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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Wendy
  • Chapters: 42
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 351
  • 7.5
  • 💬 47


Eleanor sterling finds out she is pregnant with quadruplets after an unforgettable one-night stand with a mysterious man. Years later, she is employed to work for the billionaire CEO of the skyline company, Sebastian Donovan, who was also the father of her quadruplets. They instantly get attracted to each other and as hard as Eleanor fights it, she gets deeper into a strange and dangerous world of riches. She finds herself drowning in secrets, mysteries, and seduction. Will she hide the truth forever, or tell the truth to him? Will Sebastian come to love her, or will he treat her like many others…?


Eleanor's POV

I woke up with soreness all over my body, even my bones felt like leaving my joints.

I opened my eyes tiredly, and I came face to face with a good-looking man.

His facial features looked so sharp under the early morning sun that shined into the room.

He had a tall brow ridge and a deep nice set of eyes, with the morning sunset on his face, his messy hair cast a shadow on his face, but it could not hide the arrogance in his face.

I looked at him, admiring him, but soon my mind flashed back to the previous night. It filled my mind, and it made me gasp quietly. I quickly held my mouth to avoid making a noise.

Did I just…?

I suddenly remembered the previous night, it happened so quickly.

I recently found out my boyfriend of six years was cheating on me. Hence, it made me go to a bar to drink and drown my fury.

I asked the waiter to bring me the strongest liquor they had. I had a low tolerance for alcohol and I felt like throwing up after having one shot.

I ran to the bathroom to throw up, and I mistakenly bumped into a handsome young man. The man wore a white striped shirt buttoned to his neck.

He had a prominent Adam's apple, a cold glare and an unapologetic demeanor.

At the moment I set my eyes on him, I remembered my cheating boyfriend, and suddenly, I turned desperate to the man.

I clung to his neck and I kissed him hungrily. In response, he grabbed my waist and lifted my petite body into his arms.

His warm lips covered my mind, and it tasted like fine sweet wine.

I surrendered to him, I opened my mouth a little and his tongue entered into mine to taste it.

In my drunk state, I was unaware that he had carried me through the private elevator to his suite.

I vaguely felt him placing me gently on the bed before he undressed me and started kissing me, starting from my neck.

I felt a flutter in my stomach as he grabbed my ankle and parted my legs.

I tried to close my legs. I was so ashamed, so I tried to close my legs, but he wedged it with his knee and kept them apart.

My God, he was about touching me there….

The next moment, I felt something big and hard filling me.

He kissed me and panted in my ears. I never knew my body would be this sensitive.

Even in darkness, he kept thrusting his hardness deep in and out of me.

He had an unimaginable stamina. I grabbed his shoulder and I begged him to let me rest, but he never stopped and in the end, I fainted from the exhaustion.

Now, my heart is covered with the flashbacks of our love making.

I calmed myself down and looked at his face, I noticed that he was not just handsome, but he was good in bed as well.

Although, last night was my first time. I only felt pain during the first penetration, but the rest was pleasure.

Seeing how he worked hard last night, I took out 100 dollars from my bag. I thought for a minute and I brought out another 100 dollar note and placed it at the edge of the bed.

Immediately I freshened up, put on my dress and left quietly. Because I overexerted myself last night. My legs felt feeble as I tried to walk, and my steps were wobbly.

I looked at the handsome sleeping man once again before I ran out of the room.


Years later, on the fifth floor of an apartment in the outskirts.

There were toys scattered in every corner of the room and the play mats were decorated with cartoons and the floor was covered in mess.

I stood with one foot on the mat while I stretched the other out behind me, forming a split.

I had just closed my eyes to enjoy a quiet and peaceful moment of yoga when the door was pushed open and the quadruplets rushed in.





The children shouted and ran towards me.

“Stop running…” I shouted.

The children collided with me, making me fall and roll into a corner. I was shocked and dumbfounded.

Robert sterling and Matthew climbed to my upper body playfully, while Mitchell and Victoria also crawled all over my body.

From a distance, it would seem like I was covered with toys.

The nanny ran into the room but couldn't help but laugh at the sight.

On the other hand, Robert fell into a corner, but got up and ran back to my body.

Finally, I got free from them and I managed to sit up.

However, Matthew still clung to my back. His feet swung as he tried to climb on my shoulders.

“Matthew, get down. You will fall down and injure yourself” I warned.

“Mummy, I'm not scared. I'm the strongest man ever” he said while raising his leg and he fell down from my body.

“Are you still the strongest man?” I teased.

“Mummy look I have a flower” Victoria said, showing me a flower on her palm.

She looked at me with bright eyes, she was expecting praise.

“That's beautiful” I said.

“I have a flower too,” Robert said as he brought out his flower.

“Me too,” Matthew said.

I turned to Mitchell, and she said, “mummy I gave mine out”

I laughed, thinking she might have probably given it to a boy.

I turned to the nanny, “you can close for the day and go home”

“Alright ma'am. I will be here by 7:am tomorrow”.

“Yes sure”.

After the nanny left, the quadruplets and I were the only ones at home.

I stood up and went to prepare their bottles for them.

“The bottles are ready” I called out, and they all rushed to me.

They looked at me, waiting for my instructions.

“Line up kids and take your bottles accordingly”





And I gave out their bottle of milk to them.

The milk was just an appetizer for them. So I proceeded to prepare their meal. Mashed potatoes and diced meat.

When the food was ready, I brought out their eating chairs.

They all took their seats and were waiting for their meal.

I served them and they all began to eat. I watched them eat with relish, and I felt a sense of fulfillment and love.

Years ago, I met a man at the bar and after a one-night stand, I became pregnant…….



At that time, I was still a student and I didn't want a child.

However, while I was planning to abort the child, I discovered I was having quadruplets.

The news was such a big shock to me that I even fainted in the doctor's office on hearing it. What should I do? I can't abort four babies?

I decided to keep the pregnancy and continue school. By the time I graduated, I had given birth to four children.

They are Mitchell, a girl, Victoria a girl, Robert a boy, and Matthew a boy as well.

I have two daughters and two sons, and each of them are unique in their own way.

My four kids meant I had four more people to cater for. My kids would finish a tin of food a day that was meant for at least a week.

Occasionally, I just grumble that the man wasn't just good in bed, but he was also virile.

One night with him made me pregnant with quadruplets.

Shortly after my kids turned two years old, I went back to my co


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