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How to heal a broken heart

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Ashy took a chance on something risky. She decided to love, but she wasn't sure she was ready to be hurt even though she heard from others about the pain of love. She and Storm were thrilled. When the moment came for Storm to make a decision, Ashy assumed he would choose her. She was left dangling in the air. Alone, with no one to turn to, and engulfed in shame. She's getting better, but fate is only a game. He returned when she decided to forget the past. For what purpose? Is it to hurt her once more? How can the past's scars be healed if you've been hurting for a long time?


Ashy Lopez originates from a modest background. She is blessed to have a loving mother and sister who,despite their poverty, are not in need of anything.

She is currently in her fourth year of college.

She's taking Business Management because it's always been her ambition to work in that field.To work for a business. If only, it was with a large corporation.

Because the school was so far away from their home, she had to rent a boarding house with her classmates' buddies. They're fine. She is contented because she is concentrating on her academics.

She has been on the dean's list since she was in her first year, which is proof of that.

Her life goal is to graduate from college with a solid job and help her famil. The family that giving her happiness.

Many people are enamored with her attractiveness, but no one has a heart for her.

She isn't a lesbian, perhaps she hasn't found love yet.

She's in his fourth year of college, a little scared yet excited to graduate.

She was ecstatic right now.

When Ashy was about to get into school, their bedroom door was knocked on.

Here she met Mark, another of his board members.

"Ohh Mark, why?" she inquired.

"Ash, please lend me your speaker first since we're going to play later, please, we need background music, please... I'll give it back," he pleaded.

It recognizes him.

He was well aware of his impending doom.

He was aware that she was cautious with her possessions and that, if at all possible, she did not want them tampered with or without her knowledge.

She was approached by the speaker.

She reached out to him and said, "Yes, that's all you said."

"Thank you," he said, introducing himself, Storm Robles, a new board member who had just moved in the night before. "Storm meet Ash," he said.


"It's nice to meet you," Storm said.

She simply glanced at him as if nothing had happened, then said goodbye and walked away.

She preferred to walked into her class

It was a hard day for her because it was the night after her class, her professor works in his major field, so his classes conclude at night. Nevertheless, because the school was close to hwe boarding place, she just strolled there.

She walked to school because it was close to his boarding place.

Her already strained personality grew much more stressed as she knocked on the gate. When someone opened the gate for her, she was taken aback.

It said, "Hi! Hey, good night ahh."

"So, what's your issue?" she asked, looking disgusted.

It takes bravery to ask her "Ehem! It's late because you're alone,aren't you scared?"

"No, and why?" She replied, "You'll beat my father if you criticize me ahh!" she was already annoyed by his response. He seemed to be kidding about what he was doing since he was so disgusted with it. He was about to say something to her when she strolled into their room.

"Annoying!" She exclaimed, irritated, when her bag landed on the floor.

"Annoying!" she grumbled when her bag fell on the bed, which her pal immediately noticed.

"Heyyyy..why? What's up? Why are you so bored there?" Jem inquired as she and her companion entered the room.

"Oh, I see. Maybe she saw her crush with his girlfriend and then she was so lovely, so she was like that," his grouchy and liberated friend, Weng slyly answered.

She replied, "None of the above, score zero."

"Then, what is it?" Jem fixed his gaze on him.

"You know, our new boardmate is pretty bothersome, and my father would be much better if he could tell me about coming home at this time," she says.

"Hmmm... maybe he was just a worried," Weng said, slapping him on the back.

She defended, "Well, that's where his care is needed, we're not close."

"Hey, he's a nice guy, you know? His ability to laugh at himself. I might fall in love with that guy if you chat to him! "Even more intriguing was Jem's statement.

"Me? Is it possible for me to fall in love there? Are you all right? I believe you're experiencing a bad dream, " she responded as though what they were saying wasn't likely to happen.

"Hayy! It's difficult to say goodbye. If you're me, get dressed and follow me into the kitchen, and we'll talk about it.

She could still see the man he despised eating when she turned around. She doesn't have an option but to consume the food because she can eat it every day with him.

She was cleaning the dish when she heard a voice behind her say, "Need help?" She was so astonished that she almost let grip of the plate.

"You haven't done anything nice in your life, and your proclivity for interfering. Get out of here!" She said, repelling it.

He merely gazed at her, " I never though, you're serious really! I just want to help you."

"I don't require assistance. I can handle another minor task, therefore, you may depart."

He just keep an eye on her. He then took a seat at the table. "Perhaps there will be a ghost here later," he suggested, before taking a seat at the table.

She would have poured water on it sooner if it wasn't just impolite, so that it would leave her sight, purposefully giving birth to the fact that it seems to have no other purpose in life but to disrupt the lives of the living.

It's the same old story. There isn't a single day when they aren't taunted or irritated.

Until the weeks and months went by. Of course, the person who had been teased previously did not disappear. Of course, he has a great sense of humor, which she appreciates. It also conceals decency. Or maybe she couldn't notice it because it was covered by her irritation with it at the time.

They grow to know each other better over time and gain a deeper understanding of each other's disposition.

"Well Ashy, it appears like you and Storm are doing fine huh," Jem once said.

"Hmmm... it's okay," she laughed, "there's also a little common sense in masking the insane."

"Girl, you can fall in love with that, remember, you've never been in love in your life. Try once to come up with an idea," Jem cynically said.

Ashy burst out laughing. He wondered aloud, "How come?" How does it feel to be in love with something like that?"

How can it make a difference in people's lives?


Every weekend, Ashy returns home to her parents' house, as her parents had requested that she return once a week. As a result, she only returns from their boarding every Sunday afternoon because she has to start the day early on Monday. That's how she's always done things.

"Why are you taking so long, Ashy? I've been waiting for you for a long time," Jem grumbled as she sat in the living room.

"Why, what's going on?" She asked, wondering whether they had gone for a walk.

"Well, we agreed to have a picnic today. It should yesterday, but we couldn't be reached anyone yesterday,." she said

"There was no signal at home yesterday." she answered.

"Ohh!" she rushed to her. "go ahead and mend the stuff you're carrying, get dressed, and we'll follow them to the water."

The sea was only a short distance away from where they were about to board. It's only a few minutes' walk to the beach, so they have plenty of opportunities to bond.

"Oh, Storm is here


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