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King's Replaced Queen

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“Strip...” I looked at him, not believing what he just said. “I said strip.” His voice held authority not to ignore his order. I started discarding my clothes one by one, shivering in fear. His gaze pierces my skin from head to toe, while disgust was loud and clear on his face. “You don't interest me anymore. Get out.”




It was a long drive that ended at a mansion, much like the estate of Grandpa, who we address as Grandfather all. He does command it with his title and his stature.

As soon as the car came to a halt, I hopped out and opened the door for Grandfather.

Suddenly I felt someone’s gaze. My eyes searched and stopped at a place. I looked up and notice a beautiful girl looking at us.


‘Beautiful, and that too, a girl?” My mind tripped over the jokes in my head. However, my eyes stayed stuck on her.

As soon as our eyes met, she hid behind a wall.


I smirked at her childishness. Shaking my head, we walked towards the main door before we rang the bell; Grand pa, my grandfather’s best friend, welcomed us with his son- and daughter-in-law.


They welcomed us and Grandfather with a warm embrace.


We all sat in the living room as the conversations began to flow. While the atmosphere was light, I was torn trying to find a way out of this alliance without hurting anyone’s emotions. I could see my grandfather was emotionally invested in this relationship. Hence, I tread cautiously.


My chain of thought broke when I heard someone with a lyrical voice saying hello. I was both drawn and excited by that greeting. The greeting somehow brought about a sense of calm. Maybe it was because of the lack of a guiding female figure in my life. The only one I could count on was my Aunt Nina. (I was a little perplexed as the thought propped up. Counting on grandfather and the nanny)


As my eyes drew towards the sound, I notice the same beautiful girl who hid herself not too long ago. To my surprise, she ran towards Grandfather and gave him a tight squeeze. She started blabbering with Grandfather, and he chuckled at her and with her. The warmth she showed towards Grandfather and the Child-like excitement in her had a bit of an irritating effect on me. I had to remain cordial and restrained myself from doing anything untoward. Meanwhile, I noticed that she was very close to Grandfather, and did care about him a lot and not only him, but she knew Aunt Nina (nanny) as well.

As far as I know, my grandfather is not the person whole; mingles with the world. He is staying far so he can live his life peacefully without any people’s drama. But I can see this girl seems close to them. Her statement is a clear indication she is close to even my granny, too.



I could sense that she was good at heart. ‘Have you ever known a woman was good? Have You? Have You?’ My mind mocked me. What was the reason she was nice to Grandfather? What does she want? What has she set her eyes on?


Oh, yes, how could I forget? She knows why we are here. She wants Sanya to get married to me. By now, Grandfather had already spoken about Sanya, who I was towed to keep the lineage going and bind the houses together, stronger than ever.


‘Well, Princess, that is not going to happen.’ With that thought, I chuckled.


But there was this one thing I couldn’t deny. She had the most beautiful smile I had ever seen in my life. And those dimples were to die for.

Of course, not me, but any other guy would surely die. Would I though? Of course not. But?


‘Huh, this is so irritating. Why am I even thinking about her like that?’ I clutch my phone tightly in my hand as my jaw clenched in frustration. 


When I was lost in my thoughts, I heard her mom ask Ara to call Sanya, which I assumed was the girl we were here to meet.


So, she is Ara, and the other girl’s name is Sanya.


After some time, both girls came. Ara sat on the sofa near Grandfather, and Sanya greeted him warmly.


During their conversation, I observed this girl is extremely practical, like no strings attached type. And so far, I had never, and I mean never, ever been wrong in my observation. However, I would want to know a little more about her before I drew a conclusion. So, I decided to wait and watch.


My chain of thought broke when Ara asked me a few questions, which I hesitantly replied with the minimum possible words I could use, but I guess she had gotten what she wanted to know out of me.


She gave me a smile as she turned away to talk to the others present.


Sanya’s Mom asked her to go outside to talk, so we could get further acquainted with each other. Now this I was really up for. I wanted to know who she really was without the mask of warmth and kindness she had on. It was a nice day. The Sun peeked through the clouds as we walked towards the lawns of this impressive manor which seemed to be falling apart at its seams.

We sat on the chair. The green blades of grass and the warm sun calmed my nerves and brought a small smile to my face. Is this not perfect? Apart from the company, of course.


Then I heard Sanya’s voice asking me my thoughts about the marriage, but I wanted to know hers. Hence, I gave her a look like I didn’t have an answer.

Girl, you want to play, then let us play.


So, she started talking about her thoughts, which I was keen to know.


Once she was done, I confirmed my previous reading about her that she was a self-centred person who was only focused on luxury in her life. She did not have a care about anyone’s feelings or wellbeing. She wanted the best of everything and did not pay heed to how and where it came from. But what she needs to know is that each title comes with their own set of responsibilities, which I could see she could never fulfil.

The king

She wants to be a queen? Queen! She is not even fit enough to become a princess, let alone a good one.

The King wants a Queen who understands the King, supports him, manages his people in his absence, but this girl wants the only title of Queen and all the luxuries associated with it without any sense of responsibility.


She will never stand for my family, my people.


She proclaims that she wants to work for people’s well-being? I doubt she’s even worked at or worked for anything in her life. She says she wants to stay connected to her land? Does she even know how the soil feels in the hand?


And she wants to become a Queen?


What a joke.


I smirked at her, thinking that she does not have any idea who I am.


She finished what she wanted to say and got up and started walking saying, I should say no to this alliance because she does not want to hurt her family.


But what about my family?


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