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Naughty CEO

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Author K
  • Chapters: 128
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 3.6K
  • 7.5
  • 💬 19


"What's it about me that you desire?" She asked studying his face as a smirk spread across his lips. "I desire everything about you." He says biting his lower lip. As their eyes met, they both felt a spark of something new, but neither of them knew what it meant, or what it might lead to. ••••• Gladys's dream was to have a great husband and a beautiful romance, but not until she got transferred to Morrow's fashion company and there she met her doom. Mr. Caden Morrow made it his mission to possess her. What happens when Gladys falls in love with Mr. Morrow? What if Mr. Morrow aimed to make Gladys his s*x pet? Will fate conspire to grant Caden's naughty desire? Or will it lead Gladys down a path of heartbreak and disappointment?

Chapter 1

Gladys walked inside the club with her pair of suits and she walked to sit on the barstool looking depressed.

She heaved a sigh as the barman walked to her.

"Here again. You failed your interview again?" The barman, Mr Brown asked and Gladys sighed heavily, like she was going to die the next minute.

"Chill up, you'd just have to continue trying." He coaxed pouring a white wine into a bar cup.

"I hope I won't have to stop trying when it's time for me to die." She snoots collecting the cup of wine from Mr. Brown.

"Of course by then you'd have achieved your dream girl. I'm sure you won't wanna miss tonight's party." He added and Gladys chuckled as she watched him serve another customer.

The club was run by him and she had known him since when she packed to the upper apartment and he had been like a father to her.

The club was going crazy with people rushing in and dancing their sorrows out.

Gladys Morgan is a lady in her mid-twenties, a graduate who has no jobs at hand.

She's the only daughter of her mother and her runaway father. Searching for jobs and getting rejected has become a hobby and she was bent on making sure she wouldn't give up unless she has a good job at hand.

She took a sip from the wine and she turned back to the club, it was as lively as she wanted and it soothes her depressed state.

"Hey." A guy walked towards her and Gladys looked at him.

"Hi, Jackson." She called with a small smile.

"Oh, you here again?" Jackson said and Gladys shrugged.

She wasn't a party freaky but for depressed sake, she became one and anytime anyone familiar with her sees her in the club, they'd understand that she was rejected at a company.

"You got a rejection," Jackson says sitting on another barstool beside her and she smirks, gulping down the whole wine down to her throat.

"Yes and luckily I'll be trying another one tomorrow." She told him with a bright smile.

"Yeah, I like that." Jackson encouraged her and Mr Brown walked back to them.

"What can I get you, son?" Mr. Brown asked him like a shout because of the loud music blaring out from the speaker.

"Anything less alcoholic Dad," Jackson replied and his dad was on the move.

"How was your day today?" Gladys decided to start a new conversation.

"As usual. Bosses yell and so... Having a job is a lot tiring." He answered.

"At least if I could have one." Gladys chipped in sharply and Jackson chuckled.

His dad walked back giving him a glass and he went to continue serving other customers.

"Okay, this time I need to get myself drunk," Gladys said and Jackson nodded.

"Yeah, you should." He replied, not interested in stopping her and Gladys began placing orders.

It was midnight already, the club was still lively and Gladys had drunk herself to stupor.

Jackson didn't stop her because he knew it was going to be futile, Gladys was a stubborn girl and she would do anything she wanted if she liked it, so he just watched her stand up and join the crowds in dancing their sorrows out.


The bright morning came with a shining sun and Gladys still on the bed, welcomed by her fantasy world, dreamt about herself being married to a responsible husband, having a beautiful romance and her cute five kids were all calling her mummy.

She was enjoying her dream come true in a dream and wished not to wake up from that dream, not until her mother came with a good slap on the back, she was snapped back to reality.

"Get up and start your day! It's morning already." Her mother yelled and Gladys yawned feigning a frown at her mother for disrupting her sleep.

"When would you allow me to sleep well?" Gladys asked sarcastically.

"Until you learn to walk up here without Jackson having to carry you after being drunk." Her mother answered sharply and Gladys smirked.

"He is my friend after all." She mumbled and her mother shot her a glare.

"You'd be late for the interview." Mrs Morgan added walking out of Gladys' room.

Gladys grumbled as she fought the air angrily.


Half an hour later, she was done with tidying her room, brushing her teeth, and bathing. She packed her black hair into ponytail and made them fall on her back and she walked out of her room.

"Come have breakfast before you go." Her mother called and she walked hesitantly to the dining area.

She sat down and her mother began serving her the plantains and scrambled eggs she had been preparing.

"Here dig in." Mrs Morgan offered and Gladys began eating.

One reason for Gladys' wish of having a perfect husband and family was because her father failed her mother and therefore her mother always vent her anger on her.

Gladys wanted to have a perfect family and wanted to prove to her mother that having a family could be a beautiful thing and to others who had mocked her about her runaway father. She wanted to prove to them that she could have her own life with a perfect husband.

After finishing up the food, Gladys was set to go, she took her handbag and hurried out of the apartment.

She climbed down the stairs and within a minute, she was out on the street.

It was strange to notice that rain had fallen the previous night, and she blamed it on the drinks she had last night.

She began walking down the street, avoiding some rainwater on the floor and as she walked a car drove past her using its tires to splash the floor rainwater on her skirt.

"What the f*ck is wrong with your driving *ssh*l*!" She yelled angrily, noticing that her skirt had been stained.

The car pulled to a stop and she walked hurriedly to it.

Chapter 2

Before the incident...


He walked out of the walk-in closet, dressed already in his red suit and his hair styled.

He made some phone calls mostly talking about some business and contracts.

He walked out of his bedroom and to the hallway.

As he walked down the stairs, his younger brother ran to him.

"Good morning Caden." Lawrence greeted and Caden ended the phone call as he carried his five-year-old brother.

"Morning Lawn," Caden answered, pecking his cheek as he walked to the dining area.

He dropped his younger brother on the dining chairs and he sat beside him.

His parents joined them for breakfast and the cook served them.

"How's business going these days?" Mr. Morrow asks, he was the founder of Morrow fashion company and Morrow models before passing the companies onto his son


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