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Jane walked towards the forbidden building with a clenched fist. She looked scared at first but that didn't stop her curiosity about looking into the building she had been forbidden to reach. She looked back to see if any of the men were around to know of her sudden disappearance but nobody seemed to know since the alarm bells hadn't rung. She breathe out heavily and touched the door knob but before she could twist it open, her hand was yanked off it and she was pushed backward. She looked up only to meet the face of one person she had been trying to avoid. Allen stared coldly at the woman in front of him and stepped forward like a lion trying to stalk its prey. Jane looked terrified and gulped down with uneasiness. " What are you doing here? " Allen asked with his usual cold tone. " I was...uhm...just... " " Haven't I warned you not to step closer to this building huh? But it seems you are the stubborn pet. " Allen interrupted while continuing his walk towards her. ", I was just being curious, that's all. " Jane replied as her back hits the wall. Allen trapped her in between. " Have you ever heard that curiosity kills the cat? " Allen smirked dangerously and Jane knew that she was in a long torture for the night. ______________ Don't miss out on this book. You will love it.


I welcome you all to my first book on this app.This is to remind everyone that this book is Fictional so believe everything you see in it at your risk. The writer doesn't support or go against anything in the book as the plot and characters are left for you readers to judge and talk about. So whether it is right or wrong, your opinions are welcomed on the review/comment section but remember that it's fictional.Thank you so much for giving my book a chance and I hope to impress you with it. Enjoy the ride, everyone and don't forget to keep supporting it.

PROLOGUE.In a fully air-conditioned room bigger than a normal bedroom were two men dressed in black suits, standing behind a man who sat on a chair with a graceful and powerful aura. The man's gaze seemed to be piercing through the tunnel in front of him that kept on buzzing like electricity. The man's cold face became colder than before as he glanced at his wristwatch, his crossed feet shaking as he seemed to be running out of patience. The two men behind him looked at each other before staring back at their boss. They knew that at any moment from now if he did not get what he wanted, the whole building would take the effect. The tunnel kept on buzzing as the electricity in it started getting intended and the light brighter as the two men covered their eyes but the man who sat still with his poker icy face didn't seem to be affected by the bright light enumerating from the tunnel. Someone bursts out of the tunnel and lands on the ground. His sudden arrival scared the two men. He stood up and was faced by the cold man. He looked hesitant to speak but later got the boldness to because it was necessary. "There is fire on the mountain boss. He is aware of the missing item and that you took it. " The two men behind looked shocked when they heard the statement but the cold man was not affected by the news, instead his gaze turned sharper. "Let's set for plan A then, shall we? " He spoke with a cold tone that could make anyone shiver from fright.


The day's work had gotten poor Jane was tired as she sat on one of the chairs a customer had sat on earlier before leaving the restaurant. She wiped the beads of sweat that were now forming on her forehead and exhaled heavily. She was punished for her so-called offense of not being in the shop for four days. The workers were told to stay at home while she was assigned to serve all customers that came to the shop. She lifted her beautiful rounded face that had its parts in the right proportion, her well-shaped lips, nose, eyes, and eyebrows were outstanding. If not because of her current situation, she would have been a good model.

She stood up and dropped the dirty napkin in its place before removing the apron she tied around her and hanging it on the wall. She switched off the lights and picked up her tattered bag before making her way out of the restaurant. She locked the door and walked on the lane beside the street, deep in thought when the aggressive


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