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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Vikkki
  • Chapters: 25
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 299
  • 7.5
  • 💬 2


It all started Maya Allen a poor orphan who barely feeds catches her best friend and her boyfriend Liam on her bed. She breaks up with Lucas and goes to the bar to clear her head a little when she meets Liam Taylor a CEO of the biggest company in their city and also the most renowned play boy.Her life takes a drastic turn after that,could it be a good or bad turn? She also meet Silver Grey who is also a rich billionaire. Silver treats her nicely unlike her boss Liam but when Liam Begins to notice this, he confesses his feelings to her and Sillver also confesses his feeling to her, how would this pan out?

Chapter 1


“ What the hell is going on here!! “ I couldn't help but exclaim as I walked in on my boyfriend Lucas Sanchester and Chloe Spencer having hot and steamy s*x on the bed that I walked my butts off to buy. So all my colleagues at the flower shop told me it was all true!. The whole room reeked of their sweat and the s*x they were having.

“ It's…. it's....not what you think babe, Chloe....was the one who seduced me...Yeah “ he said while stuttering and pointed at Chloe, my best friend who was now sitting on the bed using my bed sheet to cover her shameless nakedness. Chloe's eyes widened with shock as her gaze left my face and instantly fell on Lucas.

“ That's a big lie, he was the one who approached me and today he took advantage of me because I was drunk, “ She said as she looked at me with tears falling from my eyes.

What do they think I'm 3 years old. I caught them in the act and they dared to lie to me. Worst of all Chloe was shedding crocodile tears. I scoffed at the thought, I wouldn't lie that tears threatened to fall from my eyes but I wasn't gonna let them see me weak. So I s*ck*d in some air.

“ I'll be leaving for my shift right now at the flower shop but by the time I return Lucas you better pack all your belongings and get the hell out of my house, as for you Chloe you are no longer my best friend I don't wanna set my eyes on you both ever again, “ I said through gritted teeth and walked out of my Studio apartment not giving them the chance to say anything further.

I heard them arguing with themselves when I was on my way out but who cares? I just want them out of my life and house before I close from work.

My name is Maya Allen and I just got cheated on by my boyfriend and my best friend. When my colleagues at the flower shop told me that they normally see Lucas and Chloe going on dates I refused to believe it because Chloe has been my best friend for ages.

She was the one who aided my dreams of leaving the orphanage and staying on my own she was the one who even paid my first house rent, so if you were in my shoes and they tell you such a person would betray you, would you believe?

All the emotions in me were threatening to burst due to the betrayal, anger, and disappointment that I was feeling because I gave my all to Lucas, I did all the work, I brought the food, paid the rent, I did everything while he just does nothing but sleep, yet I still showed him affection and my undying love. But that love died just now when I saw him on Chloe.

Now I know I was wasting my time with Lucas. I should have seen the signs but I was blinded by love. I was on the verge of breaking down when I hailed a taxi and boarded it telling the driver to take me to any bar around.

When we headed for my destination I couldn't help but let the tears fall from my eyes, I broke down into tears wailing and clutching my chest because my heart felt like it would pull out, the emotional pains I was going through were immeasurable.

I didn't even care when I saw the driver looking at me worriedly and asking what was wrong I just ignored him and kept on pouring my pains and my heart break out through my tears.

“ Miss…I .... “ the driver wanted to say to me but I angrily snapped at him before he even had the chance to continue.

“ Leave me alone!!! “I raised my head as I snapped at him, he flinched at my sudden outburst and raised his hands in surrender. I looked at him before I looked at my surroundings and sniffed back the tears that threatened to fall again.

I looked through the front view mirror and saw that my face was a mess, the mascara I applied was smudged all over my face. I checked in my bag for a handkerchief which I used to clean my face dry although my eyes were still red and puffy.

The driver patiently waited for me not uttering any other word to me, I took a deep breath and exhaled sharply before paying the driver and alighting from the car.

I went into the bar without a second thought because I felt that alcohol would be the best thing to numb the pains I am feeling currently.

I know my boss at the flower shop is very strict and has been looking for a way to fire me since I refused his request to be his mistress, but maybe if I skip my shift today he might let it slide since he has feelings for me after all.

I walked into the bar and sat on an empty stool while the bartender attended to a gorgeous guy who sat on the stool beside me, I know in the state I am I'm not supposed to be ogling the man but d*mn it was difficult not to and he just sat there with a cold look but I could still see traces of tiredness lingering on his face. The aura which emitted from him commanded respect.

I was so fixated on ogling the man that I didn't notice the bartender was already in front of me. I heard someone clearing his throat obviously to get my attention and the hot guy turned to look at me, my breath hitched for a moment as I took in his appearance.

His amber eyes looked at me with curiosity and confusion, d*mn I thought females were the only ones who had amber eyes!.

I looked away immediately out of embarrassment and only then did I look away from the insanely hot and gorgeous man beside me. My face flushed with embarrassment when I saw the bartender smirking at me.

“ Miss I was asking what you would like to drink, “ he said. I thought for a moment and knew I wouldn't wanna embarrass myself when a hottie was sitting next to me so it's better I just drink my sorrows away and reserve my tears for later when I'm all alone.

“ I would like to have two bottles of vodka, “ I said and saw the bartender's eyes widen a bit as he looked at my petit figure surprised. At the same time, I felt an intense gaze on me when I said that and I knew it was the hot guy.

“ Are you sure? Because that's quite a lot “ the bartender asked with raised brows and I nodded. He went away and came back with the vodka I ordered and a tumbler. I immediately gulped down the gin which gave me a burning sensation in my throat as it's liquid passed down and I loved the feeling, it felt soothing at this moment.

Fueled by the pain and betrayal I was feeling, I kept drinking nonstop until I realized I had finished one bottle, when I wanted to open the second bottle a strong hand clasped mine and stopped me from doing so.

I turned to see who it was that clasped my hand but my vision was already blurry, that was when I knew I was utterly wasted.

I looked at the person trying to get a better view but failed at doing so. Or was it the hottie sitting next to me? No, I don't think so, he looked like someone who minds his business, I thought to myself.

“ I think you've had enough, “ the person said and then I knew it was a male, I was mesmerized by the sound of his voice.

It wasn't masculine nor feminine, it was smooth as silk, sweet, and perfect. I felt frustrated as I couldn't get a clear view of this person. The next thing I did surprised me because I didn't see it coming nor could I stop myself from doing it.

Chapter 2


“ Mom, I already left the house. Calm down!! “ I said through the phone while I rolled my eyes as though she could see me right now. Here she was again scolding me about going to work late which wasn't my fault.

“ You better stop this stupid character of going late to work even though you are the CEO you should show good leadership. You know how you struggled to build the company, “ she said as her voice came out sternly through the phone.

“ Yes mom I'm driving right now and you know it's bad to talk while driving, “ I said making an excuse to end the call which I did immediately and heaved a sigh of relief. I accelerated the speed as the car roared and sped off.

I got to my company and as usual, it was already so bustling even though it was just 8 am, models were taking their shoots, while those in charge of cosmetics were busy too. I walked into my office while some of my employees greeted me and of course, I


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