      “I am sorry, my princess,” he spoke in a quaking tone with his head still lowered. “My captain has ordered me to stay put and…”

      The Princess’ nostrils flared as she stared at the Knight. She couldn’t believe he just refused to take her order. “Don’t tell me you want to disobey the princess?” she hastily interrupted him. “You know I can easily have your head on a platter?” 

      The knight didn’t utter any other word to dispute her. He became mute but still maintained his stand not to defile his captain’s order. In Maxis, the king would have a knight hanged for defiling his commander’s order in matters that concern the safety of the royal family or the entire kingdom. 

      Seeing that the knight had decided not to speak to her, she hissed loudly. “Come with me,” she said to the maiden as she pushed the door of the cart. She needed to see for herself why it was taking them so long to move the tree.

      Rolling up her royal robe, she slowly climbed down the cart. She glanced over her shoulder. “Watch your step,” she said, expressing concern for her maiden not to miss her step. 

     Maiden June followed her cue. 

      Princess Bonnie walked and stood in front of the cart carriage. She narrowed her eyes and focused her gaze. It was difficult to have a clear view. The horses of the knights are blocking her view. 

      She was about to take a step when the two knights blocked her. “I am sorry, my princess, but it’s unsafe for you to…”

      Before he could finish his sentence, the princess shoved her way through. “Try to stop me!” she gnawed.

      Maiden June hastily hurried after her. “My Princess!” she called out. She knew her life would be in danger if the king found out she was there and the princess refused protection from the knights. She needed to be on the safe side. Blocking the princess from taking another step, she squeezes out words in a quaky little voice. “Please my princess, just stay put. I believe…”

      “If you don’t step aside now, I will have you thrown into the dungeon when we get back.” She refused her maiden to finish her sentence. Her face contorted with rage with her hardened eyes focused on Maiden June.

      Maiden June’s eyebrows lowered and pulled closer together. She lowered her head and stepped aside as she had been ordered. 

      The Princess took the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd steps. As she was about to take the 4th step, a pitched howl interrupted her thoughts and startled her to a halt. She flicked around, trembling in fear. Before she could squeeze out a word, the pitch howl continued in an ascending manner, which was replaced by furious barking.

      Princess Bonnie cast a terrified glance at Maiden June. “Did you hear that?”


Chapter 2 - Getting Through

      “My princess!” the captain called out, running toward her. He looked terrified as well, and so were the rest of the knights with him. Seizing the princess by the arm, he dragged her back to her cart. “We need to turn and head back to Maxis, now!”

      “I am not going anywhere without getting to my destination.”

      She pulled away from the captain. All she was thinking about was the Crown Prince and his sweet lips. She was not ready to turn back halfway, even though she looked more terrified than the rest.

      “You know I can’t do that,” the captain declined. “The king will hang me.”

      “Perhaps, but I am not going back.” She pushed the captain away and started running toward the direction of the bridge.

      “After her!” the captain ordered the knights who were meant to guard her cart carriage. 

      Maiden June watched in silence as the knights ran after Princess Bonnie. This isn’t what they signed up for. They have all defiled t


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