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My Semi Prostitute Girlfriend

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Kimberly Martins was a lovely and caring young lady who found herself in a terrifying situation. She is selfless and brave, risking her own life to save her mother's. She needed money, so she became a prostitute in a bar. What if she meets someone who make her understand how miserable she is and accepts that life is hard? Is it conceivable for her to adore him without end? What if a rich, conceited bachelor falls madly in love for the first time with an impoverished, young woman? And that he is willing to go to any length to make her happy, no matter how unlikely it may appear. Can he maintain his composure when it looks that everything is going wrong? Is he willing to put everything on the line for true love? Their story has taken a dramatic turn, and everything is now uncertain and difficult. Do you believe they'll have a fairytale romance? Is it possible for love to bridge the gap between the wealthy and the poor? Or maybe they were drawn to each other for apparent reason. These are the questions we had to find out in this lightning-fast serendipitous romance.

Chapter 1 - First night

Since that summer has officially begun, it should not come as a surprise that the night was burning and humid. A public establishment, one of the most diverting spots in the city's midst, where everybody was on fire while wearing a devil smile. Everyone wishes they could experience something remarkable at midnight. A location with lights that flash on and off and music that is really loud and bizarre. And the entire crowd became energized, rowdy, and full of eager dancers. They move their bodies in rhythmic waves and grooves as if there is no tomorrow.

When the disk jockey switches to more seductive and relaxing music, everyone suddenly begins to dance together in close quarters. The man quickly wraps his hands around the girl's waist and pulls her closer to his own body. It's almost as if he's taking ownership of her while his hand rummages around on her body. His lips moved fast over hers as he kissed her hastily while he was overcome with lust.

In addition, as the intensity of the situation rises, the man leaves the dance floor while still passionately kissing the woman he's been dancing with. He goes away with her arms wrapped around his waist.

An innocent young lady of twenty-two should not be present because the vibe and setting are not appropriate for her. She took a few deep breaths as she thought about what she had just seen. And realizes that a prostitute is someone who trades their body for money in order to make a life. The sight was unbearable to her.

It was Kimberly Martins's first night at the pub house, and she wished she never did. Yet her dress was shimmering and extremely short, exposing a significant portion of her skin; combined with the shocking aroma that she exuded, who could say no to her? She pondered things with self-assurance. But despite this, her heart is beating so incredibly quickly that it feels like it might burst out of her chest. She flaunted a lot of nervousness.

A middle-aged woman approached one of the customers who was drinking alone in the corner of the pub and said, "Hello, it's lovely to see you again in our bar!"

The man's age was somewhere between twenty-five and twenty-seven, and he was rather attractive, yet all he did was purse his lips and drink another shot of whiskey.

"Here you go, lover boy. She is our new chick! She's young, fresh, and seductive. I am sure you will have a terrific night, as lovely as ever!" The woman forcibly pulls Kimberly to the man's side, selling her like a new product.

"Excellent," he mutters, pouring the whiskey into the glass again.

"Enjoy the night!" The woman's response was accompanied by a broad grin. When she left, she quickly looked at Kimberly before signaling her to "Behave!"

Kimberly is unable to utter a sound due to her state of fear. Throughout the time that she sat next to the man, the sensation of embarrassment was almost intolerable. She was completely at a loss as to what she should do or how she should begin entertaining the man.

Her head was filled with questions like, "Why isn't he speaking? What should I say first? What will I do?" She was at a loss.

Then, out of the blue, the man asks an unexpected question.

"How old are you?"

"I'm twenty-seven." She responded by lowering her face and stating her age.

"He ought to have inquired about my name first." She thought silently.

"Really?" He scoffed, demonstrating that he was not convinced.

"Yeah, I'm already twenty-seven years old. You can ask the woman at the counter if you want." She insisted, mustering up the courage to persuade him.

Yet, the man's only response was "Okay," and after that, he was silent.

