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His Sexual Addiction

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Lyka Montefranca carries the weight of her family's financial struggles on her shoulders. Determined to provide for her loved ones, she makes a fateful decision to work as a housekeeper in Gustavo Mansion, leaving her small town and embarking on a new journey filled with hope and ambition. As Lyka settles into her new job, little does she know that her life is about to take an unexpected turn. It all begins when she steps foot into Kiro Gustavo's room, the mansion's enigmatic heir. Confined due to a medical condition known as Satyriasis—a relentless surge of uncontrollable sexual desires—Kiro's room becomes a prison of temptation. Caught in a web of unforeseen circumstances, Lyka finds herself entangled in Kiro's world without any inkling of the depths of his addiction. Will she succumb to the irresistible allure that surrounds her, or will she uncover the strength within to navigate the treacherous path that lies ahead? In this gripping tale of desire, secrets, and unexpected connections, Lyka's journey intertwines with Kiro's, shaping their destinies in ways they never could have imagined. What will be the consequences when Lyka's path crosses with Kiro's, and will their encounter bring salvation or destruction?

Chapter 1: Lyka

"Are you sure that you'll just be fine there, my daughter?" My mom's voice quivered with concern, her worry etched on her face. I could see the lines of anxiety that had formed on her forehead from countless sleepless nights.

I couldn't help but let out a heartfelt laugh, hoping to lighten the heavy atmosphere that enveloped us. My mom's eyes narrowed at me, her worry refusing to fade. "Oh, mother! Yes, I'll be just fine there! You have to believe in me, okay?"

A heavy sigh escaped her lips, and I knew that her worry ran deep. Despite my attempts to reassure her, the weight of her concern was palpable in the air. It was at that moment that I realized how much she truly cared.

"Mom, it's me, Lyka Montefranca—your daughter. I'm going to work as a housekeeper in Gustavo's mansion, alright? I understand you worry about me but I'm not a child anymore; I can handle myself," I reassured her by a tender smile gracing my lips.

I was excited about starting my new job as a maid in Gustavo's mansion. Today was the day I would travel there, and I hoped the place would live up to its "humble" description. I had to take three buses to reach there. I know it will be tiring but I was grateful that my job application had been accepted. I thanked God for this opportunity.

My mother's face lit up as she absorbed my words, a gentle smile spreading across her lips. She stepped closer to me, and I anticipated a warm embrace, but instead, she playfully pinched my cheeks.


The slight pain only served as a reminder of her love.

"I am your mother, Lyka, and it's only natural for me to worry about you, my dear. I will undoubtedly miss you, my mischievous daughter! Promise me that you'll take good care of yourself there," she reminded me earnestly, and I nodded in response.

Ah, a mother's love truly knew no bounds.

As I turned to resume packing my belongings, a loud shout echoed from the other side of the room. I immediately recognized the voice—it belonged to my father. His deteriorating health had confined him to his bed, leaving him with nothing but frustration.

"Lucia!" His angry roar reverberated through the house.

"Lucia! Where are you?! You have to come here! I despise this wretched existence!" His tantrums had started again. My mother's expression changed in an instant; she grasped my hands firmly, locking her gaze with mine.

"Ahm, Lyka.… Promise me that you'll take care of yourself, alright? I won't be there to protect you. You made a promise, remember? I'll go to your father," she said hurriedly before rushing toward their room.

With a heavy heart, I continued to pack my belongings. Folding each shirt and item with care, I placed them inside my worn-out bag. This bag held sentimental value—it was the first thing I bought with my hard-earned money.

Just as I was about to zip up the bag and prepare myself to leave, a small hand grasped mine, pulling me back. It was my little brother, Dodong.

"S-sis?" His voice quivered, revealing his hunger and desperation. "Sis, do we have anything to eat? I-I'm so hungry, I need to eat," he pleaded.

Malnourished and lacking vital nutrients, his eyes bore the unmistakable signs of hunger. My heart nearly shattered, contemplating the life we were trapped in. I pitied him, I pitied myself, and I pitied our family. Dodong was a reminder of our poor circumstances. This was our reality—a life where we were among the "poorest of the poor." Basic necessities, like food, were luxuries we often lacked. We were fortunate enough to have a roof over our heads, but it did little to alleviate the hardships that burdened our existence.

"D-Dodong, hold on," I stammered and searched the pocket of my small bag. I had kept a piece of Rebeco biscuit there, planning to have it as a snack during my commute. But now, I knew my brother needed it more.

“Here, Dong, it's just one. I'm sorry. I'm sure it'll still satisfy your little stomach, right?" I teased, and he managed a weak laugh in response.

Now, happiness sparkled in his eyes. I loved how his facial expression changed because of such small things.

"Thank you, sis! I haven't eaten since yesterday. I just gave the food I found in the trash can to Ate Datdat," he exclaimed between bites of the biscuit, devouring it like a hungry monster.

