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Laswin high school

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Tilda
  • Chapters: 24
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 187
  • 7.5
  • 💬 3


Laswin high school, a school for the rich. The Less privileged students were treated like trash, the rich made sure the poor were bullied to the extreme end where they ended up leaving the school while some made sure they stayed invincible. Skylar Skylar, a young innocent girl who lives with her parents in a small mansion somewhere in California has always had the dream of schooling in the biggest school in the whole of California ( Laswin high) but couldn't dream on as her parents weren't wealthy enough. Although Skyler's parents were rich, they weren't as wealthy as those parents who could afford to take their child to Laswin high. Skyler has always been a beautiful girl with her lovely long hair which she always packs in a ponytail as it always attracts personal attention to her. What will happen when Skyler gets into Laswin high school and gets involved with the school bullies, will she get bullied or will she be able to enjoy her years at laswin high school with different handsome guys.

Chapter 1 Skylar's Apartment

"Skylar! Skylar!! Skylar!!! What's wrong with this child of mine, Skylar usually wakes up and is sure you don't wanna miss school." Said Mrs Goldstein climbing the stairs to her room.

"Mom please, I want to sleep longer." Skylar muttered.

"There is no way I am gonna let you be, because I remember warning you not to stay up all night waiting for your dad." Mrs Bailey muttered as she folded her arms under her armpits.

"Mom but you know I miss my dad so much that's why". Replied Skylar half awake.

"Well you know your dad's profession requires him not coming home everyday so you need to learn how to adapt to it okay!" Mrs Goldstein said calmly.

"Yes mum". She yawned.

"Let me freshen up." Skylar smiled, folding her duvet.

Come downstairs when you're done dressing. Mrs Goldstein shouted from downstairs.


Few minutes later, Skylar ran downstairs ready to leave for school.

"Hey Skylar get your stupid *ss back to the dinning room and come eat your breakfast." Said Mrs Goldstein who was already getting annoyed with Skylar's behavior.

" Skylar walked up to her mum and gave her a peck before saying she was already late so she couldn't have her breakfast.

"Bye Mom!"

"Gawd hope this child of mine wouldn't be the reason for my sudden death." Mrs Goldstein joked.

DOA high School~

DOA high school is also a school for the rich but not as expensive and famous as Laswin high. Although DOA was the 5th most expensive school in California it doesn't stop students from attending.

As Skylar was walking down the corridor to check what she was having, she could hear her name being called, then she turned to check.

She wasn't surprised as it was her two best friends Lyla and Kira.

"Hey girlfriend, why are you late?" Lyla asked, smiling.

Kira couldn't wait for Skylar reply as she was too excited to share how her date went with the school playboy Ziggy.

Lyla even forgot her question and also started telling her how Derrick asked her out in front of the whole school.

"Enough you guys, you two just keep on talking non-stop don't you care about me?, You girls never ask how is my life going, all you care about is telling me how you get f*ck*d by a guy every single day." Skylar cried as she left for her class.

"Oh I think we've made her upset". Kira and Lyla said at the same time.

Skylar pov~

Well that the way Kira and Lyla have always been, they have always see me as the odd non classy girl among them, we have always been known as SLK by the student's but every student feels i shouldn't be in their group including the boy's as I don't dress sexily like a b*tch.

Well that is true, I am always in my big hoodie and joggers and my hair is always tied up, I was still lost in my thoughts when a figure appeared in front of my table.

"I raised my head. Oh it's you Austin, you startled me." I exclaimed as I gasped in surprise.

"Where are your mind at, am sure you are not on this planet cause have been standing here for about five minutes calling your name but I guess you are lost in thought, what are you even thinking about?" He asked out of curiosity.

"Uhm I was just thinking about..." Skylar was thinking of what excuse to give. "Oh just forget it, tell me why are you even calling my name." She asked.

"Humm have you talked to your bestie Kira that I like like her." He stammered with the word.

"Well yes I have talked to her but she bluntly refuses saying she doesn't deserve you and that you deserve someone better." Skylar lied.

