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Kiss and tell

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Amy writes on her blog about her dates with men. Her readers challenge her to date certain people and pay when she has completed the challenge. She doesn't believe in love until the rich and cocky Jason Carson comes on her path. To be with him is forbidden, but he is as tempting as he is annoying while pursuing her. Their desire is more than they can handle. The more they learn about each other, the deeper their struggle becomes.

Chapter 1. The blog challenge

Note: I am not against it, but I want to state for information – this story is NOT LGBTQ story ;)

My dreamy eyes stared into the steam, shaking its translucent body into the air under my nose, as my hot chocolate filled my nostrils with the sweet scent of cocoa. I wrapped my fingers around my mug and went to plop on my sofa with my laptop in front of me, enjoying the warmth and the cozy feeling of being at my home.

The memories of his touch and his moves, hungry for more of me, were still keeping my red-colored lips lifted at the edges. He was a cook, and I doubted that I would ever forget the food he prepared for us tonight.

It was past midnight and the time to post my new photo in my blog and watch as my fans bombard me with their comments. I would never get tired of it. I was having the time of my life and getting paid for it. No one knew my real name is Amy and no one got a clear photo of how I looked, so I could keep my identity hidden.

Whatever I did under the name Allura stayed a secret. Most evenings, I was sharing every hot, juicy detail of my latest completed challenge. It was what I was doing this night too, as my long nails tapped over the keyboard.

"Here is the kiss you all have been waiting for. He was very yummy," was what I wrote as a comment above a photo I had taken while making out with my date two hours ago.

After I hit the button to post it, I took a sip of my warm beverage, grinning at myself. I never believed in love. It was what made things easier for me. Dating many guys, but having only one-night stands. They got to be with me, I had my fun with them. Then, while I was still aroused from my intimate moment with the man, I blogged every detail of our time together as a short story.

My fans got to pick who I will go out with next...and when I post the kissing picture for proof, they paid. I wasn’t perfect, nor shy. There were some rules, of course. I would never date a married man, and the guy must be nice and good-looking. I was no homewrecker and no courtesan. I couldn’t date just anyone, he had to be attractive.

Another rule was to never go out with the same man twice. It would just ruin the one-night stand thing and the feeling of being with someone for the first time. The sex part was not a must, but the kiss was. I had to make a photo where I would be dressed in what my blog fans picked and where they could clearly see the face of the man they ordered. My features were always hidden enough to keep my identity a secret.

"Damn, you did it again!" An anonymous person placed the first comment under my new photo.

"Is there a man you can’t attract?" Another one asked.

"I still vote for the guy I offered the last time. Date him, please!" No_joker wrote and I smiled wider.

"Great! I was thinking about your short story all day!" DoItIfYouDare posted.

"Guys, let's vote again. We must give her food for the next story." LonelyTree pushed the others.

"Yeah, I will pay to see her in a white top and black jeans. Need to see her with a girl. Ha! Can you do that, Allura?" Evil_mind commented and my smile dropped.

Was he kidding me? I never said that I was bisexual.

"Girl! Girl! Girl!" An anonymous person wrote.

"I know just the girl. She is a senior in my school. I will post the details." HornyGuy05 pushed his idea and I had to leave my mug on the table so that I didn’t drop it by accident.

"I still vote for the guy from the last time..." No_joker commented.

I bit my pointer finger, as I read how they were voting for me to date the same sex. I knew it was going to happen one day, but I wasn’t gay. Staring into my laptop in the dim light of my small living room, I felt my heart racing from the adrenaline. The cozy sofa was bought last month with money, I made from my blog. The cute table and the flat TV on the snow-white wall before me were also here because of my secret dates.

I lived well and got all I needed without working anywhere. I slept until late and was buying the clothes I wanted for half a year now. I felt no remorse. I did not force anyone to be with me. They did not pay to be with me and I had no further relationship with those guys. I was no hooker. I was just accepting a challenge that would not harm anyone.

Why stop now?

"I will buy the perfect white top tomorrow, Evil_mind," I finally answered, biting my bottom lip in the darkness of my sweet little apartment. "Just don't think that I will start dating both sexes from now on. It is a one-time thing!"

Many new comments followed and few young women were offered with their pictures from social media posted on my blog for my fans to vote. I meant what I said. No other girls, but the one they choose tonight - and the winner was the schoolgirl.

I stared at her smiling face, eyelids closed as she had her hands high in the air. She had climbed somewhere, and I could see the city from way above, enveloped in a thin fog. She was pretty and skinny like a model. Her long blond hair was waved from the wind like in a shampoo commercial. In another photo, her optimistic naive eyes were raised towards the sky, and she was again up in the air, but supported by two other girls - all dressed in red and white cheerleader uniforms.

I got up and went to the big simple mirror I had on my wardrobe in my tiny bedroom. Staring at myself, I imagined how I would look in the clothes they picked for me. I pulled my hairband, letting my wild black hair fall all the way to my waist. Then placing my hands on both sides of my torso, I slid them down my perfect figure, feeling confident I could win a kiss from anyone. Even from this schoolgirl.

I finished school a year ago in a totally different city. Here schools were modern and with lots of cameras. I just had to figure out a way to meet her outside. That was the real challenge for me before every date.

Chapter 2. Red Porsche

Part of me was fighting the fact that I was nineteen years old and this girl was seventeen. I was playing with fire, but if I only kissed her for the pic, everything would be fine. I could act friendly all the time and still get my money from the challenge.

Who would know, right?

I chatted with my two best friends while resting comfortably on the leather backseat of my taxi. The cheap coconut scent of the car was invading my nostrils, making me a bit nauseous. I hated coconut! One day I was going to buy my own car, I would use citrus or maybe Lilac.

The people outside my tinted window were in their usual uptight mode, crowding the sidewalks, making haste to reach their destination on foot. I needed the taxi today because I was feeling drained, but my fans agreed on my attire for the date and I needed to buy the clothes. I had barely slept, thinking of how would I make a girl, who is probably heterosexual, to hook up with me. This was insane! Definitely a real chall


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