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My boyfriend is a wolf

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: ROSE
  • Chapters: 94
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 410
  • 7.5
  • 💬 2


Having grown to the age of 20 in a state of semi-awareness, Ye Xixi woke up one day to find that her life had gained many wolves—some chasing her, others aiding her. One wolf said to her with determination, "Until my dying breath, I will protect you." He proposed, "If you nod, I'll abandon everything right now, and we'll leave together, if you nod." Another wolf declared to her, "Don't bother wasting your efforts; you can never escape from my grasp." He asserted, "You will always be mine, forever, unless I die."

Chapter 1

In a busy street, a man and a woman are arguing intensely.

"I've said it a thousand times, I really have nothing to do with her!" the man exclaims, clenching his head and roaring at the sky.

"I don't believe it! I don't believe it! I don't believe it!" the woman covers her ears with her hands, her face showing despair. "She just called you! How can you say there's nothing between you?! How can you do this to me, you're so cruel, so cruel!"

"It was just a casual conversation between friends!" the man grasps the woman's arms and shakes her vigorously, like a wobbling doll. "Why won't you believe me? Why? Is our love really so fragile?"

The woman's hair becomes disheveled from the shaking, and after a while, she regains her composure, tears in her eyes, and asks softly, "Do you swear?"

"Alright, I swear!" the man raises his hand and says, "If I have anything to do with her, may I be struck by a car on the street!"

As soon as he finishes his words, a car comes speeding towards them, leaving them stunned and motionless. Fortunately, the car brakes just in time, stopping only a meter away from them.

The woman, regaining her composure, slaps the man with a sharp "smack": "You dare say there's nothing between you two? Even the heavens don't believe it!" With these words, she covers her face, crying, and runs away.

The man, infuriated, points shakily at the car, stuttering "you, you, you..." but fails to articulate anything more. Realizing his priority should be to chase after his friend, he runs after the girl.

As they vanish from sight, the driver's side window of the car slowly rolls down. A young man with deep brown hair, large eyes, and a sharp chin looks around cautiously and sighs in relief: "It's safe now."

A cold voice from behind chills the air: "Do I look safe to you?"

Bai Qing turns to see a woman in the backseat, her face covered in blood, and is terrified: "Ye Xi, are you dead?"

"Thanks to you, I'm not!" Ye Xi responds through gritted teeth. "Why did you suddenly stop the car? I fell and hit my head!"

"If I hadn't stopped, those two acting out a melodrama in the street would be goners."

"You shouldn't drive so fast if you can't handle it."

"And you shouldn't sleep in the backseat all the time. Are you a pig or what?"

"So what if I am? Are you jealous?"

"Sorry, calling you a pig is an insult to pigs. They can at least stand to eat. Unlike you, who can sleep anywhere... Enough talk, let's get to the hospital for stitches."

"I don't want stitches!"

"You don't have a choice!"

The car speeds off towards the hospital just as it had arrived.

"It's all your fault I'm disfigured!"

"Your face, before and after the accident, looks the same to me."

"Bai Qing, keep slandering me and see if I don't hit you."

"Go ahead, it wouldn't be the first time!"

The pair, still bickering, arrive at the clinic's door. Bai Qing pushes it open and cheekily says to the doctor's back, "Doctor, someone has a head injury. Please stitch it up thoroughly. Also, the patient can handle it, so no need for anesthesia."

"Who is injured? Please come over," the doctor says, turning around. With shoulder-length hair and delicate features, the doctor looks clean and beautiful, almost mistaken for a woman.

Before Ye Xi can respond, Bai Qing quickly takes a seat in front of the doctor, saying, "It's me."

Dr. Xia Yuanyuan examines him and smiles, "Are you sure?"

Before Bai Qing can reply, he is suddenly bumped aside by Ye Xi, who takes the seat, clutching her forehead. "Doctor, it's me."

Dr. Xia examines her, gently moving her hand away. Ye Xi nervously asks, "Doctor, how many stitches will I need? Will it scar?"

"Don't worry, I'll take good care of your pretty face," Dr. Xia reassures her with a smile and starts the stitching process.

Ye Xi winces in pain despite the anesthesia. To distract herself, she starts chatting, "Doctor, you seem skilled. You must have done many surgeries."

"I've done many, but this is my first time on a human," Dr. Xia responds.

Ye Xi laughs, "You're quite funny, Doctor."

"I'm serious. I've only operated on animals before. And, I should mention... I don't have a medical license."

Ye Xi's palms sweat at this revelation, "How's that possible? How did you get into a top hospital without a license?"

Dr. Xia smirks, "Because the hospital director is my father."