"...But Ate Datdat won't get sick because of the food I gave her, right? When I found it in the trash, the owner had just thrown it away in a split second. I guess bacteria won't spread that fast, right?" he innocently asked.

Suddenly, a pang of pain struck my chest, burdened by what I heard. My determination to work increased even more so that I could at least feed my siblings with edible food.

Ate Datdat. He referred to our other sibling. We were only three siblings, but even with that small number, our parents struggled to provide us with three meals a day. I was the oldest among the three of us, and Dodong was the youngest.

"Hmmm, yeah, I think it should be fine. By the way, Dong, where is Ate Datdat?" I inquired, scanning our humble dwelling. I adjusted my mini bag, ready to go.

"In our room, sis," he replied. I nodded and walked towards our room. I could see a silhouette of a figure lying down. At first glance, it was clear that she was suffering, her emaciated frame revealing her bones. She was our priority in this household. It was alright if we couldn't eat three times a day as long as she could eat.

"Datdat... Have you eaten yet, my dear?" I asked softly, aware of her fragility inside and out. She responded with a weak smile.

"Is it time for you to leave... for work, sis?" she asked, deflecting my concern with another question. Sighing, I smiled and answered, "Yes, I'm heading to that mansion now. I'll buy food and medicine when I get paid, alright? You'll recover soon, okay?" I said, rubbing her hair gently.

She nodded and said, "I will, sis. You take care, okay?" She reminded me. I smiled and planted soft kisses on her forehead.

After our brief conversation, I exited the room. Glancing at my watch, I noticed it was already past seven in the morning.

The first bus was scheduled for eight o'clock, so I decided to say goodbye to Papa before leaving. I was always apprehensive about Papa's attitude—he seemed burdened by the weight of the world, constantly consumed by anger.

"Pa..." I called out, hoping for some acknowledgement. But he simply replied with a single "Oh," without even glancing in my direction. Papa sat in a chair by the window, lost in his own thoughts.

"Papa, I'm just here to bid goodbye. I'm leaving for work," I began, my voice trembling.

"B*llsh*t!" he interjected, cutting off my words with a profanity-laced outburst.

I bit my lip, tears welling up in my eyes. Papa's mockery stung deeply. I couldn't help but cry—I despised my vulnerability in moments like these.

"What's with being a housekeeper? You're degrading yourself by serving others for money! Stay here and serve your family, you stupid girl!" he shouted, his voice dripping with scorn. A single tear escaped my eyes. I couldn't help it—I was crying. I hated how vulnerable I felt in front of my father.

"Huh! What's wrong with being ‘a maid’? Can't you at least be happy that your daughter wants to help? Look at you—what can you do? You're just sitting there…”

“I'm not blaming you or your condition, but please, Papa, be grateful that I care for you, Mama, Dodong, and Datdat! I just want to help. What's wrong with that?" I poured out my emotions, my voice cracking.

I was still sobbing, wiping away my tears. Papa continued to sit there, staring at me as if I were a stranger. His angry gaze pierced through me. He had changed so much. Gone were the days when he would hug me and pinch my cheeks, calling me "princess" when I was little. People really do change.

I took a deep breath, composing myself. Even as tears still streaked my face, I mustered the strength to speak. "Whether you like it or not, Papa, I will work as a maid. I just want to help. I hope you can appreciate that. Goodbye," I bid my farewell and headed towards the door. Upon reaching the hallway, I noticed Mother and Dodong standing in front of Papa's room. They had been listening to our exchange.

A weak smile formed on my face as Mother tapped my back gently. "Mother... Dodong, I'm leaving now..." I spoke, my voice filled with determination and a hint of sadness.

I took a deep breath, composing myself. Even as tears still streaked my face, I mustered the strength to speak. "Whether you like it or not, Papa, I will work as a maid. I just want to help. I hope you can appreciate that. Goodbye," I bid my farewell and headed towards the door.

Upon reaching the hallway, I noticed Mother and Dodong standing in front of Papa's room. They had been listening to our conversation.

A weak smile formed on my face as Mother tapped my back gently. "Mom... Dodong, I'm leaving now..." I spoke, my voice filled with determination and a hint of sadness.

Chapter 2: Growling Stomach and Cold Sweats

I heard my mother sigh, her voice laden with hesitation as she spoke. "Hays, you really have to take care of yourself, okay?"

With a determined nod, I looked into her eyes. "Okay, Mom. I promise you, I will take care of myself."

Her voice trembled slightly as she repeated her plea, her concern shining through. "Take care, okay? Promise your mother, okay?"

"I promise, Mother. With all my heart," I replied earnestly, attempting to alleviate her worries with my reassurance.

A playful glint entered my eyes as I turned my attention to Dodong. "Hey, Dodong! While I'm away, I need you to be the strong one for Mother and Ate Datdat. And perhaps, if you can find a way, try to lighten Papa's mood. I know you can have a way with him, little brother," I said, trying to infuse a touch of lightheartedness into the heavy atmosphere.

A smile brightened Dodong's face as he nodded eagerly. "Yes, Ate! I


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