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My Dream, Not Your Dream

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Lyan Sa
  • Chapters: 9
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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"Your time is up, Lilian. How does it feel to tumble from the top to the bottom? It hurts, doesn't it?" Lilian Song, the famous superstar in South Korea, had to experience the destruction of her glorious career that has been built for years in just one night just because of a threat of a scandalous video of her past that will be exposed to the public. In the midst of her downfall, Lilian finally finds out the mastermind behind her destruction, who is none other than a former popular idol and also her schoolmate who used to intimidate her, Sarah Lee. And this time, she is determined not to lose to Sarah again. The turn of the wheel of life that makes Lilian and Sarah now exchange positions makes Sarah's hatred peak. All the career triumphs that Lilian is now getting are what Sarah used to dream of. Not only career, even the top actor she has always dreamed of now belongs to Lilian. Seeing someone whom she had always considered just a loser subordinate now easily stealing all her dreams, Sarah is determined to make Lilian, who is now at the top, fall into the deepest abyss. The revenge between the two stars who were previously known to be good friends since their school days and were even labeled as the National Friendship begins.

Chapter 1 A Life Unraveled

"Are you kidding me?" Lilian's eyes widened as she observed someone hurling a bottle of sleeping pills in her direction. The bottle had a familiar label—it was hers. A weak, ironic laugh escaped her lips.

Standing before her, brimming with anger, was Jian Kim, her manager. Lilian's indifference to her presence was palpable. Her annoyance, however, was directed at the pills now scattered across her room, thanks to Jian. Lilian finally roused herself from her stupor.

"What the hell are you doing?" she retorted, her tone far from pleased.

"Maybe saving your life?" Jian shot back.

"If you really want to help me, just let me gracefully die, or leave me alone." Lilian reclined back on her bed, her eyes closing. Jian took a seat beside her.

"Stop talking nonsense. Life is beautiful, like an ice cream. Here," Jian handed Lilian a chocolate ice cream. Lilian eyed it skeptically. Was this Jian Kim? Her usually chatty and annoying manager?

I know what you’re thinking. But don't worry, this time, I won't mention your weight. Come on, take it before it melts!"

Lilian accepted the ice cream hesitantly, attempting to savor it. Her weakness permeated her senses; even her beloved ice cream tasted bland now.

"Time will heal everything," Jian spoke with a softer tone now.

"How can I? It's just too cruel. My career is getting collapse. My scandal is becoming a legend," Lilian lamented.

Jian remained silent, offering a patient ear. Lilian continued to pour her heart out.

"This world has been unfair to me. I started from nothing and faced countless rejections and adversities, just to become who I am today. But now, how can I let these internet trolls ruin my life? It's just not fair."

"You’re right. Life is unfair, sometimes," Jian replied gravely. Lilian scrutinized her. Jian looked so serious now.

"That's why you must fight back," Jian urged. Lilian looked at her seriously. Fight back? Fight the one whom Lilian was sure to the bone that the woman was the only mastermind of this recent chaos?

Sarah Lee, or Lee Yun Hee.

Yeah, Lilian was definitely sure that the woman was the intellectual actor behind this. What’s the point?

Of course, to take revenge on Lilian….

Lilian's gaze slowly changed. Jian was right. None of them was the most innocent in this case. Nor Sarah or her. Besides, it’s only not her mistake to get all these triumphs, which Sarah Lee wanted the most. Always wanted it the most.

 Jian continued, "Begin with an apology. Then, tell the world that you've learned from your mistakes. But don't stop there. We'll deal with Sarah Lee, that cunning b*tch. Fight her back, Lilian."

This time, Lilian got her commitment.

"I will."


Sarah Lee was smiling with full of satisfaction, seeing the growing number of views on her YouTube channel. Her latest video had finally become a big hit, fulfilling her long-awaited moment. It was her chance to achieve fame and dismantle the amazing career of the person she hated the most—Lilian Song, the nation's top celebrity.

With a satisfied sigh, Sarah closed her laptop and lay on her bed. Memories of her past with Song Min Kyung, known now as Lilian Song, resurfaced.

Ten years earlier, when they were just fifteen, they had gazed at a picturesque sunset while sharing their dreams...

“Now you know that I am a trainee of Jasmine Entertainment. What do you think, Min Kyung?”

“That’s so great, Yun Hee. I am so surprised you’re from Jasmine. Gosh, it’s the biggest entertainment industry in our country, and you’re going to be their artist in the future! Woahh… I am so proud of you!”

Yun Hee smiled proudly. Yeah, yesterday, Jasmine Entertainment, the number one entertainment agency in the whole of South Korea, officially revealed lists of trainees that would be debuted to their upcoming girl group, NASHA. The total girl trainees introduced was nine, but the members in the final lineup later would be only five.

Surprisingly, Lee Yun Hee, the top beauty of Hanyoung Senior High School, was one of the trainees listed. And because of her most standing out beauty, she’s the most favored by Korean netizens to be in the line-up.

“Thanks. Yeah, me too, very happy. I even can’t sleep last night, reading all the comments from netizens, saying that I am so beautiful. Gosh, I’m speechless.”

Min Kyung looked at Yun Hee sincerely, and proudly, too.

“You deserve it, Yun Hee. You’re so beautiful. I can’t wait for your debut later.”

“Sure. I will always work hard. When I debut, you must cheer on me later.”

Min Kyung nodded, agreeing.

“Oh, anyway, do you want to hear my other dream, Min Kyung?"

"Of course! What is it?"

"Once I debut successfully, I'll expand my career as a model and brand ambassador for prestigious skincare, cosmetics, fashion, and jewelry brands, both nationally and internationally. I'll even release a successful solo album. Oh, not only that, I'll also get into acting. I dream of landing a remarkable role in a legendary drama or movie, especially one written by Park Sun Ji. She's known for her hits, you know."

Min Kyung gazed at Yun Hee with unwavering enthusiasm, her eyes sparkling like a puppy's.

"And, of course, I want to date Liam Ahn! What do you think?"

"Of course, it’s amazing dream, Yun Hee!"

Yeah, it was an amazing dream. At the time, Sarah had described it very well in her mind, anytime. Yet, it all crumbled when Min Kyung, who would later become Lilian Song, effortlessly stole every aspect of it—her dreams, her ambitions, even her crush, Liam Ahn.

Sarah snapped back to reality, feeling a surge of anger.

"Your time is up, Lilian. How does it feel to tumble from the top to the bottom? It hurts, doesn't it?" she muttered with a cynical smile, scrolling through her phone to check the ongoing list of top keywords.


Chapter 2 The Chaos

The disbelief was palpable. The words echoed in the air, filled with a sense of shock and betrayal.

‘I can't believe this. I can't believe my lovely Lilian could do such a thing.’

The internet was awash with hushed conversations and judgmental comments.

‘Come on, guys, wake up! None of these celebrities are innocent.’

The comments continued, accusations flying like arrows.

‘Selling body for a role? Classic move!’

Speculations spiraled further into the abyss of rumor.

'I wonder, did she also engage in such dirty things with the CEO of Jasmine Entertainment before her debut with NASHA? Then it’s all answered why she only trained for less than a year.'

Amid the growing gossip, the fate of other hopeful trainees was lamented.

‘Think of the other trainees, for example, Sarah Lee, who should have rightfully claimed a spot in NASHA. This cunning woman stole her place. How sad!’

Anger and resentment reverber


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