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Marrying Mr. Arrogant

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“I only married you for revenge. You are not my wife nor will I ever consider you one.” *** When the cold-hearted billionaire, Dariel Cannedy, got cheated by his ex-wife, he decided to marry Saafia Blooms as revenge. To him, it was- ‘My employee married my wife and I will marry his girlfriend. Simple as that.’- just to hurt the cheaters, to break them, to make them suffer. Saafia was against all of it, she believed in forgiveness, in kindness but Dariel’s heart was tainted black. Two people. Different thoughts, emotions, lives, demeanor. They were like light and dark. Still got married. Working this mismatched marriage was impossible; an incomplete tale- can they make the impossible possible?

Chapter 1

He was darkness, I was light.

He was hate, I was love.

He was revenge, I was forgiveness.

And by the time he realized that, it was too late….

Folding my arms at my chest with a painful smile over my lips, I was staring at the couple getting married before my light blue eyes followed by tears blurring my vision.


Whispering sorrowfully from afar, I tugged my auburn hairs behind my ears, releasing a low chuckle from anguish.

Why was I so sad at a wedding?

The man who was getting married was my boyfriend, Jared Raz. 

The man who promised to stay with me forever, the man who made me fall deeply.

Only to leave me in the end after two years of relationship.

‘I pray for your happiness but I wish we hadn’t met if we weren’t supposed to be one. Why did you love me when you intended to leave me in the end?’  

I was staring at the delightful couple, binding in an eternal relationship with an agonizing heart.

‘How easy is it to break the heart of the person you love?’I thought, releasing another tear but a smile not leaving my lips. 

With my mind intoxicated with pain, another deep, dominant resonance reached my ears- speaking my thoughts aloud.

“How easy is it to break the heart of the person you love?” 

I was stiff when I sensed a strong and muscular form behind me, a pair of malicious eyes upon me. A profoundly addictive scent. 

Gulping hard, I glanced over my shoulder to find a tall man before me. 

“Excuse me?” 

Wearing a black suit jacket which was seemingly expensive. He was an aristocrat accompanied by a dark aura.

His raven hair scattered before his forehead, a scowl lingering on his face but his fury was not directed to me. A deadly and poisonous gray eyes. 

I never thought I would meet the cold-hearted billionaire here. Jared’s Boss.

Dariel Cannedy, the business tycoon. 

He was a dangerous man, I could feel it in my bones. As ruthless- judged from his eyes- as Jared told me. 

The type of man I would avoid at all cost. His eyes, they had too much resentment and darkness surrounding them but why was he talking to me?

“What did you say?” Asking innocently, I fully turned to him.

‘Someone had the same thought as mine?’

Gripping the chair, I was taking support from it to compete with his assertive posture as I patiently waited for him to speak.

“I said how easy is it to break the heart of the person you love?” He repeated his question, becoming more furious.

“How can you break the heart of the person you love in the first place?” I counter-questioned. Mentally cursing myself for the response which brought a sour expression on his face. 

He was undoubtedly intimidating and handsome. He took another step closer but I put my hand in between.

“Sir, Please, maintain your distance.” 

Becoming breathless at his powerful form, I turned my head away. I wanted to run away from him but my steps froze to the ground. 

As if I wanted to know what happened to him and the answer of this question.

“Why would I?” He scoffed, folding his arms at his chest.

“What do you mean?” 

Arching an eyebrow from bewilderment, I had no idea meeting him anywhere but his behavior displayed as if he knew me.

“When your boyfriend didn’t halt his distance from my wife then why the hell would I?” 

My breaths hitched when he slammed his hand on the chair and whispered in my ears. Sending an unwanted shiver down my spine. 

“What the-”

I turned back to Jared, realizing two cheaters were getting married. Jared cheated on his girlfriend, me. And his soon-to-be wife, Veronica, cheated on her… husband.

“She… your wife?” I asked vaguely, turning back to the man, apprehending now why he was so outraged.

“Yes. ‘Your’ boyfriend is marrying ‘my’ wife.”

My mouth gaped, “But, what did it have to do with me?”

“Because it irritates me to watch you smile at those cheaters who ruined both your and mine life. Why are you smiling, woman?” he growled, stopping my function for a brief moment.

His eyes were overwhelming me, I had never seen anyone looking at me with such rage and… ‘hate’? But, why? 

“Why are you looking at me in the first place?” I asked bravely, swallowing the lump on my throat with his intense eyes on me.

“You are standing on the way and everyone here knows he was your boyfriend. Can’t you see the people?” He hissed, indicating to me to look. 

“But- What do you want me to do when my love humiliates me? What was my sin in that?”

He only scoffed because I guess he had no answer to that. And he was in the same situation as mine. 

“You know what?” Taking a pause, he leaned down. 

I shivered slightly to feel his minty breath on my face when he pointed his finger at me.

