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Mr. CEO Sassy Bride

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“Congratulations, Leilani Hernandez. You're qualified to be my bride for the next three months. So, come forward, and let's have the deal signed,” ——— She's very pretty with charms and grace to make any man submit to her will. However, one cannot be blessed with all the good qualities of life. Very pretty Leilani Hernandez was ill-mannered and this deterred her from getting a lasting job. She had a duty to take care of her crippled brother, but she was out of work and her brother's health was deteriorating. Nelson Carter is thirty years old. A billionaire who is as cold as ice. Perfectly built body and devilishly attractive. Nelson believed in a few things in life. Love and getting married weren't any of those things, but his Aunt—the only family he had left wanted him to get married and he was left with no choice but to please her. Since he wasn't romantically involved with any woman at that time, organizing an interview to select the best bride for him was the only idea he could muster up after a long thought. What happens when the man Leilani lashed out at on her way to her new job interview that morning turns out to be the head interviewer? He wasn't interested at first, but her fierceness grabbed his attention. Nelson picked out Leilani amidst the hundreds of women who wanted to be his bride. But he had his intentions in his mind— to break her wings, ruin her and make her pay for her rudeness towards him. Leilani knew she was doomed when Nelson stepped right in front of her with a sly smile playing on his lips. Her brother was sick and she was determined to do all it took to save his life. So will she agree?

Rude But Loving

The phone's vibrations pierced the peaceful ambiance of the cozy room, causing the slumbering figure on the bed to stir and shift."Answer the phone, Ethan. It's interrupting my sleep," Leilani Hernandez grumbled, keeping her eyes shut.A blonde teenage boy, dressed in a brown heart-shaped neckline, wheeled himself into the small room and shook his head sadly at his sleeping sister.Without haste, he made his way to the wooden cabinet and picked up the phone."I don't think Lani really needs the job, Hannah," Ethan held the phone to his ear and spoke loudly, staring at his sister's sleeping face, "she's still enjoying her slumber."His intention to wake her was successful as Leilani's eyes opened wide and she jerked upright in bed, realizing it was already morning. "Gosh, Ethan! Why didn't you wake me up?"As she questioned her little brother, she ran her hand through her disheveled brunette hair in frustration before jumping out of bed carelessly, throwing the covers aside."She's wide awake now, Hannah. I'll talk to you later," Ethan ended the call and turned to face his sister, who was now frantically selecting her outfit from the wardrobe."I hope you won't blame me if I don't get this job, Ethan," Leilani mumbled, sifting through her clothes.Ethan remained quiet, observing her in silence.After Leilani finished picking out her clothes and tossing them onto the bed, she turned to her brother and went to grab the wheelchair handle, saying, "Let's get your bath ready before mine."

As she spoke, she hastily wheeled her ailing brother out of her room and into his, situated to the left of hers."Lani?" Ethan's voice was hesitant as they entered his room.

Leilani simply hummed in reply, busying herself with choosing his attire."Can you please avoid getting fired this time? I beg of you, Lani. I want to stand on my own two feet again. It's difficult to see you sacrificing everything for me. I know it's too late for me to go back to school, but I can still work and support us financially."Leilani paused her actions, but didn't turn to face her brother right away. She was all too familiar with the tears welling up in his amber eyes."Ethan, it's not entirely my fault that I got fired. Shouldn't my boss have given me a heads up about the arrival of the Dwarf CEO? How was I supposed to know he was the big boss when he barely reached my knee?"As she finished speaking, Leilani had turned to face Ethan, her heartbreak evident in her expression. She hated to see her brother in tears."Here we go again. Why would you call someone you've never met a dwarf in the first place?" Ethan's voice cracked as he scolded his sister, who had bowed her head in remorse, tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

Removing the tears from her face, Leilani knelt before her brother, saying, "I sincerely apologize, Ethan, and I vow to behave impeccably today in hopes of winning their approval. I will do whatever it takes to secure a stable job this time around."She gazed at Ethan's once muscular legs, now withered and decaying. Despite trying to wipe her own tears, they continued to flow down her face in a steady stream."You will walk again soon, Ethan," she struggled to speak, "I promise you."Ethan saw the determination in his sister's eyes and felt a wave of relief wash over him. He nodded continuously, tears threatening to fall from his own eyes."I believe you, Lani. Please don't cry. You know how much it pains me to see you in tears," Ethan gently wiped the tears from Leilani's face, while tears of his own streamed down his cheeks.

