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Brent Allen has managed to become what he is now: a man with power, self-assured and attractive, perhaps too attractive. If he had been a coward, he would have allowed his past peers' constant taunting about his weight and IQ to destroy him. His adolescence has passed for him because life has been kind to him and he has surpassed it, or so he believed, until fate decided to cross his path once again with the beautiful Ariana Castelli, the source of the greatest youthful suffering. of the. Why would you forget her if she was always so stunning? He had loved her very much, but she had vowed to torture him in a way that only an infinitely beautiful, vile, and haughty young woman could. Since then, ten years have passed, but once Brenton has her in front of him once more, the years will seem as if they haven't passed. The desire for revenge as well as emotions will resurface. However. He is about to meet the real Ariana, the one with a bitter secret and a pain that no one knows.

Chapter 1

Brenton Allen felt the emotion run through his entire body as his hands clenched that sheet of paper too tightly. His heart was pounding thunderously, he could feel it pounding in his chest without pausing for even a second. His palms were sweating... Never in his entire life had he been more nervous, and that was saying a lot, because nerves were something that used to accompany him almost every second of his life.It could not be said that he was a self-confident teenager, quite the contrary. He was about to turn 16, and he wasn't exactly the high school heartthrob. His dark hair was curly, he wore glasses, he weighed fifty pounds more than he should have, and to top it off, he had straight A's not only in his grade, but in all of Valley High School. complete.But possibly that wouldn't matter anymore, no, and the sheet in his hands proved it...Again Brenton felt those butterflies in his stomach, and the emotion succumbed to his entire being.He raised the white sheet again, and brought it up to his nose to sniff at it.It had to be hers, of course, there could be no mistake. She was her aroma, it was her perfume, the same one that left behind her like an invisible veil wherever she walked. Besides, it was her handwriting, she always used lilac ink, and she used to put hearts instead of dots on top of the i's… Yes! It was she who had left that letter in her locker... Ariana Castelli, the most beautiful girl not only in school, but in the entire city, in the entire state, in the entire country...Brenton had been in love with Ariana for way too long, but she barely even noticed it, since the populars and the nerds just never interacted. But that letter made him see that this was not entirely true.Good grief! That had to be the best day of his life!Dear Brent, I am writing this letter to you because I have not dared to speak to you face to face, I am too shy to do so... I want you to know that I have been madly in love with you for a long time. Your intelligence has impressed me, and I also think those glasses you wear are very s*xy... I have imagined taking them off slowly, and kissing your lips... Oh, Brenton! I can't hide this love anymore... I'm not sure if you reciprocate me, but if so, please come find me, and ask me to go to the Valentine's dance with you... I send you lots of kisses, with sincere love, AB ❤💋 .She had received that letter the day before, and seeing the initials had made her heart skip a million beats. He had decided to take it home, and read it there, and so he had. After calming down, she had gone out to buy roses and chocolates, and she had planned everything for the next day.That same morning he would talk to her, and tell her that he also loved her just as much or more...By the heavens!It was a dream come true… Brenton must be dreaming."Hey, Brent..."The young lover heard the voice of his friend Carter who seemed worried."What's going on, Carter?" Aren't you happy for me? At last I will have the girl of my dreams!–Carter was his best friend since childhood. He was blond and lanky, and also quite the brainiac."I don't know, friend... I have a bad feeling, this is too suspicious... Girls like her don't usually mix with boys like us."Brenton frowned as he saw him hesitate. What was he doubting? Everything was very clear to him. Why couldn't Carter see it?–You may have decided to break with those ridiculous stereotypes–Carter looked at him in disbelief. Did Brent love Ariana Castelli so much, so much that he couldn't see the level of cruelty in her?Come on, Brent. You know her, you know that she is too superficial and conceited. She's pretty, and rich, and that combination results in pure superb. And do not deny it to me, we have seen her countless times humiliating everyone who crosses her path -Brenton denied.–She is not like that, and if she has treated people badly, it must have been because they asked for it. Ariana is good at heart, Carter, I know that- Brenton's ocean-colored eyes sparkled when he talked about her.Suddenly they heard Derek's. whistle, their other friend. He didn't look convinced either.–I think the same as Carter, Ariana is evil, and no matter how good she looks in tight skirts and pants, she's still rotten inside. I wouldn't trust her much if I were you.But Brenton thought of that girl's pretty little face… oh my! She was too beautiful, her face was that of an angel. She couldn't be a bad person, everything had to be a false image that others had created of her, even her own friends. Then she frowned, gripping the roses and chocolates tighter, and glared at them both.-They are wrong! Ariana isn't anything you're saying, and if this letter hasn't proven it to you, I'm going to prove it to you.” Brenton pushed Carter and Derek's shoulders so he could get through them, and started walking.His friends, who already imagined where Brenton was going, did not hesitate to run up to him with the hope of being able to stop him, and prevent him from committing the worst embarrassment of his entire life."No, Brent, don't do it!"-Get back here!