“I hate people like you.”

My jaw dropped at the level of contempt in his tone, “What?”

“People like you who act mighty and high like they forgave but deep down they hold too much detest and darkness.” 

I was flabbergasted when he created an assumption about me. I no longer hold bad intentions towards anyone.

“What the hell is your problem? Don’t take someone else’s rage on me. What and whoever I am, it’s none of your concern, Mr Dariel Cannedy.” I hissed back, done with him. 

“Now please excuse me, I don’t have time for you or your hateful talks.” 

With this, before he could continue he shifted his malicious aura to me as well and tainted my perception too. I walked away, accompanied by the sound of his scoff.


Ignoring him for the rest of the event, I bore watching my boyfriend Jared marrying another woman. 

Unable to bear it anymore, I was about to leave but Jared came to see me, increasing my ache.


Taking the pain, I inhaled and turned to him, forcing a smile, “Hmm?”

“I saw my Boss near you, is everything alright?” He asked, concerned.

“Yes. It was nothing.” I shook my head.

“Are you sure? He looked angry.” He inquired and I didn’t want to investigate.

“I told you, it’s nothing.”

“Stay away from him. He is a ruthless man. I have told you many times about him too.” He warned me seriously, drying my throat but what I could possibly have to do with him in the first place anyways.

“I know. I am leaving now. You enjoy your event.” I sighed, turning to leave this event but he stopped me for a moment.

“Look, you shouldn't have come here in the first place, finding you here I feel guilty. If possible, at any point in your life, please forgive me. I didn’t want things to be like this but before I realized, it was too late.”

I was utterly disinterested in his tale of apology and how much of a horrible person he is. I came on my own.

“You cannot force yourself to love someone. Stop it. I have forgiven you. Live your life however you want, do whatever you want.” I explained nonchalantly to him, lifting my gaze finally and meeting him.

“But don’t cross your path with mine again.” I demanded seriously. 

“I… understand. I am sorry once again. I pray you find someone much better than me.” 

“Me too.” 

Mocking him, I rolled my eyes off and left, not wanting to see him in my life again.

If I had forgiven that didn’t mean I would willingly allow my heart to be broken. I didn’t want to see his face again. It was the last time.

With a frown lingering on my face, I walked up to the parking lot, I was searching through my bag to take out my car keys and bumped into someone.

A trail of expensive scent reached my nose with a muscular and tall chest, lifting my gaze, I greeted those stern and dominant features frowning at me again.


My mouth gaped to find the notorious billionaire standing before me with a questioning look. Taking a step back from his powerful aura, I rested my hand over my waist.

“Are you following me?” I frowned back.

He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, resting his hands in his pockets, taking a step forward as he mocked, “Why would ‘I’ follow ‘you’?”

I rolled my eyes as he leaned against my car, following my gesture, “Seems like you are still in love with him. Talking so casually with him alone too.” 

He started with a mutter but returned a challenging arched eyebrow in return. 

“Would you please not create your own assumption? It’s nothing like this.” He was testing my patience. 

“Then why are you talking to him in the first place?” He questioned, leaning forward to find any hint of hate on my face.

Which he failed obviously.

“And why should I disclose this matter with you? Would you please stop coming after me?” I asked as politely as I could. 

“Don’t you hate him?” He questioned, almost intrigued, which I didn’t like. 

“No. Kindly stop irritating me now.” I muttered.

Opening the door of my car as he moved back and rested his hand over the roof to stop me from entering, hitching my breaths.

“You know what? Let me help you hate them.” He offered huskily.

I smirked, taking his words lightly, having no idea what he was capable of.

“Really? How are you going to do that, Mister?”

Wearing his shades, he flashed an alarming, dangerous smirk which wiped my amusement instantly, drying the back of my throat. The omen of something fatal was about to occur evoked in me.

He sat in his expensive car, not removing his eyes intensely from mine, giving an unnerving response which left me in wonder what is planning to do. 

“You will know ‘very’ soon, Saafia Blooms” 

Chapter 2

Before I knew it, a week had passed. I discarded Dariel’s words, not thinking about them.

‘What the hell was his ordeal anyways? What does he want from me?’ I thought casually.

Jared must be living happily in his marriage and I should search for my soulmate too. I couldn’t stay at one point.

Humming to myself, I was wrapping my work to return home and surprisingly Sarah, my elder sister, called. Must be to get burgers on my way home.


Instead, I was greeted with her panicking voice, “Saafia, come home, quick!”

“What happened, Sarah? Is Father okay?” I asked worriedly. Our Father was in a coma and his condition was worsening day by day.

“It’s not about Father. I have no idea what is going on, someone is here. Come home and deal with the mess you have created.” She scolded.

“What are you talking about? What did I do?” My mouth gaped.

“Just come home, dammit.” She hissed and cut the call.

“What’s her ordeal?” 



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