After a few more of liquor, the man eventually stood up and stumbled while taking the final shot of whiskey. It was clear that he was drunk.

Kimberly stood next to him, but before she could grab his arm to offer assistance, the man quickly wrapped his arm over Kimberly's neck and crossed it. She found herself uncomfortable and afraid, but then she recalled the event that she had seen earlier. Kimberly was under the impression that it was her responsibility. She is able to maintain her composure despite the anxiety that surrounds her.

They make their way toward the cash register and pay for all he consumed as well as the evening that he will spend with her. The middle-aged woman smiles so broadly that it almost reaches her ears, and she considers him a good customer because he always pays considerable amount.

"Where are we going?" Kimberly stutteringly asked.

"That is the most ridiculous question I have ever heard!" He exclaimed, annoyed when he got into the driver's seat of his automobile.

"Get in a car, you piece of trash!" He yelled through the open window.

Kimberly was stuttering and shaking as she tried to back away after seeing the man's hostile conduct.

"I'm sorry, sir, but there is a misunderstanding. I'm simply__." She muttered fearfully.

"Do you want me to drag you inside, and we do it right here, right now?! Or you are coming in here by yourself willingly?!" Previously, this man was merely sipping booze in silence, but now he has transformed into a devil.

"I just want___" Kimberly could not muster the strength to unlock the door and was still doing everything she could to escape the man.

"Enough!" Nonetheless, the man became irate. He opened the door with force and dragged her inside the car.

"Don't waste my time!" He cautioned and then drove the car so quickly that it zoomed into the street as if they were competing in a race for automobiles.

Kimberly is unable to speak or ask anything at this time, but one thing is certain: she is terrified. She was worried that being with this man would lead to nothing but trouble, particularly now that he was aggravated with her. And riding in his automobile was the most excruciating sensation she had ever experienced in her entire life. Her head is hurting, and she has the feeling that she might throw up at any moment.

The journey was lengthy, eerie, and downright terrifying...

Until he parked the car, Kimberly had no idea that it was one of the tallest hotels she had ever seen. The area was unexpectedly appealing to look at. It took her aback, given that it is a five-star hotel known for being elegant and pricey. But just as she was beginning to get carried away, she caught sight of the insane man chatting with the security personnel, which brought her back to reality.

Kimberly finally understood that he was a dangerous lunatic and that she needed to flee. She reasoned that escaping while he was preoccupied would be the most prudent course of action. She casts her gaze in every direction, searching for a good escape route that will allow her to flee and conceal herself. Regrettably, a strong hand grabbed her wrist just as she was about to step out of her shoes.

"Ah...ah... attempting to get away from me?" He gave a stern warning by shaking his head.

"Please, sir, let me go." She pleaded.

"Are you insane? I've already spent a thousand dollars on you!" He scowled menacingly. He continued to pull her and wrapped his arm around her neck as they entered the hotel.

"Stop acting innocent; it does not fit you, b*tch!" He added.

They were greeted warmly by the hotel staff, and the front desk clerk went out of her way to accommodate their needs.

"Well, they should be considering everything paid expensively!" Kimberly's first impression. But it doesn't matter now how much money this man will spend. As a result of her anxiety and concern about how this man would behave toward her once they were inside the room, her hands were sweaty and cold as ice.

"Thank you, Sir." She heard the receptionist as he got the key and pulled her to the lift. They went to the 6th-floor room 3460, and her heartbeat was impossible. It was so goddamn rapid, which caused her body to shake tensely. If only she could return the time a few hours ago, she wouldn't have accepted her friend's opinion on getting on to this job. She shouldn't be here. Perhaps this sh*t is not happening now.

"If only, if only, I could turn back the hands of time." She whispered fearfully.

"Hey, you crazy little b*tch! Come in here!" The man shouted.

Then, it was it! Together with a madman, Kimberly is inside one of the most refined, spotless, and tastefully designed chambers. Nobody will ever suspect that she is a prostitute who sold her body to a deranged individual in exchange for money. He sat on the bed with crossed legs glaring at her from foot to head like investigating her inhumanly. The look that frightened her the most.

