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His Sweetest Addiction

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Samantha is a gorgeous and innocent woman, who has a long-time boyfriend, Liam. However, Liam suddenly broke her heart into pieces, which made her world collapse and miserable. She doesn't have any idea why Liam did this to her lover who once committed to her and changed into an indifferent and heartless one. But when their paths crossed again, she became addicted to him. The world of the two turned upside down. He became so possessive of her, that even a friend of Samantha who looked at her like a rare diamond, would make him jealous. To the point that he wants to bury all the men who even just steal a glance at Samantha. ******** "Don't be mistaken with me, what's mine is merely mine. I can do whatever I want. Whoever wants to steal my girl will undergo the scourge I bring." He grumbled.


Prologue: I never knew that I still had hidden feelings for him if I hadn’t seen him yesterday before this tragic thing happened to me.I am in a place where only the humming sounds of birds can be heard outside throughout this location. A huge space with only the rays of the moon can illuminate this dark room that comes from a small hole in the roof.Sitting here in the corner, tightly tied to this chair with this piece of clothing covered over my mouth to prevent me from making noise.I was trying to remove the leash from my hand, but my strength was not enough for me to escape. My eyes grew wide open when somebody interrupted my struggle — my adrenaline rush when a masculine man standing right in front of me. I looked up to see who it was but only a glimpse of his deep brown eyes illuminated by the light.How did he end up in front of me without even me noticing that he was coming?Suddenly I felt a warm heavy breath in the crook of my neck saying, “Attempting to escape honey?” He said in a s*xy husky voice. “You can’t do that ‘cause you’re all mine again.” Just mine!” He emphasized the word mine as if he hadn’t done anything bad to me yet his s*xy voice seemed to fill my lost energy and I wanted him to utter more words ‘cause they could easily catch me in an instant.But a little embarrassed took over me and I came back to my lost sanity when he spoke again. “No one would dare to steal you from me, if somebody would do that he would be living a hell in a lifetime.” He grumbled. I couldn’t even speak one word because of what he was saying but instead, I narrowed my brow because of confusion.Instantly, the entire space was filled with lights and a mischievous grin greeted me so well that plastered on his face everything came back in one blink. Letting the darkness consume me once more.It’s him Liam Archer – my heartless ex-boyfriend who left a dark scar in my past.

Chapter 1: Break- up

Samantha’s POV“Let’s break up.” Firm yet hurtful words came out of his mouth. A blank expression was written on his face.I stared at him intently straight into his deep brown eyes which incredibly showed disinterest when his gaze met mine.I hold back my tears but I know that my heart is slowly breaking. My whole being shattered because of his stupid words uttered by his f*cking mouth. I do hate cursing but this guy deserves it. “Are you out of your mind?” I stated, my voice now deep as I glared at him.His eyes widened as if he was shocked by what I said, “ I fell out of love, I think you deserved someone who could love you more than I do.” A sudden pang in my chest that I couldn’t even feel before. It’s painful, right?He said those words easily as if no one would be hurt. Standing here like I was the most pitiful person he had ever seen. He completely changed. He is now a cold and indifferent


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