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My Awkward Romance

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Chahana
  • Chapters: 76
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 1.6K
  • 8.8
  • 💬 6


He is loathsome, arrogant and handsome doctor with uncouth mouth. She is a simple sales girl. Being straightforward and brave, she shamelessly pursued him, sending him gifts, meals, flowers and tried to get close to him. She was humiliated when his staff gossiped about her and she retreated. Then he rejected her and told her they could only be friends. She tried her best to avoid him but no matter how much she tried they frequently cross paths. Suddenly one day he told her. "Be my girlfriend!" What a mess!

Chapter 1 : Sick

"Arya, I'm sick.""Congratulations, Dr. Jack.""Come over and cook for me.""Goodbye, Dr. Jack."Arya hung up the phone quickly and was pleased with her calmness and confidence.This d*mn Tennessee whiskey-named man must not allow thinking that she will come when he beckons and leave when he waves her away.Arya put her phone into her bag.In her heart, she wished she could also throw the subtle feelings and relationship between her and Dr. Jack Daniel far, far away. The phone started to ring again and thecaller ID showed Jack Daniel's name. Arya held the phone and looked at it again.She hesitated but on the second ring, she could not help but picked up the call."Arya Du Vin! come over immediately and cook for me otherwise, you will have to collect my corpse. Of course, you will have a second choice. That is, if unfortunately, I recover from my illness, you just wait for me to collect your corpse."D*mn!With such a strong boisterous voice, it does not seem like he is going to die!This scourge who can live through a millennium will definitely be able to live long enough to collect her corpse.Arya was actually a little scared.As to what she was scared of, she herself also was not clear.Although he would not be able to change her into a corpse and also would not use violence on her but every time when he threatened her, she would still feel a little scared.Arya sighed.......she is really the one who is sick!Of course, that guy Jack Daniel is not normal either!En.......that must be it!She is afraid of him because he is neurotic.Arya, carrying her groceries, frowned and pressed the doorbell of Jack's house.After waiting for a long, long time, so long that she thought she really had to collect Jack's corpse this time, the door opened.Jack came to answer the door without wearing a shirt and wore only a pair of boxer briefs.Arya could not stop herself from looking at his seemingly strong muscled body.His face was flushed, looking pale and haggard, he was indeed really sick."How come you have such a high fever?" Arya strode into the house and stretched out her hand to lay it on his forehead.Zack took the opportunity to lean over and hugged her waist, pressing his body weight on her while he breathlessly said. "You thought I was lying to you?""Just now, while on the phone, you were obviously alright.""I used all my strength to speak on the phone. You'd better thank the Lord."This rascal is really not worthy of sympathy.Arya pushed him off and put down the groceries on the table.Then she pulled him with force towards the bedroom. "You have such a high fever and you are not even dressed properly.""Why should I dress properly to sleep? If it was not because I had to open the door for you, I won't even wear my briefs."Is he insinuating something indecent?Absolutely!Arya blushed and pushed him roughly onto the bed and covered him with the quilt.Why doesn't he suffocate under the quilt and die?"You're having exhilarating thoughts all because of me, is that right?" Jack still had the strength to tease."But I still have to say all these unpleasant things upfront. Don't harbor any thoughts toward me. Although today I may have a s*xy languid appearance which leads people into wishful thinking, my physical strength and spirits are really not in tiptop condition."Arya nearly could not breathe.She quickly withdrew her hands and took two steps backward.She really wanted to throw a pillow over this wretched man's head and smolder him."You don't have to feel disappointed." Jack waved his hand."Quick, go and cook. I'll take my medicine and after a good sleep and a good meal, maybe I'll be able to use it.'Able to use it?Arya turned around and hurriedly rushed to the kitchen.She knew.........she knew it was a mistake to come here.Then why is she still washing rice and cooking porridge for him?By right, he should be left to die. Even if he doesn't die from sickness, he would at least die of starvation and if he doesn't die of starvation, he would have at least died from anger.The result?Now the reality is that she is being choked to death!This is an ill-fated relationship!Arya picked up a stalk of green onion and diced it up madly on the chopping board.How did she get involved with this wicked man?She had understood and realized the situation and had stayed far away from him.Every time when she had made a firm decision about staying away, why did she always turn around in circles and end up getting entangled with him in confusion? And it is getting very confusing! 

Arya met Jack Daniel because of her good friend Cindy.Jack Daniel is the buddy of Cindy's husband, Mark Thomas.On a certain day, Mark and his friend were involved in a fight and went to the hospital where Jack was working, to look for the outpatient doctor to tend to their wounds.Arya followed them and met this Dr. Jack Daniel who regardless of his name or attitude, did not seem one bit like a doctor.He said that his father's surname was Daniel and his mother's surname was Jack and so they named him Jack Daniel.When Arya heard this, she wanted to laugh because a person with the name of Jack Daniel could also be a doctor.Combining his name, he is called...Jack Daniel Doctor. (It's a famous Tennessee whiskey name). In short a Whiskey doctor! doctor with such a name, isn't this a tragedy?The first impression this whiskey doctor gave Arya was......he is handsome and humorous.She likes males who are lively and humorous because she is the type that is bold and carefree, a bit on the rough side.So she is not interested in the type of males who are gentle and sensitive.But she had made a mistake.

Chapter 2 : Persuing Doctor Jack Daniel

She could not distinguish the difference between someone who is cheerful and humorous and someone who is thick-skinned and has an uncouth mouth.At that time, she was in a critical period of a woman's life.She was of marriageable age, she did not have a boyfriend, she was struggling alone working in a foreign city and she needed care and love.Then when she looked back, she had to admit that sometimes women at this stage of life when she was eager to be satisfied emotionally, it was easy to make a mistake.At that time, she was like this.She had made the mistake of acknowledging his uncouth mouth as humor and from then on, her life was molded by her mistake.At that time, she had given herself two people to choose from. One was Mark's good friend, Mr. Jayden Roy, a policeman who was steady, generous, polite, and sincere.


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