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Marrying The Enemy

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You think I want to be your wife? Rose laughed scornfully. Not a million times."Yes, Rose. You're going to take Rosa's place! I don't need you to be my wife, I just need you to stand there in Rosa's place!" Robert's words were emphatic."You know what will happen if you refuse me? Firstly, I will keep Kenzie out of your reach, secondly, I will deport your father Romeo, thirdly, I will sell you to a brothel!"


"Smile, Rose." The whisper of the man beside her made Rose feel nauseous for a moment.

Rose glanced disdainfully from behind the bridal veil at the towering man in a white suit. Robert's handsome face, which has a solid jaw and eyes as blue as the ocean, did not interest her.

"Robert Miller!"

The girl's face was very tense with her hands adorned with white lace sheaths, squeezing each other tightly. She really wanted to run off the aisle, leave the lecherous doctor and embarrass him in front of dozens of cameras that were glaring at him. Surely it would be nice to be able to bring down the good name of Robert Miller.

However, Rose's feet remained glued to her feet, standing next to the famous doctor, who would soon become her legal husband. The thing that never crossed her mind at all, was bound for life with a man who had abandoned her sister.

"Don't you dare do that, Rose!" The threatening whisper was heard again.

Rose became weak, it was still clear what the consequences would be if she ran away from this marriage. Lost Kenzie, the child born to his younger brother and father who will be deported. The woman's body shivered, unable to imagine if this happened.

If only she hadn't gotten her revenge by separating Robert and Rosa, the real bride-to-be. So, it's impossible for Rose to have to bear the consequences by becoming a surrogate bride. The rice had turned to porridge, the woman couldn't imagine what it would be like to live by bearing the surname of the man she hated.

"Now I declare that you are husband and wife lawfully. Robert Miller you may kiss your wife Rose Gonzalez Miller."

Rose's body trembled at the priest's words. The jaws on Rose's face hardened as Robert removed her hood and smiled gently like an angel.

Rose felt the pain on her lips from Robert's bite. Not an intimate kiss that she got but a sore on her injured lips. The girl glared at Robert with misty eyes, as if to pounce on the man.

"Smile Rose, you're a Miller now."

Rose blinked and unconsciously the crystal beads that had been reminiscing about earlier, trickled down her smooth cheeks. The girl could not contain the emotions and hatred that had broken out in her.

"Wow, look! The female surrogate is moved." Words full of emotion and admiration from the invitees, made Rose sob even more with annoyance.

'I'm not moved! But I hate all of this. Don't you know this is my cry of anger!' shouted Rose inside.

"Rose..." Robert touched Rose's oval face gently, he gently wiped the teardrops that ran down the beautiful face.

The cold stare of the woman with brown eyes seemed to be about to stab him, but Robert returned it with eyes full of love. It's not difficult for Robert to just act romantically, because in fact it is a natural talent that the celebrity doctor has.

Robert lowered his face and without warning kissed Rose's lips tenderly. The man deliberately put on an impressive spectacle that would amaze every guest. He could feel Rose's hand gripping his shoulder hard, but Robert didn't budge to keep his kisses on Rose's sweet lips any longer.

"I didn't expect your lips to be so delicious," Robert whispered as he broke the bite between them.

"You wolf in sheep's clothing!" Rose hissed hatefully.

Rose wanted to leave when the blessing ceremony was over. Tears streamed down her face, blurring her vision. She wanted to run away from the crowd and dozens of reporters' camera beams, but Robert's hands tightened around her arm.

"Ah, honey, you look so happy." Robert pulled Rose into his arms.

He took a handkerchief from his service pocket and gently wiped the tears from Rose's face. His gentle demeanor made Rose tremble, while to others it seemed so romantic.

The intimacy shown by Robert and the way he looked at Rose, became the main topic of conversation that night. Everyone is sure that Robert loves Rose more than Rosa.

"Kiss your bride, Doctor Robert!" A shout from one of Robert's co-workers made the man smile widely.

"No, stop it," whispered Rose, trembling.

She didn't want his lips to stick to hers again. Rose was afraid that the warmth that was transmitted would dispel the hatred she had cultivated for so long. Rose kept muttering in her heart, if Robert was an antagonist, an enemy she had to punish for life.

"Why, Rose, are you afraid I'll make you fall in love?" Robert's soft whisper in her ear made Rose's hair stand on end.

The man returned without permission to put his lips gently on Rose's. He rubbed gently, while holding Rose's back. Robert ignored the pain from Rose's grip on his shoulder.

"Wow, you two really love each other." Those words made Rose's ears turn red.

"The bride is really lucky to be loved by a doctor like Robert," said another invitee.

"There's no love in this marriage. He married me just because he wanted to punish me. Why doesn't Robert stop doing this as well?" Rose thought, screaming with sorrow, denying all the presumptions that the invitees had made.

"You enjoyed it, honey," Robert's voice cracked as their lips parted, much to Rose's disgust.

"Stop! Don't ever do that again." Rose whispered furiously.

Robert chuckled as he rubbed Rose's mouth. He then turned around to present his beautiful face so that journalists' cameras could capture it more clearly.

"Smile, Rose, otherwise I'll be doing more than just a kiss." Robert whispered as he caressed Rose's face. "I'm sorry my bride, she's just too shy in a crowd like this."

Robert's words made all the reporters and invitees laugh out loud. There was a clamor of people teasing Rose who they thought was still being coy.

A second later Rose showed her beautiful face. The smile on the woman's face could even make Robert gasp. He looked at Rose with a look full of admiration. The love that Robert displayed became a beautiful moment that was immortalized.

Moments later Rose managed to escape from the event. He looked around the room trying to find the whereabouts of Romeo and also his younger brother Ryan. Rose wanted to take them and Kenzie to escape immediately.

"Where's Daddy and Ryan." Still holding Kenzie in her arms, Rose continued to walk restlessly.

"Where are you going?" Robert, who was previously busy with some of his friends congratulating him, suddenly stood in front of Rose.

"I have complied with your threat, now let me get out of here." Really, Rose felt uncomfortable at a party that wasn't really meant for her.

"Kenzie, as with our agreement, Kenzie will stay with Aunt Jasmine tonight, okay?" Robert took Kenzie from Rose's arms.

"Don't ... don't take him away," Rose pleaded.


Robert ignored the woman's words. He took Rose's hand with his left hand. After giving Kenzie to Jasmine, Robert pulled Rose away from the crowd to the top floor, where the bridal chamber had been prepared.

"What do you want?" Rose refrained from entering the room.

"He couldn't have done that to me, could he?" thought Rose. The girl was horrified if she had to spend the wedding night with Robert.

"Do you want it?" Robert looked at Rose with a gentle gaze that was so piercing.

"You're disgusting!"

"Rose… Rose…." Robert laughed.

He forced the woman into the room. Robert then left Rose alone and locked the bridal chamber, leaving Rose alone in the room filled with rose petals.

"Robert, open the door!" Rose banged on the door and realized the man wouldn't do what she wanted.

The woman sat weakly on the bed. She had checked all the rooms and realized there was no other way out, other than the door that had been locked by Robert.

The g


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