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Her secret, her truth

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Kamara an Ophan found love with a billionaire's son whose father said no to their union because of his quest for fame .He preferred someone with class which Kamara was nothing close to. He has sworn that his son will never marry her. Waking up from coma he asked! "Who are you?" " Do I know you? "On second thought, I feel a lot better, another chance to be close to him." She thought. Destiny is such a mystery. Kamara was constantly bullied by her classmates while in high school .one day she was saved by a new admitted student in her class, from that day they became inseparable in love with each other , Her life took a flip when the guy's parents kicked against him marrying her. And just when she thought she had won, her truth came to her face. What will happen to their love? Do you think their love could conquer? This novel is full of Romance, betrayals and a lot of dramatic scenes.

Chapter 1 : Chicago city

Chapter one:

Her pain

There were sounds of running water from the bathroom.

Kamara sat up from the bed with so much guilt, hatred and pain.

She picked up her dresses on the ground and put them on one after the other.

He came out after taking a shower, in silence he wiped his body with his towel and sat down casually on his bed, with his horrified face, he gave a mocking laugh.There was a streak of cruelty in his eyes.

" You can never be with him," he exclaimed.

Chill poured into her heart, She froze.

"No.. please, no." She shook her head madly, yet could not cry out loud as tears softly dropped on her dress.

Kamara turned her head and stared at the old man with her dark eyes.

He was wrapped in a bath towel, revealing his old folded ugly chest.

" Oh." Kamara suppressed the pain in her chest and tried to make herself seem natural. She managed to get up with her face covered in shame and guilt.

" Please let us be," she said as she cried with her face down.

He looked at her in distaste.

" You are a whore."

After forcing himself on her he went on accusing her of being a whore?

Kamara wiped her tears lying to herself, "This can't be true. It is a lie." she said.

He walked out and slammed the door, leaving her in the room.

She wiped her tears.

Kamara made her way out, on arrival at her house she felt so much pain and all that could come to her head was to give up in life.

" I certainly would fight to be with the man I love." she screamed out loud.

She changed her clothes and took the bus to the hospital..

As soon as kamara entered her department, she overheard her colleagues talking about Dr. Jason son's engagement.

" Kamara, do you know that Dr. Jason's son is getting engaged?" He is such a handsome man who studied engineering in France!" Dr. Mary said.

One of Kamara' s colleagues took out her phone enthusiastically, searching for the photos of Dr . Jason's son as it was earlier uploaded in their group chat, and showed them to kamara.

" This is him, is he not handsome?"

Kamara put on a fake smile.

" I don't know him." she replied.

" Oh yeah, he is very handsome." She added.

Kamara averted her gaze and smiled.

She suppressed the ache in her chest and looked away.

" I forgot that you are a loner who doesn't pay attention to outside matters." One of them said to her.

Her colleagues kept talking.

Kamara raised her head and looked in the direction of Dr. Mary.

Dr. Mary is her closest friend and colleague in the hospital .

Kamara was surrounded by her colleagues as they discussed an outing they hope to attend at noon.

She didn't show interest in the conversation and immediately put on her white coat and went on her rounds in the outpatient department.

This was her way of excusing herself, unfortunately Dr. Mary followed her trying to find out what troubles her.

If only anyone knows what she is passing through, they would have dropped any form of conversation regarding Dr. Jason and his family.

Dr. Mary walked up to her , grabbing her hands she said to her..

" Kamara, my good friend."

"You have been acting weird."

"Your face has now become dull, please could you share with me ?"

At this point all that kamara needed was a quiet moment, she had earlier promised herself to fight the battle alone and she is very optimistic about that.

" Dr. Mary, thanks so much for caring for me." she responded softly.

"I will be fine I promise you, pls don't persist."

" Kamara, why did you not attend the last meeting we had with the junior doctors, you know how significant your presence is ?" she asked.

Kamara's breathing was a little ragged.

This question sparked the guilt in kamara and reminded her of that ugly incident that she is trying to forget as she was with Dr. Jason that very day.

" I wasn' feeling too well." she responded.

Although Dr. Mary didn't believe that could be the reason because Kamara's face gave her out .

After some time, she had a voice that sounded like Dr. Jason's, she was so scared and wouldn't want to bump into him, she instantly excused herself.

" Please Mary, can we continue this chat some other times?"

Dr. Mary kept wondering what could be wrong with kamara.

" What is the matter?" she asked.

Without skipping a beat, she responded.

" I have told you everything is ok!" she yelled.

Dr Mary at this point got offended, I mean who wouldn't be?

" I'm very sorry for yelling at you." She apologized.

Dr. Mary nodded her face in acceptance of her apology while giving her a hug.

Truly kamara needed that hug so much that she held her tightly while tears rolled down her eyes.

" Are you going on a date? I haven't heard you say that in a while now."

"Yeah. Everyone does that but certainly I am not going on a date today."

Mary is still confused.

" Let's see tomorrow then." Kamara said.

Dr. Mary replied , " Is alright. Take care of yourself."

She took the bus to go home.

On reaching home, she removed her dresses, rushed to the shower. After she finished from the bathroom, she grabbed a mirror and looked at her face.

" Do I really deserve this pain?"

" It's been one whole month," she began, "my life has been on hold, Loneliness and depression have become my best companion."

She thought to herself, while holding tightly his t.shirt

" I told him, 'Don't ask for a break from me.' But he did it anyway!"

Does Kamara really deserve what's happening to her?

She made a promise to herself to fight for what is rightfully hers.

Is kamara really supposed to feel guilty?

Let's find out as she tells her story

Chapter 2 My high school lover

" Fight back if you can, no one can save you!" They shouted.

" Stop! Stop!Stop!" A voice shouted.

" Do you people want to kill her?"

" What has she done?" He kept asking.

My face was all covered with tears, I could barely see who was talking, but was surprised at that tender voice that stopped them from beating me.

" Who does this one think he is?" One of my classmates asked.

" My name is , I have just been admitted in grade six."

" Grade four?" All asked in Surprise.

" Please you people should stop bullying her, or i will report to the principal."

He came close to me, helped me up and wiped my tears.

All the boys that were beating me ran away.

" Why would your fellow classmates beat you? You mean you can't even report to the principal.? He asked again.

" Thanks for saving me today."

" I have just been


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