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His Human Luna

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Set in New York, supernatural beings have learned to live harmoniously with the humans. The strongest pack in the country has an Alpha with a secret, he is using a fake mate to keep his pack together. Khal Peterson was not on board when he found out that his real mate is a human. Nala Swan is a plain Jane who lives alone in the big city. Fate turns her life topsy turvy when she's tossed in the middle of a pack of wolves and meddling Gods. Khal does everything in his power to eliminate Nala, but Hera, the Wolf Goddess has other plans. With a rogue on his neck and a pack to consider, how can love survive?

Chapter 1: Twisted Angel

Nala’s POV:

It's 7:22 PM.

“Oi!” Someone screamed behind me.

“Sh*t!” I raced through the endless container boxes that occupied half of the poorly lighted back alley, three blue boys after me. There is no way that I am getting caught today. No way. The paper bag I hugged in my chest like there was no tomorrow. I have to get out of here or else I'd be sleeping inside a cell tonight.

Well, technically, yes. There will be no tomorrow, not for me, but for Alice if I don’t get back to the shelter as soon as possible. What I have hidden inside my jacket's inner pocket is not for me but for her. Alice is a three-year-old girl that lives in the shelter three blocks down. She’s sick right now and with the growing number of children left in the care of Non-governmental organizations ‘baby boxes’, there was no way imaginable that the volunteers and social workers could pay attention to everyone there. Let alone the shelter where Alice is in now.

It's a small shelter sponsored by individuals who's advocacy mirrors mine. The founders of the shelter were three women who were also abandoned in the streets, left to fend for themselves and survived in life. They weren't financially blessed but they did not forget what their friendship meant and the promise they made----to be kind and help whenever they can.

And that is what I am doing.

I know Alice and the child have had a special place in my heart because she was the first rescue baby I had to fish out of that baby box posted at a gas station in the middle of nowhere. My firsts in life are valued so much. I still have my first paycheck, you do the math. Sentimental is my middle name. I volunteer at Baby Whispers shelter because I was once like Alice. After finding her, it was hard to let go.

Like Alice, I was abandoned and uncared for. Alone in this cruel world to be precise.

“Take that direction. You, come with me. That b*tch is not far!” One of the men ordered the other two as they parted directions in search of me. Their voices echoed as it sliced on the cold night.

Of course, they can’t find me. I know the slums of the city like the back of my hand. I grew up here and even with my eyes closed, I can find my way to where I want to go. It’s not like I haven’t done this before. I've stole meds before for the same reason but for a different child. No, I am not proud of it, but what choice do I have? The truth was, I was hoping that the last time that I had to steal from a pharmacy was the last. But I didn’t get paid at work. So here I am…hiding inside a dumpster filled with spoiled fruits and veggies. I realized that I must be at the back of the Chinese supermarket because they are the only ones who segregate their trash. Asians are very organized and clean even when it comes to their trash.

The dumpster I am in smelled sweet and earthy. I need my phone. Sh*t, where is my phone? I gave myself what I'd like to call as 'cop-pat', a systematized patting to find whatever was concealed. While silently hoping that all the running and dashing did not cost me a phone. Ah. Found it.

I took it out and used the flashlight when I was sure that the blue boys were gone. Those guys are tricky. They tend to lurk in the dark and wait for the perfect opportunity to grab you and make sure that you can't make a run for it. So, I waited some more. They're not the smartasses here. And smiled at the fortune I stumbled upon. My smile was from ear to ear. I dialed Max’s number, she’s in charge of the kitchen in the shelter. She’s also a good friend, almost mother-like to me. “Hey, Max. How about some cabbages and broccoli?”

I pushed the boxes of veggies to see more of what was in the dumpster with me. It was a good place to be cooped in. This night was turning not to be actually a very bad night after all. The universe has conspired and aligned in my favor twice tonight!

“Nala, where are you? I’ve been calling you! Alice’s fever is not going down. The nurse said they’re running low on paracetamol too.” She sounded really worried and it made my anxiety level spike too. I don't like it when she gets worried.

“I figured it out.” I hugged the parcel and secured it inside the pocket of my jacket. “What I need to know now is if you need more veggies and fruits.”

Max sighed. It was a sigh of relief. Like me, she’s fond of Alice. That little girl is as cute as a button and not hard to love. Suffice to say, she's got me and Max wrapped up in her tiny little fingers without even trying. And, I would love to assume that she's also relieved to know that I was not detained or in some sort of trouble.

“Yes. You know I can cook anything for the kids.” She finally said.

“Well, I’ll be a little late, I need to carry all the food I found. Tell Alice I got her medicine and some fruits.”

“You’re an angel, Nala. That’s why the kids love you.” Max breathed through the phone. “I hope you didn’t do anything that’ll put you in trouble.”

I frowned. She knows me well that she's not even bothered asking me that, “why would you even think that?”

“Because you do things the unconventional way, honey. Don’t get me wrong, I know you mean well but---”

I interrupted her. “Talk to you when I get there, okay?”

