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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: The sea
  • Chapters: 12
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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Running from the demons of her past, she had finally reach the place where she felt safe. But not anymore, since she lost the job which was the only means of her survival. He cared about nothing until one day she saved him when no one did. Adamant to make her accept his gratitude, he keeps following her until she agrees to work for him. Ella has lived her whole life in brothel. When the tormentor found his lover in someone else, he promised to not let her leave him this time. ............... "Please don't leave me alone."~Inessa "I am not Inessa." ~Ella "Who are you?"~ Noah "I am Inessa."~ Ella "I am sorry for not protecting you before, Inessa. But I promise I won't let anyone hurt you ever again."~ Leo

Chapter 1



"He is lying righ? It can't be true. I know he is trying to provoke dad." She asked. She was looking in my eyes, waiting for me to tell her that he was lying but it never came out from my mouth.

She was met with silence making her come out from the disbelief she was trying hard to believe. Her eyes grew wider when realisation hit her. I had nothing to tell her. I wanted to scream and cry out so that my bleeding heart could be at ease. "Tell me something sister. Please. Your silence is scaring me." What was left to tell her? I remember how pathetically I was begging him to show some mercy when he was literally breaking my soul, damaging my body and life for eternity.

"Kill me, Noah, because if dad somehow find it out, he will kill me."

It was the only thing I expected from him. To leave me on my own after ruining everything.

"No one will know this. I promise I will never tell this to anyone." For once I believed his words. But like every other fake promise he had made, this was also a lie.

"I didn't, but he forced himself on me." I bit my lips to stop tears. My words broke her, shattered her into pieces. She sobbed and crawled towards me. She hugged me and sobbed harder and harder. I hugged her tighter and let her cry. In this world no one has loved me like she did. The only person who never hurt me.

"How many times sister? Why I never realised that you were in pain? Why did you made me believe that you were okay every time I asked why you are sad? Why?" She screamed, feeling guilty over the fact that she never realised what her other half was dealing with and yet she claimed to love her more than herself. But it was never her fault, I was good with hiding my pain.

"I can never give you pain and I knew this will hurt you so I never said." I was better like this. If I would have said it to her before, she would have been devastated. I love her and would do anything just to let her be happy.

"If listening this is breaking my heart then how much pain you endured? How much it broke you?" She mumbled. It wasn't a question. She was telling herself, trying to feel my pain.

"I am sorry. I-" she choked in between her sobs. "I failed to understand your pain. I am such a bad sister, I never realised that you were in pain. I don't deserve you-" she sniffed and hugged me tightly.

"Stop. It is not your fault. It was never." I cooed and caressed her hair. She broke more if it was possible. She sniffed feeling the sweet fragrance. I remember her words which she used to say every time she would hug me." You smell so nice, sister. You feel warm, like a home." It is crazy how people can find comfort in someone else, where they can do anything just to see their loved ones happy.

She suddenly pulled herself from my embrace, breaking the hug as she realised something. "You need to run sister. You need to go away before he kills you."

"What are you saying?"

"Dad knows this sister. That bastard called dad and told everything. He is coming, if you don't run now you will be left with only two options. Either die or go back to that monster." Her words made sense. Noah had been forcing me to get married but I refused every time. That's why he used the last string, he used my vulnerability.

She packed a bag in hurry and came back with an envelope in her hand.

"What is it?" I asked.

"This is all I have. Take this and run. You will need it." She said. I took the money she gave me and hugged her one last time.

I had no idea where I will go or when I will meet my sister again, and it was killing me from inside because out of every bad thing she was my source of happiness. The only one who took stand for me as much as she could.

I was leaving behind the only person who did everything in her power to make me happy. Who loved me unconditionally.

"Don't think. Don't waste time and run before they catch you. And remember that I love you so much. I will always love you and wish you to be happy wherever you will be. You deserve so much better. These people don't deserve you. Run and never look back." She said as she kissed my forehead. Her tears fell on my cheeks making my heart clench. It's painful to depart from the people you love, specially if you don't have many. My heart was shattering into pieces but I had to leave.

"I will miss you," I said and then I left everything behind. I ran away from everything and never looked back.

#beep beep#

My alarm buzzed making me wake up from another nightmare or better I could say haunting memories of my past.

Three months had passed since I ran away yet the thought of being caught still lingers in my mind. I have been living in constant fear, scared to even think about what will happen if they somehow find me.

Leaving my all thoughts, I quickly got ready for work. I remember the day when I ran away, I had no idea where I was going but somehow I kept going. Upon reaching the airport I took the first flight available and left London.

I lived in a hotel for two days when I reached New York until I found a place to live. I rented a cheap apartment with the money my sister gave me. It was a simple apartment with a kitchen attached to a hall and one bedroom. The neighborhood was not one of safest place but I couldn't afford to live at better place, at least for now.

Once you are out from this street, you will reach the place where you can see a lot of luxurious apartments, restaurant and more. It feels like you have entered in a completely different world. Well this gave me advantage to find a job near to the place where I was living, making me save the transportation expenses.

Chapter 2


I locked my apartment and walked down since the diner was just ten minutes away. "Hey, Inessa." My colleague, Elena, greeted me. "Hi," I said and kept my clothes inside. Turning back I saw her standing beside me, she was applying some mascara. "Anything special?" I asked. "You don't know? Gosh, Inessa, someone is coming to buy this diner." She screamed and burst my eardrum.


"What Ohh?" She asked in disappointment.

"So, is there any reason for me to get excited?"

"Everyone is excited because this person is none other than Leonardo Rossi. He is rumoured to be the most handsome man. Though I have heard that he is very cold and cruel but who cares. At least we will get to bless our eyes today by seeing his handsome face." She continued to tell me how great he was but I cared less. I was already dealing with a lot.

"Let's get to work or else our manager will kick us out," I replied.


"Attention everyone." The ma


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