Leilani gently reached up and brushed away her brother's tears with a delicate hand. "Now, give me a smile, my dear," she said softly.In an instant, Ethan's cheeks lit up in the widest grin Leilani had seen from him in a while, causing her own face to light up with joy.After just forty-five minutes, the two siblings were dressed and ready to go. Leilani wheeled Ethan into the cozy living room and left him there. "Stay put, my love. I'll be back shortly," she said before disappearing into the kitchen.Ethan's gaze remained fixed on the entrance to the kitchen, filled with pure adoration for his sister. In his eyes, she was not only his caretaker but also the best sister one could ever dream of having. Ever since their father had abandoned them years ago, she had taken on the role of their provider, never once complaining or showing any signs of exhaustion. Ethan longed to be able to walk again so he could repay his sister's unwavering love and kindness.

"Ta-da!" Leilani exclaimed, her grin stretching wide as she re-entered the room, balancing a plate with two sandwiches and a mug of water."Thank you, Lani," Ethan plastered a smile on his face as he took the plate from his always cheerful sister.To be truthful, he was growing weary of the plain sandwich, but he didn't want to complain to Leilani. He could see the effort she put into preparing their meals."Oh, and if that grumbling sack of potatoes comes around, let her know she'll receive her money this week," Leilani instructed Ethan before dashing over to the old television set, grabbing the remote, and switching it on."Don't let boredom consume you, Ethan. Watch television, play games, and study. It's imperative. You know that. I'll return before lunch, but in case you get hungry before then, there are still some delectable chocolate cookies left in the kitchen from Hannah's visit yesterday," Leilani reminded him.

Ethan savored each bite of his meal, leisurely consuming it as he followed his sister's daily instructions."Lani loves Ethan," she whispered under her breath."Ethan loves Lani even more," he responded, smiling at his sister's affection.Leilani leaned in to give Ethan a quick kiss on his forehead before rushing towards the entrance. She quickly turned back for a last glance at her brother, then grabbed the doorknob and stepped outside."F*ck!" Leilani silently cursed as she locked eyes with a short, full-bodied woman with green-tinted, low-cut hair.

The woman was dressed in a black, round t-shirt and denim pants that made her look indeed like sack of potatoes.With her sturdy arms folded across her chest, she scowled at Leilani who responded with a sheepish grin."Good morning, Madam Bassey," Leilani cheerfully greeted, adjusting her black shoulder bag and making her way towards the woman."Drop the fake act and give me my bloody money, Leilani Hernandez!" Madam Bassey's frown deepened, her eyes blazing with anger as she stared down at the woman in front of her, almost like she wanted to burn her to ashes.

However, Leilani's smile continued to grow, her determination overriding any potential for upset this morning."Madam Bassey, you’re too cute to be frowning this way, you know. Don’t be surprised when your face grows wrinkled by tomorrow morning,” Leilani's soft words caught Madam Bassey off guard, her usual stern demeanor giving way to surprise at this uncharacteristic display of leniency.But soon, Madam Bassey's senses returned and she took a step back from Leilani, her expression turning to one of annoyance.

"Save your theatrics, you insolent child! If you don't have my money, then get out of my house this instant!" she bellowed, her gaze shooting daggers at Leilani.

In response, Leilani let out a frustrated sigh and met her landlady's fiery eyes with a wordless stare.

As the silence stretched on, Madam Bassey's narrowed gaze held a heated intensity, until finally she spoke up again. "So now you've lost your tongue?" she taunted.

"What do you expect me to say, you insensible woman!" Leilani's good mood from before had completely vanished, replaced with a fiery rage.

"I've been unemployed for two weeks now, and you know it. I'm on my way to a job interview right now. So if you want your money, you should start praying for me to get this job!"

Madam Bassey gave a curt nod, recognizing the Leilani she once knew. Not the one who had been putting on a façade of politeness moments ago."Why should I offer prayers for a badly-mannered lady like you? In fact, I hope your job interview turns out to be a disaster," retorted Madam Bassey.Leilani remained unaffected and stepped closer to her. "The last thing on my mind is that you would barge into my house and forcefully remove me. Talk to you later, Fatty," she quipped."Fatty" was the nickname that Leilani had bestowed upon Madam Bassey, and she relished using it, especially when she was angry, just like in that moment.Without pausing or reacting to Madam Bassey's spiteful words, Leilani walked away as the older woman continued to vent her frustrations.

Cold And Crazy

Standing before the monumental doorway in the immense corridor, a woman adorned in traditional maid garb awaited. Clad in a somber black dress with a crisp white apron and a matching hairband, she exuded an air of timidity.For what seemed like an eternity, she remained motionless, hesitant to grasp the doorknob and step into the room. With each passing second, her body trembled uncontrollably, a sign of her inner fear. It was as though she was about to enter into the lair of a ferocious lion.Summoning every ounce of courage she possessed, she prepared to knock on the door. But before she could, the door violently swung open, revealing the owner of the room.Nelson Carter. He stood tall and imposing, emanating an air of regality and power. Like a Greek deity in human form.The maid quickly lowered her head, offering a respectful bow. "G-Good morning, Mr. Carter. I-I've come to inform you that b-breakfast is served and Madam is w-waiting for you."Despite her best efforts,


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