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My one night stand with Mr Arrogant

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After getting drugged by her best friend at a party, Amelia ends up having a one night stand with a stranger. That stranger turned out to be Liam Grayson the ruthless, arrogant and most successful CEO in their country. "it was just a stand think of it as a gift from me to you" Liam pointed out and in the next second Amelia grabbed his index finger that was pointing at her. "it might be a stand but not all girls are dying to be on your bed especially not me" Amelia replied through gritted teeth. Liam caught hold of her neck "I can be scary, don't try to act special, I will compensate you for your loss" he muttered as he stared at the red stain on the bed sheet. Amelia met his eyes "well I'm not scared of you Mr. arrogant" she pulled his hand off her neck and left the room. Liam narrowed his eyes at her retreating back, that was new no one ever spoke back to him instead they cower back in fear.

Chapter 1_ Drugged 1

Giggles and small laughs filled the room as two girls joked around. there was a guy with them he was holding a paper boat. "Louisa check who is at the door" a voice resonated from the kitchen. Louisa left to check the door while Jane the other girl winked at him teasingly. A firm footstep was heard, Jane and Greg raised their head to see who it was. Their jaw dropped. A lady stood before them, black shoulder length hair with an intoxicating hazel eyes combined with heart shaped lips. She was putting on a red mini gown that clinged lovingly to her body properly accentuating her figure, her purse dangling lazily on her hand. This lady was the definition of beauty. She snapped her fingers to bring her friends out of their trance. Greg flashed her a charming smile "wow my darling is looking all decked up" Greg praised. Jane smiled but deep down envy was engraved in her heart. A woman came out of the kitchen with a spatula to reprimand them but she got a shock as well, her daughter was beautiful "Amy" her mum called out. Amelia turned around to see her mum, she threw her purse at Greg and walked to her mum."mum you came here? you could have given me a call" Amelia embraced her mum warmly. Ever since her parents got divorced and moved on with their lives it takes up to months before she sees them. She has always wanted her parents to be together when she was young, because they made the best pair but things changed out of the blue and before she could tell they were already divorced. Louisa came in fondling with an envelope "no way" Louisa screamed in excitement. "what is it Lou?" Jane demanded, right now this mother and daughter irked her so much with their drama. " you won't believe it, Amy has been invited to Damien's birthday party" Louisa announced. "so? Amy won't go since Damien is obsessed with her he might create a scene over there" Jane jealously stated. Louisa scoffed "and who are you to decide that?" " I know well that she won't go" Jane argued. "Come on give me that" Amy collected the card and tore it to shreds. Louisa stared at Amy in shock "you could have said, hey Lou I'm not attending the party" Louisa said with sarcasm. "are you a Friend or an enemy? you know what Jane said was right" Amy hissed. Cecile sighed, her daughter was just too much. Louisa picked up her purse and left the house. Jane smirked meaningfully, 'step 1 done' she mused silently. Little by little she will destroy everything Amelia ever owned for good, she couldn't take it anymore. Ever since they were little Amelia has always overshadowed her in all aspects be it beauty or intelligence, Amelia always came out top while she always came behind. Now she had Greg around her fingers, she has managed to cause a spark between Louisa and Amelia. And for the final blow tomorrow night, she would make sure that Amelia won't be able to come out of it.

The most awaited night in the city came, the night when different elites meet under one roof. The hall was filled with guests of high class men and women in glamorous outfits screaming wealth. Different limo's were parked outside the venue as important personalities stepped out with their partners. A limo parked and a guard ran out to open the door for the person in there."Greg stepped out with Amelia by his side. She was putting on a royal blue off shoulder body hug gown with a side sl*t all the way to her thighs showing off her long fair and smooth legs. Her hair was styled into wavy loose coils, she smiled seeing the media were hovering around she and Greg. Meanwhile Jane was fuming in anger, like always it's all about Amelia. wherever she steps into she draws all the attention to herself. Jane hurriedly walked past her with her date since no reporter was facing her way. she just had to exercise a little more patience before she gets rid of her for good. Immediately Amelia stepped into the hall all eyes were on her, some admired the goddess of beauty while others were filled with envy. Greg was astonished on how Amelia could overshadow him, Jane was right that was her natural talent. Nobody was looking at him they were staring at his partner instead, his eyes wandered around the hall till he spotted Jane at a corner. He could tell from her expression that she was angry, he made an eye contact with her to assure her. He sighed in confusion, he used to like Amelia but ever since Jane started making advances towards him he couldn't stop himself from falling into her trap. "I'll get us a drink" he hurriedly left. When Amelia wasn't looking at his direction, he sneaked Jane out of the hall. Jane struggled a bit with him, "let me go Greg" Jane whined. Greg grabbed her shoulder "listen to me Jane, I'm not enjoying this either you have to understand my situation" Greg tried to reason but Jane wasn't having any of it. "come on Greg what situation are you talking about? there's nothing hard in breaking up with her". Greg sighed this girl doesn't understand anything, how would he tell her that he wanted to have some fun with Amelia before letting her go. " I know you don't have the guts to do it, so watch me ruin her life and her petty career". Jane stated leaving Greg behind to think further. Amelia looked around wondering where Greg disappeared to, it was really hard to find him in this hall since there were lots of guests. At another part of the hall Two men were busy discussing "hope everything is set?" Nicholas asked the man he hired. "yes boss all we need is set" the man responded. Nicholas let out an evil smile. Liam will definitely get into a big scandal after this night and he was sure that he won't be able to get out of it, his grandfather made a big mistake by comparing him to his step brother..

Chapter 2_ Drugged 2

Jane took two glasses of wine from a waiter passing by, luckily for her her supposed date has gone to mingle with a few business men.She opened her purse and brought out a tiny bottle with white pills in it.She slipped some of the pills into the glass of wine meant for her dear friend.Nicholas was speechless after he witnessed what the girl did, "wow she has completed my work" he mumbled.He watched her hand it over to another girl, even if the girl was pretty he didn't let his emotions get the best of him.Amelia thanked Jane as she sipped the wine slowly, she failed to see the smug smile plastered on her friend's face.Jane collected the glass from Amelia when she was done, as soon as Jane left Nicholas came over to Amelia."hi" Nicholas greeted politely. Amelia turned to him with a sweet smile, Nicholas felt his heart skipped a beat seeing her smile."hi" Amelia gree


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