I heard her breath on the phone, again, if Max could only see where I am now, she’d probably go ape. Nope, there was no way that I'd venture revealing to her where I was calling her from. I mean, yeah, the Chinese store keeps their trash pretty segregated but I am still inside a dumpster and if I stay longer, a staff might go out and throw some more and call the cops on me. Hell, all this good food was wasted. An idea formed at the back of my head as I grabbed an empty box to ‘grocery shop’.

With my petite stature, I managed to carry a box filled with a mix of veggies and fruits back to the shelter while making sure that the street was cop-free. I was literally praying while I was making my way back, if a blue boy sees me, then it's the cell for me tonight. The pharmacy attendant made sure that I won't come back in their store after stealing twice by calling the cops. I honestly thought that she was just underpaid to care if a merchandise gets stolen. Turns out I was wrong.

A fellow volunteer rushed to help me with the box, her face laden with worry. God, no.

“How’s Alice?” I asked her, hoping that the child is fine. My chest beating wildly.

“Did you get her her medicines?” She asked me back.

“Yes,” I handed her the paper bag. “I think that should be enough to give to other kids as well. What’s happening here? Why are there a lot of sick kids?”

“I’ll be damned if I know what’s going on here too. What I know is that someone had to secure donors for the kids. Or else they’d be damned too.” She sighed and turned her back to me. Without saying thank you. But that's not the point. The sooner she gives Alice and the other kids the medicines, the better.

She’s right. There must be someone who had to do something for these poor kids. But who? I couldn’t possibly do it, I don't even know who to ask if it goes down to that. I am not even sure how to take care of myself. I am basically living off the streets since I turned fourteen. It was a good thing that I have a small place of my own. It wasn’t much, but for me, it’s better than sleeping off the streets. Out in the open to street predators who prey on the weak most especially females. I am still blessed that's why I want to be of help whenever I can.

I waited patiently on the battered hallway until I learned from Max that Alice’s fever had subsided before I headed out. I said my good night to Max and left. Max stays at the shelter because she doesn't have a family of her own apart from her younger brother. At the shelter, I can come and go as I please as long as I don’t bring any other strays with me without passing the reception out front. If I do, Max would be very upset that I disregarded the shelter rule once more. With Alice finally out of potential danger, I was able to relax, to me, the best place to do that is at the front stairs.

I find watching people pass by the busy street relaxing. I don't stare at people, that's creepy. I just sit there and watch. Passing time. Footsteps were coming my way. Whoever it was smelled of stir fried veggies. I smiled. The kids dinner was healthy tonight. Max approached me and sat beside me, leaving a good half a meter distance between us. “Hey, you said you're going home. Bit cold tonight...and thank you…”

I shrugged, not sure why she was thanking me and why she was even making small talk. “What’s the thank you for, Max?”

Max stared at me and I immediately knew what was coming. Her brother Mario works for the East Harlem Police Department unit and the concerned look at her face told me that I was busted. He might have called her and spilled the tea. Max and Mario are two peas in a pod and I was a constant topic for the siblings.

She reached for my hand and squeezed it gently. I avoided her searching eyes. She’s a friend and I am not good at lying. “These hands…Nala…I know what you did for Alice. Mario told me. And he also told me that this is the last time he was going to let this slide. Please…”

“I promise, that won’t happen again. I just didn’t get paid.” I was talking fast so she won't say another word before hearing excuse. I didn’t want Max to be in trouble with her brother because of me. Inspector Mario is just doing his job and it's his duty to take down anyone who is causing trouble in the city. Not that they are very successful at it, but still.

“I know. You are a good person, Nala. But know that what goes around, comes around.” Max smiled at me, and I almost lost it. I s*ck at emotional stuff, I took my hand back before that happens.

I chuckled and met her eyes. “What’s there to lose, Max?”

“Well, we won’t know, life is filled with mysteries, Nala. Who knows?”

“I gotta go.” I left Max before she could pull off some of her prophecies. She’s very fond of using metaphors and riddles that I don’t really get. Not because I am slow but because I hate discussing my life's choices with anyone. Hell, I couldn't figure it on my own! The truth was, I have nowhere to go other than to my small place. However, I don’t feel like spending the rest of the early night there doing nothing, staring at the blank ceiling. The books I have there have been read thousands of times now.

Hmm, but where to go?

The park it is.

Chapter 2 : The show

Khal’s POV:

The party was already in full swing. I dreaded this day. Central Park is huge, with an area of three hundred and forty acres there is so much space where our annual mating ritual takes place. Sky, my beta, was in charge of searching for the perfect spot for it and he found one that was not necessarily secluded as I asked him to. If he wasn't my friend, he'd probably end up sprawled on the ground for doing the exact opposite of what I ordered him.

“Really, Sky?” I asked him with sarcasm. “This is the best that you could get us? What happened to seclusion?”

Sky chuckled, he finds my annoyance funny and he'd do anything to see me pissed whenever the opportunity arises. “Dude, you know the cops will bust us if we choose a hidden spot. In the open, they don’t care if we become rowdy as long as they can see us. They don’t like it when people try to hide.”

He’s got a point. I can't deny that. Plus


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