-However, when they arrived at the school cafeteria trying to catch their breath from the adrenaline, they realized that it was already too late. Brent was inches away from Ariana and her exclusive group of popular guys and girls.Carter and Derek couldn't help but mourn for what was about to happen. They just hoped that good old Brent could get over it one day.Ariana Castelli raised her eyebrow when she saw that overweight boy so close to them. The other young people who moments before were laughing and talking suddenly fell silent when they realized the same thing.Brenton's stomach began to feel sick, as if he was going to vomit at any moment, and the feeling was worse when his eyes connected with Ariana's, too golden brown, too deep.Her heart skipped a beat, and she began to sweat again. D*mn! Why did she have to sweat now? The only thing she hoped was that the sweat wouldn't appear in her armpits staining her shirt.He swallowed as he felt not only Ariana's gaze on him, but everyone else's as well. Maybe she should have waited until she found her alone in one of the corridors, but it was too late for that."Ho…ho…hello" her nervous voice said.Ariana lowered her arched brow, but her face suddenly took on a blank, neutral, indifferent expression.She was really beautiful, with her big brown eyes, and her gorgeous caramel hair that cascaded down her delicate back.She was such a perfect female being that Brent gasped every time he saw her. The girl made him stutter every time he was near her.There was suddenly more laughter, and Brent wanted to put the back of his hand to his forehead to wipe away the sweat, but he couldn't move."What are you looking for here, nerd?" he heard one of the boys present ask."Did you miss something, fatty?" This time it was a woman's voice, but Brent ignored it. He kept his gaze on Ariana, and she looked back at him. She was a short girl, but she used to always wear high-heeled shoes, so at that time she seemed almost the same height as Brenton, who certainly wasn't very tall.exhaled. She had to be already. She had already come this far, so she had to continue."Can we talk somewhere else, Ariana?"Then Ariana's gray expression changed completely. She frowned, and a mocking smile appeared on her pretty lips, which grated the boy's nerves even more."You and me?" he huffed, making a gesture of displeasure.Again the taunts erupted, and the hole in Brent's stomach began to grow thicker and thicker."It's important," he added.A few yards away, Carter smacked his forehead with the flat of his hand, and Derek shook his head, turning away so he wouldn't have to look any further."What makes you think I'm interested in something you can tell me?" she sneered at him. Her eyes shone with pride.Good grief!"You... you sent that letter...""Excuse me?" She raised her pretty eyebrows again, and Brent felt more intimidated, but he immediately cheered himself up, remembering that Ariana had said she was a shy girl, so he decided to give her a little push, and he didn't mind doing it in front of all those people. , if the result would be what he planned."Ariana, what's this all about?" asked Emely Edwards, one of her faithful friends.Brent ignored her, continuing his attention on Ariana.It was too beautiful. Her beauty was too perfect.–That's why I came, I think it's very sweet that you're a shy girl, because I love you too, and I want you to go to the Valentine's dance with me–What happened next, however, was nothing like what Brenton had thought would happen.In his innocence, Brent imagined that Ariana would look at him with loving eyes, and confess to everyone present that this was true, that she had written the letter, that she loved him, and that they would go to the next school dance together, but the reality was quite different.Laughter began to roar. They were all laughing, but not Ariana, who continued to stare at him with an inscrutable expression.She felt furious for the fact that that fat man could think that he and she could have a stupid love story, she wanted to hit him, but at the same time she admired him, yes, she admired his bravery. It took courage and determination for her to do what he was doing. Not everyone dared to ask her out for fear of rejection and humiliation, but this guy, even aware of their clear differences, even knowing that she was beautiful and popular, and he was just an ugly nerd, had been brave enough. to do it, and worse still, he had been stupid enough to believe that he had any chance.Yet it was a serious mistake, a very serious mistake, a mistake that Brenton would spend much of his life regretting.Ariana smiled again at that faint curve of her lips. She then she sighed with pity."Allen, right?" The brainiac who gets ten on everything–Brent didn't dare nod. He suddenly felt too stiff, and his throat had closed in a knot.Have you seen yourself in a mirror? Have you seen how disgustingly fat you are? Have you seen your face?The Brenton knot tightened further. Tears in the ocean's eyes began to appear, but Ariana didn't care. She just wanted to make him miserable."Now look at me. I'm perfect, you see? I would never mix with someone as horrendous and loser as you. Never because I would die of disgust - he made a face and then took a step towards him, and then the poor boy had to react by taking a step back to avoid falling. –I want that to be very clear to you, silly–Yes, it was clear to Brenton, now it was more than clear.Kevin Walker and William Paterson promptly each moved to Ariana's extremes leaving her in the middle.His laughter was like nails to Brenton's ears.“It turned out better than we expected!” exclaimed one of them.-Oh clear that if! This pig's face was the best! Did you seriously think that Ariana had written you a letter? Yes, you are an idiot! – laughed the other.

Chapter 2

Ariana looked at them, apparently she wasn't aware of anything.William ran his hand through his attractive black hair, and stopped his laughter to explain his feat."We sent the letter," he continued laughing."We wrote it for you, Brent." Kevin winked at him, and sent him a kiss, pursing his lips, mockingly."And you fell like an idiot" seconded William too amused."What a pity you give me, loser" the blonde Emely told him."Only a moron would believe that," exclaimed Iris Johnson, Ariana's other henchman.Realizing it all, Ariana started laughing too.Tears began to overflow Brent's blue eyes. The laughter was heard now with more and more force.Brenton couldn't believe that this was happening. It must be a nightmare.He knew then that he couldn't take it anymore. The humiliation was very great, but it was not as grea


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