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Laswin high school
  • Author: Tilda
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 4+
  • 👁 135
  • 7.5

Laswin high school, a school for the rich. The Less privileged students were treated like trash, the rich made sure the poor were bullied to the extreme end where they ended up leaving the school while some made sure they stayed invincible. Skylar Skylar, a young innocent girl who lives with her parents in a small mansion somewhere in California has always had the dream of schooling in the biggest school in the whole of California ( Laswin high) but couldn't dream on as her parents weren't wealthy enough. Although Skyler's parents were rich, they weren't as wealthy as those parents who could afford to take their child to Laswin high. Skyler has always been a beautiful girl with her lovely long hair which she always packs in a ponytail as it always attracts personal attention to her. What will happen when Skyler gets into Laswin high school and gets involved with the school bullies, will she get bullied or will she be able to enjoy her years at laswin high school with different handsome guys.


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