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My Best friend's Brother

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Kemzy
  • Chapters: 40
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 22.8K
  • 7.4
  • 💬 331


Having a crush is not bad at all but what if it's on your best friend's brother who also happens to be your senior?But does it mean you can't have a crush on your senior? Meet Victoria,a beautiful and intelligent girl who after going through a physical abuse at a young age which made her flinch when a boy touches her.but with Daniel,she was comfortable with him touching her so it wasn't surprising when she developed feelings for him but will he reciprocate her feelings seeing she's a junior and his sister's best friend? Follow Daniel and Victoria's story and find out!

Chapter 1

Victoria's pov

"Stop it…I said stop…"

"Wakeup Vicky, you're having a nightmare again." My best friend Anna said as she tried to wake me.

''I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to wake you."I apologized.

"Are you serious it's not your fault.Is it the same one?'' she asked carefully

"Yea..I'm so tired." I told her, yawning lightly.

''I think you should talk to your parents they'll know what to do.'' she advised

''Thanks,but I can't.I mean what do I tell them? How do I start? It's not that easy you know?''

"You just have to try."

Anna and i have been friends for almost five years years now and I have no regrets about it.I met her on my first day at crown high school when I was trying to find my way around and since her elder brother was a Senior she kinda knew her way so she decided to be my tour guide but since she was so nice,we got along quickly and have been friends since then.

''I'm starving." I whined trying to change the subject.

"I know what you are trying to do but that's fine." Anna said chuckling lightly

"What are you talking about?"I asked playing dumb.

''Nice try,but get yourself in the bathroom,it's almost time for breakfast anyways." she said and I looked at the clock to see that it was almost 9 o'clock.

If you don't understand,crown high is a boarding school and I was lucky because Anna's parents were the owners even though they were barely here they got her a special room and as her best friend, she brought me along which was fine with her parents so here we are in our own room which had a bathroom and toilet in it.

Dressing up quickly, I joined Anna who was already waiting for me.

''Are you dressing up for my brother huh?'' she asked wiggling her eyebrows

''Stop it." I told her blushing lightly and besides he sees me as his younger sister.I added.

"That he cares about so that's a start." Anna said.

"Every normal person finds it disgusting when their best friend has a crush on their brother but not you."

''I'm not normal."she said happily which made me shake my head at her.

"And besides, I can't compete with tessa." I said, frowning a bit as I pictured Tessa's perfect face.

"She's the worst." Anna said and I agreed

We made our way to the table where Anna's brother Daniel was sitting with the rest of his friends.

''Hey brother." Anna greeted Daniel.

''Baby sis." He answered by giving her a hug." Come here." He nodded at me so I went and he engulfed me in a hug along with Anna.

"My two favorite people." Daniel said, smiling at us.

"Dude, we are here you know." Jason said when Daniel called us his favorite people

''Oh wow……I didn't see you."

''Hy Anna." Tessa greeted with a big smile on her face which I was sure was to get in her good grace because she knew Daniel listens to her.

''Hey Tessa." Anna replied with a fake smile.I was totally ignored.

Since Tessa was already sitting on Daniel's right side while Anna was sitting between Daniel and Jason who happens to be her crush.So the only place left was between Tessa and Gideon so moving slowly, I made my way there.

"Where are you going?Come sit close to me." Daniel said, making me raise my brows in a questioning manner like “where am i to Sit sir?”

''Tessa's going to move for you." He said

''Does she have to sit here? There are other seats." she said, pouting. "God she's pretty." I thought.

''Tessa…I don't have to explain myself." He said casually.

"But……" she started

"It's fine,I don't mind." I said and sat beside Gideon who smiled at Daniel for some odd reasons.

''Pumpkin, get yourself over here." Daniel commanded glaring at me.

''Move for her." He told Tessa and this time,she did not complain.

''She was comfortable here you know?'' Gideon asked, with a sly look on his face.

"Shut up."

Tessa was quiet throughout breakfast which was surprising, though she kept on giving me the stink eye but that was when Daniel wasn't looking.

Even though most people think Daniel is a“bad boy” I think he's one of the nicest persons I know.He's very protective of both Anna and I but most especially Anna as she's his only sister.

Daniel, Jason, Gideon and Tessa were all seniors and prefects.Many people envy Anna and I for sitting with them.

''Babe, are we still on for tonight?'' Tessa asked Daniel.

''What's going on tonight?are they going on a date?'' I thought.

"Yes." He answered without looking up and I couldn't help but get jealous.''You guys are coming right?'' He asked, looking at Jason.

"Wouldn't miss it for anything." He answered.

"Where are you guys going to?"Anna asked voicing my question

"There's this pa……"Jason started but was interrupted.

"Nowhere, now finish your food, you too pumpkin."

''C'mon big bro,just tell me." Anna whined, making puppy faces at him.

''Fine…a party which you are not going to." He said giving in to her puppy face.

''Please…pretty please." she begged

''Not gonna work this time."

''Vee say something."she said

She knows I don't really like parties but I also don't like staying alone when she goes.

"Dee, you know she won't stop begging." I said and Anna gave me the “are you serious” look

"Do you want to go?"He asked, looking intently at me.

"Sure." I lied through gritted teeth

"Ok,but you are not leaving my side."

"Thanks Dee." Anna said copying my nickname for him


''Do they have to tag along?'' I was thinking we could have some time to ourself? Tessa said.

''She's my sister." He said

''What about her?'' She asked, looking at me.

"She's going." He said with a note of finality, making her shut up.''I'll pick you guys up later."


''Bye now, we have a class." He said standing up to go.

''Bye." We said, together.

He placed a gentle kiss on the top of our heads before turning back.

"Do you really want to go?"Anna asked

"You know I don't but how else do you get to talk to Jason if I don't go?"

"Thanks,I owe you"

"I know"

"Cocky much." she muttered

"Let's go back to the room since there's nothing here to do." I suggested

"Sure.Room here we come."she sang.

Chapter 2

''I'm not wearing that." I told Anna as she threw a short skirt and a crop top at me.we were getting ready for the party as Daniel would soon be here to pick us.

''Don't start now, I told you you'll look amazing in it." She argued not listening to anything I was saying.

"It's showing a lot of skin, the top has a spaghetti hand."

''Trust me my brother won't stop looking at you."

"Are you sure?I don't want to end up looking like a clown." I said

I never liked revealing clothes too much as I am insecure about my body but if Daniel is going to like it why not.

"Would I lie to you?" She asked.

''This is for you Daniel." I said as I started wearing it.

"Stop being so dramatic." Anna laughed

At six-fifty, we were done and waiting for Daniel to pick us.

''You might want to take your jean jacket


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