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Love Over Everything

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After learning her husband's dark secret and running away, Zanara meets Jayme, a man who loves her with all his heart. However, a dark past and betrayal make Zanara build a high wall and not give the man a chance. As time goes on, she finds herself trapped in a complicated love story, especially when one person after another from her past comes back and disturbs her peace. This problem risks not only her life but also the life of her only daughter. Until she is faced with a problem that requires her to choose, stay alone but have to lose Marion or accept one of several men who promise her happiness so that she can keep her daughter. Will Zanara be able to get through everything and achieve happiness? Who will be lucky enough to have a place in her heart and Marion's?

Chapter 1

Mark was studying when he heard the sound of tapping heels approaching his room and stopping right in front of the door. He was sure it must be his wife who had been looking for him since he was no longer in bed.He hurriedly opened the door that was locked. He wanted to caress his wife a little in this place to create a different atmosphere for them. Unfortunately, it was not his wife—Zanara—who stood before him, but Laura—or Bernadette."What do you want? It's late; you should be getting rest with your son." Mark took a step back and was about to close the door. However, Laura quickly pushed the door back open."He's also your son, Mark. Please don't deny it! Why are you so scared, Mark? You've been avoiding me for a while now. Why?""Why don't you stop, Laura? Our relationship is over.""Give me what I want, and I will keep my mouth shut so your beloved wife knows nothing," the woman with copper-colored hair said to the man with the chiseled jaw before her. It was clear that the man had refused her request.That's why she pulled out the final move; a threat."What do you want?" the man asked, finally.The woman with the synthetic body of a Spanish violin brought her lips to the man's ear, wanting to tell him what she wanted. But erotically. Because, of course, she didn't want anything ordinary.Not something ordinary, but more than what the man had imagined."I want you, Mark. Right here, right now!" she whispered in the ear of the man she called Mark.The man suddenly moved his body away."You're out of your mind, Laura! You want me to betray my wife in my own home? What if she finds out? What if—""What if she not? She still sleeps, Mark, and I promise you not to scream as we did in the past."The woman called Laura didn't wait for Mark's answer but silenced the man's words with wild strokes. Finally, Mark succumbed to the passion increasingly spoiled by the touch and temptation blown by Laura.At that very moment, Mark turns into another person, no longer a man who upholds loyalty to Zanara—the only woman who can master all his soul and body and whom he has loved for a long time. He even considers Laura a mere incarnation of Zanara, and his love for Laura will never match his passion for Zanara.What happened to Mark was no longer the case. He had forgotten how he fought for the woman of his heart to become his wife—the mother of his unborn baby.The man groaned, enjoying the play by the woman who moved freely above him. All were happening right in front of Zanara.Zanara could not and would never forget that moment, ever.HONK HONK!!!The sound of the horn was deafening and took Zanara's mind away from the time dimension she had traveled to a few hours ago.She was now on the road, trying to escape, of course. Zanara doesn't know where she's headed, but certainly not Evermont—a place full of memories that taught her many lessons—whether it was sweet or bitter.One thing is for sure; she will never forgive the man who she considered half her life but betrayed her.Zanara drove the car in a hurry. Mark must be chasing her now. She didn't care where to stop or where to get help. It was impossible to ask Gabriel for protection since Alice was always with him.She could still imagine how Mark seemed to enjoy himself when he made love with Laura, his ex-girlfriend. And what hurt Zanara even more was that the two lovebirds were committing indecent acts in their home—Zanara and Mark's home. It was a betrayal that Zanara found hard to forget.Zanara finally stopped the car at the airport. She had brought everything she needed. Especially the few bills and savings that were safe in her bag. She didn't know where she was going—anywhere, as long as she could escape Mark and her past with him.Occasionally she rubbed her growing belly. Her pregnancy was seven months old, and she was supposed to give birth in two months. Unfortunately, the fantasy of being able to give birth happily accompanied by her husband would not happen."Excuse me, where is the plane's destination that will fly shortly?" Zanara asked the ticket officer.The uniformed employee stood before she checked the computer screen, then turned back to Zanara, who was waiting for reassurance. It was clear that this prospective passenger had not yet decided where she was going."Destination Istanbul, Turkiye, ma'am. They were departing in three hours. Will you be choosing that destination?" the ticket agent asked, prepared for the prospective passenger to choose the destination she had mentioned.Zanara nodded hesitantly.She had promised herself that she would never run away from anything again. And this was the second time she had run away. However, she had a good reason for doing this.She couldn't stay with a man who had betrayed her. And ... it's exactly what Brandon said when they last met. Mark had a secret that might interfere with their married life. And now it was proven."Do you already have the ticket?"This time Zanara shook her head."Can I buy them here?"The employee said yes, helped Zanara with the purchase and registration, and let her go to the waiting room.She moved hesitantly. In a situation where she needed Mark's attention and care—because she was about to give birth to their daughter—this was precisely what she had to deal with.Zanara didn't want to wait long. She hurried to the place directed by another airport employee. She had no idea what Turkiye was like, nor did she know anyone there. However, it would be better if she wanted to escape so that no one would recognize her and know where she was.Especially Mark.

Chapter 2

Bursa - Turkiye, three years later"Welcome. What kind of cake would you like—" Zanara's sentence was cut short when she saw who was standing before her. The man flashed the most charming smile, then held a bill to Zanara standing at the counter."What do you want?" Zanara hissed sharply. The look in her eyes exuded annoyance. The man seemed to be out of work for coming in almost every day at lunchtime and ordering a portion of shortcake and tiramisu to share with Marion—Zanara's daughter. And Zanara's biggest mistake was bringing Marion to work again today."Calm down, Zee ... I want to see Marion; you don't need to be so angry. Strawberry shortcake for my date and tiramisu for me. Thank you."Zanara grabbed the money in Jayme's hand irritably. "Don't forget that Marion is my daughter, Doctor Demir.""Ah, you have such a heart for me. Even now, you still call me that formally." Jayme


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