Last Night

( Skylar and Kira having a video chat )

Hey babe wassup!

Am cool but seriously you miss the sleepover at Poppy's house, it was one of the best sleepovers I ever had. You need to see how I Rock those guys even when Ziggy came.

Kira kept on talking non-stop about the sleepover.

Skylar: uhm Kira I need to talk to you about something.

Kira: Go on, what is it about?

Skylar: Well Austin came to me to help him tell you how much he likes you and you know as your Bestie I told him not to worry that I could talk to you and I know you wouldn't disappoint me.

Kira: what how could you!

Kira yelled furiously.

Skylar: uhm sorry if I got you upset.

Kira: Oh common cut the crap with your pretense, am sorry to disappoint you but there's no way I repeat there's no way I am gonna be with that low life, although Austin is cute but he is not my spec, the guy is to quiet and also not famous and you want me the most popular and richest female In the school to go for a perverted idiot.

Skylar: Sorryyyy

Kira:Oh just get lost.

Call ended

( Back to present )

Skylar! Skylar!! Skylar!!! What's wrong with you this is the second time you have gone into your world. Austin shouted in worry.

"Oh it's nothing, Bye! I need to use the restroom." Skylar muttered.

The day went fast and soon it was closing.

"Why is my driver not here yet?" Skylar muttered looking at her watch.

"Hey babe why were you not in our personal class you took class at the general class." Kira asked.

"Oh so you guys now remember that someone name Skylar was absent in your stupid personal class". Skylar smirked.

"Uhmm.." Lyla is thinking of an excuse.

"Keep your silly excuse to yourself, are you guys too big to come see your bestie in the general class just because you are famous." Skylar yelled.

"Skylar keep your voice down uhm we were busy that's why, so stop throwing tantrums." Lyla yelled back.

Skylar knew they were lying but she kept cool. "Okay have forgiven you guys." Skylar stuttered.

"Thanks babe." Lyla and Kira spoke at the same time.

"Skylar, what of your driver?" Kira asked, looking around for any sign of the driver.

"Have also been wondering why he is not here yet." Skylar muttered.

Just then an incoming call came in

"Mom, why are you calling at work?". Skylar asked because her mom Birdie Goldstein owns a fashion company so in actual fact she is a CEO of her own company, and her mom never calls during work hours except when something important comes up.

"Calm down, well I called to inform you that your driver won't be coming to pick you up as he has gone with his pregnant wife to the hospital so you can call a cab home." Birdie replied thinking of how her precious daughter would cope using a cab.

"Okay Mom, I will see myself home. Take care." Skylar cut the call.

"What did your mom say?" Lyla asked immediately when Skylar ended the call.

"The driver won't be coming to pick me as he has something urgent to do". Skylar replied, picking up her phone to order a cab.

Kira drags the phone from skylar.

"Why do you need to call a cab? Let's all go to Lyla's house and spend some private time together." She muttered.

"I agree with Kira," Lyla said, looking excited.

"Okay fine let go, I know I can't stop this as you girls have concluded". Skylar surrendered.

The car took off to Lyla house.

Chapter 2 The unexpected news

The three besties walked Into the mansion.

"Oh my gawd Lyla you killed it." Kira said laughing her way into the house.

"I know right, I am the best."

"I don't like the way you two are laughing at me." Skylar stuttered looking annoyed.

"Why would we not laugh when Lyla got exactly how you behave?" Kira replied, laughing without stopping.

"Am sorry babe but that's how you behave, you don't act fashionable and you are always putting on a non attractive outfit which makes you look innocent." Lyla stuttered laughing hysterically.

Kira chuckled at what Lyla said.

"It's no longer funny, you girls should stop making fun of me." Skylar shouted still annoyed but that didn't make the laughter die down.

Just as Skylar was about to throw a pillow at Lyla, an incoming call came in.

"Oh my! It's Ziggy, he is calling my phone."

Kira screamed


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