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My Best Friend's Brother

My Best Friend's Brother

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Jaelynn abandoned by her father, is lonely and slightly suicidal. In a new town with family that either hates her, she meet a a few new friends that make her breath a little easier. Her soon become best friend has a major secret he has been hiding from her. Never inviting her over and always sneaking around, mysteriously leaving after long calls he takes in private. She ignores it, if he wanted to tell her he would. Until one day something happens to Jaelynn and she has nowhere to go, and no one to call. She walks around town trying to clear her head. Jaelynn stumbles apon a gym with a help wanted sign,stumbling in she meets face to face with her best friends brother.......

Chapter 1

It was warm but windy as I walked alone down the street. The cement was hard against my converse shoes, smoke from my joint danced in the wind. Cars full of people drove by not even glancing my way. No one noticed me, not even at home.

I live with my aunt and her family abandoned by my dad or that's what I've been told by the rest of my family. But none of that matters to me, I'm used to people leaving me it's only a matter of time before it happens again.

"Beep beep beeeeep" car drew me out of my thoughts as it honked at another that cut it off a daily occurrence in Lemoore California people always rushing to who knows where. I raise my joint to my mouth and in hail deeply only holding it in for a few seconds. Breathing out the smoke along with my stress.

I quickly walk across the street to the skate park. The spray paint cans raddle in my black bag as I do so. The park was the only place I could go without being thrown judgy or sympathetic glances when my aunt and cousins noticed me.

The park was mostly empty only a few boys occupied it,though like always no one noticed when I sat on the bench. My joint still in my hand. I brought it back up to my mouth, as I enheld I wached the boys joke shoving one another laughing, Exhaling , they all seemed so young but they were most likely  the same age as me maybe even older. I put my joint out. Holding it in my mouth I swing my bag off my should and set it down on the bench next to me.

I pull the front zipper to my bag open, pulling a smell proof bag out and throwing what's left out my joint in it and putting it back. Suddenly I feel something bump my leg. Looking down I see a skate board. Sighing in realization of now being noticed. I look up to see multiple eyes looking at me I meet each person so gaze with my green  orbs.

Grumbling to myself I stand and pick it up. Swinging my bag on to my shoulder wi start to walk over to the guys. A tall dark haired guy stands and starts to walk my way " hey sorry  bout that  Jace can be such a clutz sometimes"his voice it low and scratchy it vibrated Through my body. My green eyes meet his warm brown eyes. Clarington my thoughts I speak" it's okay here" I hold the board out to him. His fingers brush mine, the pad of his fingers were rough. Biting my lip I tuck my dark hair behind my ear and turn to leave.

"Hey uh me and my friends are gonna go across the street to the ice cream shop if you wanna tag along" I turn back and smile " you don't even know me I could be a serial killer" his brown meets my green once again "I think I'll take my chances my names Casen" he stuck his left hand out smiling I slipped my right hand into his"Jaelynn but you Can just call me Lynn" "well Lynn come meet my friends" still with my hand in his he pulled me over to our audience.


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