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One-night stand: Sweetie, you'll be mine

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Experiencing a passionate one-night stand with a handsome stranger named Joel, Primrose happens to know that he is her fiance, also one of the richest billionaires in the world. She tries to run away from him and the bizarre marriage but is gradually approached and held by Joel. "Want to escape from me? Sweetie, don't do this. You're mine." Joel smiled softly, gently taking Primrose's chin and placing a soft kiss. From the moment he first met Primrose, he planned to keep her by his side for the rest of his life. In the end, can they be together forever?

Chapter 1: Truth or Dare

Primrose set the wine glass in her hand down on the table, the corners of her lips curling into a very faint curve. The twinkling lights of the bar shone beautifully on her side, along with the empty smile on her lips, making Primrose's appearance even more charming. The bottle on the table stopped, barely stopping in front of her, making her friends even more agitated.

"Okay, Primrose, it's finally your turn."

Primrose just casually stroked the wine glass neatly on the table, listening to the howls resounding around the noisy bar. She looked up at her best friend, Nancy, sitting next to her, her lips slowly releasing words.

"I choose Dare."

Nancy let out a gasp and moved forward to push Primrose's shoulder. Her voice was unable to hide her excitement.

"So, you want to try some stimulation before meeting your future fiancé?"

Referring to this phrase, "future fiancé", Primrose felt even more disinterested. She had spent more than twenty years living a peaceful and happy life. Suddenly, in peace, an uninvited person appeared with the name "future fiancé". Needless to say, Primrose hates this marriage.

Never met, never fell in love. How can she get married in the future? Where did her parents get the confidence to make sure that she and he could live in harmony?

"Yeah, I wanted to let go of a kiss before meeting that d*mn stranger."

Primrose answered casually, as usual, following Nancy's words and absentmindedly answering. A few small laughs followed, but she didn't care too much. She just calmly raised her head and waited for her friends to choose a punishment for her.

"So, how about kissing the first man to enter the next bar?"

Ava, who was sitting on the opposite side, excitedly chimed in, making her request. This punishment was just as good as Primrose wanted. She nodded in agreement and then continued to drink while waiting for the next person to enter. Fortunately, Primrose didn't have to wait too long; the person she needed finally appeared.

She looked at this person from above, carefully. Her body shape and face were not bad, just right for her aesthetic gout.

The silver suit on the body indicates at first glance that it is a custom-made item, and the price is not cheap. Combined with the gold-rimmed glasses on the face, this further exalts the handsome appearance. Primrose licked her lips before Nancy's shoulder nudged her to slowly stand up and turn to her classmate with a seductive smile.

"The goal is here. I go first. If nothing changes, then I won't be back tonight."

A few people began to happily wish her success, and Primrose also nodded in satisfaction, waved her hand casually, and walked over to the other man. The red sl*t dress followed Primrose's every step to reveal her white legs, attracting a lot of attention from other men in the bar.

Joel was looking for his friends in the chaos when he suddenly saw a girl in a lovely red dress walking in front of him. She looked at him with a chuckle, pretending to be absentmindedly exclaiming.

"Handsome guy, do you want a taste of the sweetness of love?"

If women come to the door on their own, Joel will absolutely not refuse. Moreover, when the other party was also beautiful, Joel became even more coordinated and curled his lips in response.

"What kind of love can be sweeter than your lips, sweetie?"

This flirtation obviously hinted at approval, making Primrose all the more daring. And she stroked the hem of his vest without hesitation, clearing her throat on purpose.

"So do you want to taste it?"

The initiative of the girl in front of him made Joel go from surprise to surprise. He ignored the fact that his friend was waiting for him at the back of his head, carefully hugged Primrose's shoulder, and leaned down to kiss her without hesitation. The entwined lips and tongue made the surrounding air even hotter. And Primrose did not hesitate to respond to him, making the kiss even more passionate.

When the two lips parted, the silver thread remained at the corner of Primrose's lips, making her lips even more seductive. Joel helped her to her feet, his hands playfully brushing her lips and whispering.

"Just kissing isn't enough; do you want to do some more arousal?"

Primrose had never been a reserved or old-fashioned girl, and she nodded freely. After that, the two people, side by side, left the crowded bar and went to a famous hotel in the city. The process of renting the room was completed very quickly. As soon as he entered the room, Joel couldn't wait to hug Primrose tightly, whispering in her ear in a low, seductive voice.

"I still don't know your name, sweetie."

Primrose naturally hugged Joel and inhaled the pleasant scent of mint next to him. Then she hummed in reply.

"Primrose. Handsome guy, what's your name?"

Joel licked his lips and kissed Primrose lightly on the neck, making her laugh, but his hands were firmly on her waist, slowly adding.

"I am Joel. Primrose, you are as beautiful as your name is."

Primrose had heard many similar compliments, but this time she was especially excited and smiled brightly. Joel looked up into her clear eyes, his kiss slowly falling to her soft lips. Primrose also caught his lips, neither of them willing to give in, only to stop when she felt the lack of oxygen in her chest.

"Your kissing technique is really good."

Primrose rested her head on Joel's shoulder, gasping for breath. He just smiled and then firmly carried her to the large bed. He bit Primrose's sensitive earlobe and laughed.

"My other technique is also very good. Do you want to try this?"

Joel's words did not hold back, making a brave girl like Primrose also embarrassed. She buried her head in Joel's neck and lightly punched him on the shoulder, her voice as soft as a kitten's.

"You'll have to try it to find out."

Chapter 2: The fiancé?

Joel also guessed that she would respond in the same way, so he did not hesitate to push her down on the large bed. After that, he also leaned down, his lips finding Primrose's lips, and his hands were not at ease but rested on her thin shoulders and massaged. Primrose couldn't stand the stimulation and let out a soft groan, and Joel's confidence grew, and he pulled her into a more passionate kiss, making Primrose's mind increasingly dreamy. His hand slowly slid down her waist, feeling the softness of Primrose's skin and whispering words in her ear.

"Sweetie, I'll show you what a hot night is."

Primrose soon fell into a coma, but she still stubbornly teased Joel. Her eyes were dimly looking at him, and she was then licking her lips.

"Is it so pompous? I look forward to it."

The light in the luxury hotel room was turned off by Joel's hand, making the four sides of the space engulfed in darkness. Primrose c


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