"Are you going to stand there all night?!" He asked in a condescending tone.

"I can't move because I'm frozen. How can he not see it?" She thought, asking herself.

"Take off your clothes immediately before I force myself to do it!" He warned her as he had earlier, but she remained unmovable, which made him impatient. "You're pissin' me off! Do it!!!" He yelled at her, giving her a tremendous shock and returning her to her senses. Hence, she had no choice but to comply with his command.

She undressed carefully, first unbuttoning her blouse and then removing it. Next, she started unzipping her skirt and pulling it down to her feet. When her underwear was the only item of clothing remaining, she paused. But the man in front of her, who is sitting in such a way that it appears he is watching a live-action adult movie, does not appear to be happy.

"What?" He mocked in a devilish manner. "Go ahead, get naked!" He said with such authority.

Kimberly was ashamed of doing everything he demanded. But he must obey him! She's here now, and there's no turning back. It's a matter of life and death for money. She continued unclasping her brassiere, then pulled down the tiny last piece of cloth covering her womanhood.

She was shamefully naked, showing her whole self to this man.

Whom she first met.

Whom she doesn't even know.

And she swears she would never want to see him again after this night!

Never again!

She stares blankly at the floor, thinking quietly. Suddenly, the man stood, distracting her thoughts, and looked at her in terror. To her surprise, he took some money from his pocket and walked before her. Not close enough, the man threw all the money on her naked body.

"You are a disgrace to this nation! Women like you, with no dreams, no future, and no hopes, are useless! You and your kind are the biggest mistakes this society ever had!" He seriously, bitterly speaks, degrading her.

She wanted to cry and defend herself, but why would she do it? He may be right; she did everything she could to ignore every degrading and offensive phrase that came out of his mouth and pretended it didn't happen.

"Just this night, and it's over." She thought.

She doesn't weep or try to fight him off; instead, she leans closer to him and begins reaching for the buttons on his shirt, as if she is ready to take them off him. Nevertheless, he quickly grabs her wrist and stops her from reaching out to touch him before she can.

"Dance!" He snapped with a chilly tone.

"What?" She mumbled incomprehensibly.

"Are you deaf? I said dance! Now go!" He yelled and pushed her away from him. After then, he resumes the position he was in when he initially sat down on the bed.

Kimberly was perplexed by this man, but she moved her body as he requested in an attempt to dance seductively despite feeling repulsed by what she was doing. Her eyes were fixed on the floor again. She hated this man but feared him too. She carefully took a glance at his face, and to her surprise. He is not watching. He is rubbing the middle of his forehead between his eyebrows, which worries her, and she stops.

"Mr., Are you alright?" She asked softly as the man raised his head. He gave her another crazy, frightening look that she automatically moved her body and danced.

"You're disgusting! Get out of here!" He shouted, resting his body on the bed.

"What do you mean?" She mumbled. He didn't answer and just closed his eyes.

The sudden change in this man's attitude troubled her, but the opportunity to get away from him was more important. She quickly changed back into her clothes and left the building.

Chapter 2 - Life is so unfair.

Kimberly was ready to go when she had second thoughts inquiring about the arrogant man's condition, which led her closer to the bed. Before she begins speaking, she takes a few deep breaths to compose herself.

"Mr., Are you sure you're all right?" She repeated her question to the man but received no response, so she left out the room.

"Excuse me, Sir, where can I get a ride to the Subway?" She approached the security personnel to whom the man was talking earlier.

"Subway? But it's already late, Lady, it would take you four hours journey to go there, and there's no car available here." He replied courteously.

"What about taxis? Is it possible for you to call me a cab, please?" She insists.

"The shuttle will be available at five tomorrow morning and take you outside the villa, where you can get a ride to the taxi station, but if it is important, why don't you ask Mr. Conner to give you


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