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Meet My Awesome CEO:My kid is my Matchmaker

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The video of Anthony, Janet’s fiancé, having s*x with another woman was played again and again during her wedding. While Anthony who had betrayed Janet continued to talk sweetly to her as if nothing had happened. She ran away from the wedding because she didn't want to spend the rest of her life with such a scum. She went to the bar to get drunk. Wanting to have a one-night stand with prostitute for , she accidentally went to the wrong room. After waking up, she left the only five dollars in her pocket and sneaked away... It was five years later when she showed up in her hometown again. She brought her lovely son back there, ready to start a new life. When she joined in the new company, she unexpectedly provoked her s*xy CEO! *** After taking a shower, Javier wore a white bathrobe, exposing his s*xy, muscular chest. What an alluring picture of a beautiful boy coming out of the bath! "You are bewitching."He looked at Janet, his voice was extremely seductive. She did have a good impression of her boss, after all, no one can refuse a young and charming CEO. At that moment, she was really flustered...

Chapter 1 At The Wedding

"Come on, Anthony, give it to me."

Everyone's attention was drawn to the big screen of the wedding.

The most embarrassing scene was playing without any mosaic. Anthony, Janet's fiance, was naked and lying on a woman's body. The ambiguous moans kept coming out of the woman's mouth. Anthony breathed heavily and tried his best to move his hips.

They hugged and kissed each other. They looked like a real couple.

The guests started talking about what they saw just now.

When the day Janet was looking forward to was coming, she saw the video of her fiance making love to a strange woman. All the beautiful dreams were shattered with their moans.

"Turn it off, turn off the switch!" Looking at Janet's pale face, Anthony shouted.

No matter how scorching the sun was, it wouldn't be able to shine into the Traci Hotel, and it wouldn't be able to warm Janet's broken heart.

"Janet, listen. I can explain this." Anthony said with an urgent tone.

Looking at the anxious man who was holding her hand and trying to explain, she had an extremely cold expression on her face. This might be the only time that she could not feel any warmth through his touch.

She had always regarded him as her sunshine and her faith.

She gave all herself to him.

But she ended up having nothing of him.

It should have been the most sacred and happiest moment of her life. Well, she saw another woman panting under him.

Was this what he meant by love?

Was this the happiness he promised her?

Was this the result of having been in love for four years?

Ten minutes ago, she felt happy and warm to stand by him, but now she could only feel cold.

He just swore that he would love her in front of the witnesses. How ridiculous! How disgusting!

"I won't marry you!" Janet’s voice was cold and firm.

The noisy and chaotic hall suddenly quieted down.

Everyone stood quietly on their spot, staring at Janet and Anthony.

It should have been the happiest day for them.

But the truth embarrassed both families.

No one felt worse than Janet.

"Sweetie, listen to me..."

Hearing the way Anthony called her, she felt sarcasm.


It was ridiculous. It had never been more ridiculous than it was now.

"I won't marry you!" Janet repeated.

"Anthony Simmons, leave me alone." Her voice was strong and determined.

Anthony was frightened by her cold expression.

Janet had always been gentle and considerate. She never lost her temper with him.

Even though sometimes she could be upset, she would be easily teased by Anthony.

This time, Anthony thought he could coax her out of her depression.

"Janet, it was just a one-night stand, I was drunk that night."

"Janet, you have to trust me. I only love you."


Janet couldn't help sneering.

"You only love me, but you had s*x with another woman?"

"Drunk? You're ridiculous "

It didn't look like the people in the video were drunk at all.

"Do you think I'm stupid?"

"Anthony, you against my principles. We're done!"

She pushed Anthony away and walked towards the hotel door.

Unwilling to show her weakness in front of him and the guests, she tried her best to hold back her tears.

"Janet, stop right there!" Anthony shouted out with a fierce look in his eyes. He never talked to her like this.

She had always believed that she knew enough about him.

Now it seemed that it was really ironic.

"Janet. In the past few years, as long as you are willing to sleep with me, I will not do such a thing."

Anthony's voice sounded behind him.

He was blaming her?

He thought it was all her fault?

She was looking forward to giving herself to him completely on her wedding night. In his opinion, it was a mistake.

Her beautiful expectation turned out to be the reason why he cheated on her.

Janet didn't stop. She felt extremely cold in this hot summer.

Seeing that she wouldn't stop, Anthony rushed to block her way and grabbed her left hand. Then he softened his tone and said, "My baby girl, I promise you that I will never let it happen again. Don't be angry. Although you're still beautiful when you're angry, it makes me feel sorry..."

Janet felt disgusted, and she couldn't believe how he could say these nauseating words in this situation.

In the past, she would be very satisfied with these words.

But at this moment, these words were like the stitches in her heart.

Anthony observed her expressions.

He believed that she would forgive him because she had always been tolerant of him.

"Pa!" Janet slapped his face hard.

Chapter 2 Escape From the Wedding

Her reaction was beyond everybody's expectation.

Anthony was stunned.

He couldn't believe that Janet slapped him.

How could she stop loving him because of such a small thing?

He knew very well how much she loved him.

The wedding hall was so quiet. It seemed that no one had expected that a wedding would become like this.

"Don't call me like that. You don't deserve it."

After that, she raised her head, ignored Anthony and walked away.

When Anthony came to his sense, Janet had already disappeared.

“Look what she did, she has brought disgrace on our family."

Janet's stepmother, Jenny Barnes, whispered to her father, Hanson.”

"Mom, In case she'll do anything stupid, we'd better find my sister as soon as possible. "

Janet's step-sister, Maeve, pretended to concern for Janet.

Jenny snorted. "What will she do? Her boyfriend is that kind of person. I don't think she'll be better than him."

Maeve contin


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