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Married to a cruel Billonaire

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"When Barbara discovers her husband's infidelity, her life takes an unexpected turn when she comes face to face with her father, whom she believed to be dead. This encounter leads her on an emotional journey to Ireland, where she confronts dark family secrets and struggles to find truth and redemption. Amidst unexpected twists and emotional conflicts, Barbara embarks on a journey of self-discovery that will change her life forever."

Chapter 1

I fear the worst as I climb into the luxurious car waiting outside the airport. My stepfather remains silent during the journey home, but I can feel his piercing gaze burning the skin of my neck. I know something is wrong, but I'm not prepared for what's to come. I just want a d*mn day of rest.

We arrive home, and I find myself surrounded by familiar faces, his relatives, all smiling and congratulating me on my return. But I know that behind those masks of cordiality lies a dark and self-interested poison. They're all John's relatives and have never shown any interest in me... They all live off the fortune left to me by my mother and managed by my stepfather.

D*mn parasites.

John takes my hand with a force that makes me shudder and leans in close to my ear so that only I can hear him.

"Barbara, I've made a decision that will change the course of our lives forever, but first, go to your room and please me. Put on the dress I bought especially for you."

John's green, malicious eyes resemble those of a snake about to strike. I'd better do as he says. The last "Family" gathering at the mansion was when I left four years ago, as a farewell. I had no idea he would send me to Germany, to the university he had chosen for me without consulting me, and ended up humiliating me in front of his relatives, equally cruel and ruthless as he is.

I climb the stairs to my room and upon entering, I find a beautiful white dress. Of all the colors in the world, he chooses white? It's more of a dress for a... it's fine, delicate, and the train of the dress...

I shouldn't dwell on such unpleasant thoughts, I've just returned. The dress doesn't look bad on me, the white highlights the color of my skin. I'm not tan, but I'm not pale either. My dark eyes in the mirror disapprove of what John chose "especially" for me. I gather my reddish hair into a simple hairstyle and touch up my makeup.

I go back down the stairs, knowing that if I take one more minute, he'll come for me and I'll end up with well-hidden marks on my skin. I frown at the decoration in the grand dining room. White and gold.

Flowers here and there, soft music, and... a d*mn two-tier wedding cake.

Son of a b*tch!

I try to turn around to go back to my room, but John grabs my arm without even pretending to be kind. I'm in his environment, surrounded by people just as bad as him, if not worse.

"Where do you think you're going, you useless little girl?" He squeezes my arm so hard that I know after four years, the first bruises will appear. "I know you're a smart girl, right? Now, you must do as I say, because otherwise, you know very well what will happen to you."

My vision blurs with the tears I can't help but shed. Why didn't I run when I still could?

I returned because I couldn't leave the company my mother had built in the hands of this heartless beast. That's why I didn't escape... Was it worth it? Of course not, not after what he just did to me. I should have stayed in Berlin!

"This ring wasn't a gift from you on the day you sent me abroad. Was it?"

He smiles, the same dark smile laden with malice.

"Of course it wasn't a gift from me! I arranged your engagement long before you left. That jewel on your hand is the engagement ring from Alexander Harrington."

Alexander Harrington is the most vile and ruthless human being I've ever met in my life. His parents are close friends of my stepfather, and I had the misfortune of spending time with their son all my childhood and adolescence.

I scan the room and find the Harrington family in one of the corners, conversing as if nothing was wrong.

"Why him? I can't believe you're doing this to me. What kind of father sells his daughter like this just like that? Because that's what you've done, sold me."

A laugh from John is enough to draw all eyes in the grand dining room towards us. The Harrington family approaches upon noticing my presence. Alexander's parents and himself, walking without haste.



I hate him so much, he has made my life impossible every time he was near me.

"I never wanted children of my own. What makes you think I want you as one? You're just a valuable pawn to save the company from bankruptcy. You are the condition Alexander asked for in exchange for the millions I will receive tonight."

I'm a d*mn trade.

"I don't want to." I try to calm my heartbeat and normalize my breathing.

"I couldn't care less. You have no choice. Now behave as you know you should, or I'll make your life a living hell if you decide to oppose."

I listen with horror to John's words as Alexander approaches, expressionless but with malicious eyes scanning my body from head to toe.

While my future husband is described by the memories of my mind as a man of unrestrained arrogance, whose wealth and power are only surpassed by his cruelty and disdain for others. My stepfather talks about business alliances and outstanding debts, but all I can hear are the chains that bind me to this life of misery and sadness.

I look around and realize that I am alone, surrounded by strangers who are willing to sell me for a handful of gold coins. The price of silence has become higher than I ever imagined, and I know there is no escape from this prison I find myself trapped in.

And so, as the room spins around me and shadows loom over me, I face an uncertain future full of broken promises and dreams of a freedom I will never have.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two.

"How beautiful you look dressed in white, Darling. The four years abroad have suited you wonderfully, and now you are a stunning woman. You are worthy of my son, you have everything he needs in a wife, beautiful, delicate, and... obedient."


The woman who gave birth to the miserable being standing in front of me doesn't speak her words as a compliment; it's more like she's analyzing a product before buying it. Her father says nothing, just looks at me with total indifference.

"That's right, Nora. She is worthy of the Harrington name. We can begin whenever you're ready; the judge awaits in my office."

What? Is it happening now?

"I want a lawyer," I say with total certainty in my words but scared as hell, which only unleashes little smiles among the people surrounding me.

"You won't have one. You'll review the documents waiting for you on the desk and whether you like it or not, you'll sign them without objections or ta


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