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"I had a husband before I had a boyfriend!" Autumn blurted out, while the other two girls stared at her, wondering what she was talking about. "Did a random guy propose to you?" Ella asked her with raised eyebrows. "The man I met the last time we had a night out, uh? We had a good night and all that, and when we woke up the next morning, guess what I saw?" She didn't wait for them to guess before she said it herself. "A signed marriage certificate between both of us!" She exclaimed. You must be joking!" Ella exclaimed in shock. How in the world did that even happen?!

CHAPTER 1 One Night Stand

Ella raised her glass of wine up, and every one on the table followed suit. "To Autumn!"

"To Autumn!" The other girls on the table chorused.

"To me!" Autumn squealed, a bright smile appearing on her face.

"Cheers!" Every one chorused as they all gulped down their glass of wine.

It was one of the best days in Autumn's entire life. The young lady had been unemployed for a while now, and had tried on several occasions to change that title.

It's been half a year, and despite being someone who doesn't give up easily, it was beginning to get tiring for her. But here she was in one of the biggest bars in Las Vegas celebrating with some of her closest friends on her acquisition of a new job.

It was a dream come true for her because it was not just any job. It was her dream job.

She had invited her friends through calls days before, and they all agreed to meet up at the bar that evening and have fun.

It was the weekend before she started at her new workplace, so she had to enjoy the moment with her closest friends.

"I'm so glad y'all came, I appreciate it," Autumn said to them, even though most of them had their attention on either their phone, food, or the drink on their table.

"We're your friends, and friends don't say thank you." Ella patted Autumn on the head playfully. She was the closest to her amongst all of them.

"Yeah, she's right," some of the other girls agreed.

They continued chatting as they had their drinks, and after about thirty minutes of doing that, Autumn had her fill of drinks already.

She then invited all of them to the dance floor to whine and dance to the playing music. The girls agreed and stood up immediately, heading to the dance floor.

Autumn bent down and began to tie the rope of the shoe on her right leg, when she was done and stood up to leave for the stage, she saw a young man a few tables from theirs, drinking.

There were about seven empty glasses of Ciroc colada and Hennessy on his table.

She did a double-take on him as her eyes graced his features.

He was wearing black sweatpants with a black T-shirt. She took her time studying his facial features, and she noticed how his innocent-looking brown eyes looked really pretty, and his lashes were so long.

Stimulated by the alcohol she had taken earlier, she stood up to dance.

She felt a pair of eyes on her and looked up to see who it was. What she saw was satisfactory. It was the same handsome man she had just ogled over. Just her kind of man!

She stood up seductively, not breaking eye contact with the man, and started to shake her body sexily to Rihanna's Work, which was playing.

The guy, who is Perry, also continued to watch her dance, now more assured about her body language.

He felt aroused by her moves when she turned to twerk, already feeling an unusual connection between him and her.

"Damn! She looks so much like Gloria," he said to himself.

He had no issues walking up to her to have a little chit chat but then, that was not what he needed at the moment.

He just wanted to get more drunk even though he was already drunk and forget about his girlfriend who had just refused his proposal. But Autumn didn't stop trying.

Her black gown shone beautifully due to the club lights shining on it, her whole self screamed elegance and class, he could tell that she wasn't like most girls in the club. Seeing that he didn't stop staring at her, she walked up to him.

"Hi, handsome," she blurted out. "You wanna dance with me?" She added.

Perry, who was already drunk and had gotten aroused by the way she danced, didn't even think twice before grabbing her and staggering to the dance floor.

They were in the middle of their dance when he suddenly pulled her close and she fell into his arms, as they hugged each other.

As much as they were tipsy, their bodies close to each other caused ripples of pleasure all over Autumn's Body.

"Shit! Not me feeling this way for a total stranger," Autumn said.

Perry grabbed her waist and leaned in, his warm soft lips planted on hers. She felt heat flood through her body as she returned the kiss.

Her mind was filled with the ecstasy of that moment, and her head was spinning. Inside her head, there was a voice screaming as he slipped his tongue into her mouth, savouring the taste of the alcohol.

Perry stared into her beautiful eyes, studying her drunk features, her full lips in his mouth, her body so sleek wrapped in his.

"This is not what I need, what am I doing?" He asked himself.

"I can't make it stop either," He continued to talk to the voices in his head.

Autumn gilded her tongues around his and they made gentle circles, she felt her body going limp and a small but clear moan escaped her lips.

She opened her eyes slowly and when she did, he was still holding her and staring at her, at the dazed and heated expression on her face.

The second his soft lips made contact with hers again, she lost all sense of time and space. She kissed him back instantly.

He kissed her as if he wanted to devour her and to her. He then lifted her and she immediately wrapped her legs around his waist.

She gasped when she felt how hard he was against her. She ran her hands down his defined chest and his abdomen, feeling every muscle.

He also slid his hand under her shirt to touch her breasts, a moan of appreciation leaving her. She was way too excited to think that it was getting intense.

At that moment, she just wanted to feel him, all of him against her, and nothing else.

He suddenly stopped the kiss and looked into her eyes. "Do you want me to stop?"

Autumn licked her lips nervously and replied. "Yes. I mean, no."

CHAPTER 2 Accidental Marriage

The guy kissed her and she closed her eyes once again, losing herself in his soft lips. His kisses were wet and passionate as his hands played with her breasts.

He didn't hurry to move, he only focused on arousing her even more, kissing, biting her lips, her neck, and fondling her perky breasts.

She put her hands around his neck and kissed him with everything she had, moaning and feeling his hard crotch on her beneath.

He suddenly paused and dropped her gently on the floor. "I think we need to get a room," he said with a smirk on his face.

"Right away."

"Meet me outside then." He said before heading over to the exit of the bar. While Autumn hurried to her table and grabbed her purse.

Not caring to tell her girls who were still on the dance floor that she was leaving already, she hurried out of the bar to meet the young man outside.

In a small chapel whose lights brightened every nook and cranny of its insides, was Autumn and the young man sh


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