Ye Xi wishes she could faint from blood loss, but instead, she watches anxiously as the veterinarian stitches her skin.

Finally, Dr. Xia finishes and asks casually, "The person who brought you, is he your boyfriend?"

Just as Ye Xi is about to answer, Bai Qing reappears, quickly denying, "How could that be? My taste isn't that bad. We're just friends, Doctor, please don't misunderstand."

Ye Xi glares at Bai Qing and pulls him aside to whisper, "Be honest, do you like him?"

"Yes," Bai Qing admits, glancing at Dr. Xia. "He's perfect, my true soulmate."

"Don't be so quick to decide," Ye Xi cautions, dousing his excitement. "He's a bit odd."

"How so?"

"He kept marveling at my skin during the stitching, saying it's different from animals'. That's something a psychopath might say!"

Bai Qing's jaw drops, then he relaxes and mocks, "Your lying is getting worse."

As they speak, Dr. Xia finishes up and calls, "Please come fill out the paperwork."

"I'll do it for her," Bai Qing offers, eager to impress, and starts filling out the forms.

Watching from behind, Ye Xi suddenly exclaims, "Wrong! I'm 19, not 20!"

Bai Qing grins, "Actually, you are indeed 20 this year."

"What?" Ye Xi is stunned.

"I overheard my parents talking. It turns out your birth records were altered." Bai Qing smiles at Dr. Xia, "I can keep secrets from you, but not from a doctor."

"Using such things to flatter, how boring," Ye Xi retorts.

"If I weren't boring, I wouldn't be friends with you."

Unnoticed by them, a fleeting, inscrutable light flashes in Dr. Xia's eyes.

As Ye Xi argues with Bai Qing, she suddenly feels a sharp pain in her finger. Turning around, she finds Dr. Xia pricking her finger to draw blood.

"What are you doing!" Ye Xi exclaims.

Dr. Xia places the blood sample aside, smiling slightly, "I want to study human blood."

His soft voice, combined with his eerie smile, sends chills down their spines.

"Can you give me your address?" Dr. Xia continues, "I might need to visit you again."

Before he finishes, with a whoosh, Ye Xi and Bai Qing flee through the door and disappear.

Dr. Xia shrugs and begins observing Ye Xi's blood sample under the microscope.

The closed door of the office opens, and a tall, beautiful woman steps out, yawning lazily. "Little brother, you always love to scare the patients," she says in a soft, melodious voice.

Without looking up, Dr. Xia replies, "I remember, even mom can't tell who was born first. So, dear sister, don't get it wrong."

Xia Xuyuan sits down, crossing her legs, watching her twin brother or maybe younger brother, and sighs, "It's like finding a needle in a haystack."

"It won't take that long."


"Tell Feng Quan," Dr. Xia says, eyes still on the microscope, a slight smirk on his lips, "I found her."

In the car, Ye Xi and Bai Qing are catching their breaths.

"Now you believe me, he's a total weirdo," Ye Xi glares at her friend.

"Really... appearances can be deceiving," Bai Qing is still in shock.

"You just got blinded by looks," Ye Xi retorts, then suddenly remembers something, "You said I'm 20 this year, is that true?"


"Bai Qing!"

"Alright, alright, I'll tell you, but you can't say I told you. Last month, on your birthday, my mom made you a cake. I wanted to sneak a taste, so I went to the kitchen. I overheard my parents discussing your family. They spoke quietly, but I heard that your mom has been dead for 20 years."

"That's impossible. My mom died in childbirth with me. That should be 19 years ago."

"Let me finish. They also said, 'It's good we altered her birth year by one year, otherwise it would have been dangerous.'"

"Dangerous? What danger?"

"I don't know."

"Could your parents be mistaken?"

"How could they? My mom helped deliver you. She couldn't have gotten it wrong."

Ye Xi frowns deeply, her mind filled with doubts and questions.

Chapter 2

The classroom is filled with the passionate lecture of Professor Krus, who stands at the podium, speaking fervently about werewolves. His voice, as usual, is loud and clear. His grey-white hair falls over his forehead occasionally, prompting him to brush it back, much to the amusement of some mischievous students.

"Vampires fear garlic, but werewolves fear silver. The only way to kill a werewolf is with a silver-coated bullet aimed at their heart," he explains. Then, turning to the most laughing student, he asks, "Libert, do you have any wise comments?"

Libert stands up, his tone slightly mocking, "Professor, are you suggesting they're like a basic version of Transformers?"

The class bursts into laughter.

"Libert, remember, there's often truth behind legends," Professor Krus says, trying to keep his composure as he approaches Libert's desk. "You might encounter them anytime, and in that case, I can o


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