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In Love With My Sister's Husband

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We started with a funny situation. He was playing the grim reaper and I was sneaking out of my father's house without being caught. We started with a love game and fights. There wasn't a single day where he wanted to insert his dominance and I didn't want to relinquish my control. After the start, things got messy and we separated. I was settling into my new life, away from everyone, with a new name, a new identity... when he found me again. Surprise that soon transformed into a big shock. The man I loved for a long time was marrried to my own sister, the one who caused us to part ways in the first place. Moreover, they had a son. This wasn't the end of my shock. My family learnt I wasn't dead and wanted me to take my sister's place. Because we were twins... Because she was recovering from an accident. He was wrong in coming back for me. I was wrong in believing his lies. Yet, it was impossible to escape him. Now, it was either I would destroy him and he would destroy me. The first to succumb is the loser.



Review after half of the novel

Livingston the love revenge relationship between the main characters. Truly recommend it she did gods cos and coz Xbox is Diane sic dnd d Dana’s dnd cos ffjei was the best thing to iririworuirooeu and the game has made it so far in this series so much fun for us uorutu especially the fact he has yeowuryiwiy in the game and his voice and personality is amazing too but the whole thing is just so good to be true to him

May 3, 2024

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