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Heart Of Ice - Athos Mazza

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Athos Mazza is the CEO of the Mazza law firms. Young, handsome, and a multimillionaire, yet he possesses a heart as cold as ice and doesn't hesitate to hurt people when it comes to speaking the truth. With a tumultuous and painful past, he avoids at all costs a feeling called LOVE. However, one casual night of s*x finds the CEO in the arms of a stranger, experiencing the peace he had always sought, leading him to search for this faceless woman since, due to drunkenness, he doesn't remember her appearance. Olivia Martins is a simple girl from a small town. Born into an intolerant and old-fashioned family, she decides to secretly take a complete secretarial course in order to attain financial independence and finally leave home, taking her younger sister with her. However, upon completing the course, Ollie decides to celebrate with her peers, and amidst drinks, she has her first night of s*x with a stranger resulting in an unexpected pregnancy. Expelled from home due to an unwanted pregnancy, she seeks help from her aunt Julian, and months later, twins Liam and Levi are born. A year and a half later, Olivia starts working at Mazza's company, Law and Order, and to her surprise, discovers that her boss is the father of her children. He is an arrogant, intolerant, ill-tempered man feared by all around him. Now Olivia has an important mission... to hide her children from a dominant and dict

Chapter 1


"What do you think about getting out of this noise?" That question changed my life irrevocably.

It all started when I finally finished my degree in secretarial studies and foreign languages. For the first time in my family, a woman had a degree and even against my father's wishes, I was going to work and be independent.

That very day I broke many of the rules of a typically traditional and rigid family and went out to celebrate with my classmates. In my mind, it would happen so quickly that my parents would never notice.

However, between one sip and another, time flew and I soon found myself involved in a dance with a handsome and attractive stranger. His scent was intoxicating and he displayed a sensuality that I could feel all over my skin. Then, after our third dance, came the invitation. What can I say? I was too caught up in those little kisses on my neck and his breath that insisted on warming my skin. The way he s*ck*d in my scent, rubbing the tip of his nose down my throat and into my hair. The gentle touch of his fingers sliding up and down my back. The intensity of his embrace, which was as suffocating as it was delirious. And for a moment I felt ashamed to feel such unreasonable desire for this stranger.

"I'm sorry, but I liked you and just wanted to be able to touch you more... intimately," he said. His sincerity was truly something that frightened me. However, I must admit that I really wanted to feel his more intimate touch on me. However, there were two problems with me. One, I had never gone out with a stranger before, and two, I had never been alone with a man before.

"I promise you'll like it a lot!" His promise came with a provocative and fiery kiss that stole my ability to breathe. Thus, I found myself accepting his unexpected invitation, and moments later, I stood at the doors of a luxurious hotel room, with a refinement that would astonish any simple young woman like me, and they opened to me. However, I had no time to absorb any details of the decoration of that room, as his hands took possession of my body in a devastating way, and his mouth began to devour mine with an inexplicable hunger.

My body obeyed his command without any protest; it burned with fire, and my most basic functions no longer obeyed me. Everything inside me was in chaos. My breath weighed heavily in my chest where my heart beat hardened, fiercely pounding inside. Heat took over everything, and I gasped violently, sinking into the lust that his experienced hands demanded of me.

"Oh!" A loud moan escaped my lips as he began to explore some more specific parts of my body, and everything inside me seemed to melt like the lava of an erupting volcano, such was the fire igniting within me. "Oh!" My sounds grew louder, almost scandalous, as he eagerly s*ck*d on my intimacy, causing an unparalleled sensation and making me explode directly into his mouth.

"Now it's my turn, beautiful!" He said so roughly, undoing his belt when I hadn't yet regained my strength, and in a fraction of a second, the stranger was thrusting himself inside me. A discomforting burning sensation immediately seized me, and I held my breath in search of relief from my pain. Amidst my heavy eyelids, I met his perverse gaze analyzing me, with a smirk playing on the corner of his mouth. "Are you okay?" His voice seemed distant now, but his tone was firm.

Was I okay? I could never tell at this moment because as crude as everything seemed, I longed for more of his promiscuity. "Yes, I am!" I whispered softly and breathlessly, and in my eagerness, I raised my hand to try to touch him.

However, he held them, keeping them above my head, making me a captive of his most insane desires, and he shook his head, a disapproving "no" evident in his expression.

"Don't move, beautiful!" The stranger ordered and began to move forcefully, delving deeper into me. In the act, he covered my mouth with his, increasing his delirious rhythm, making it stronger and rougher, driving me mad beneath him.

A loud but strangled roar escaped his throat, followed by another and another, and when I felt like I was going to break into a thousand pieces, he stopped the punishing, demanding kiss and watched me fall into free fall, c*mm*ng straight away.


The next morning...

I took a deep breath, barely opening my eyes, feeling uncomfortable with the brightness coming from outside. With a grunt, I turned on the bed to stare at the white ceiling.

Memories of last night immediately engulfed me, and I smiled, feeling different.

Maybe a bit used. And just the thought of what I did gives me a shiver. May my parents never find out about it. I pray, letting out another breath and sitting up on the mattress, realizing I'm alone in the room now.

Somehow I feel frustrated.

Seriously, there was no chance of expecting anything from him. However, the feeling of being used wouldn't leave my mind.

... For God's sake, Ollie, where are you?!

I glance at my younger sister's message and smile, sending a reply to her.

... Heading home now. I'll tell you everything when I get there.

I quickly gathered my clothes from the floor, dressed in haste, and left the luxurious room behind.

On the bus, the hours made me nervous. My parents have the habit of waking up early and going to church. So, I had little time to get home before they noticed my absence.

So, as soon as I got off the bus, I ran like crazy through the streets of the middle-class neighborhood and entered the house through the back door.

" Ah, thank God! " Kim hissed, exhaling loudly, and sat down on a kitchen chair. Meanwhile, the front door opened, and my parents walked in accompanied by Edie, a family friend. " Go to the bathroom and get rid of those clothes and makeup! " Kim growled at me somewhat apprehensively, and I slipped away into a corridor that would lead me to the staircase.

" Hi, honey, where's your sister? " I heard Mom ask as soon as I reached the third step.

However, I didn't stop and went straight to our room. I got rid of my clothes and took a quick shower, returning to breakfast shortly after.

" Look who's here! " Mom said with strange enthusiasm in her voice. " See, Edie, isn't she lovely? " I glanced quickly at my sister across the table, but she shrugged subtly.

" Yes, she is really very beautiful, Mrs. Martin! " A detail about Adele Martin, my mother. She is the matchmaker here in the neighborhood and has already arranged more than fifty marriages. And I just hope not to be her next victim.

I mean, Edie Durand is one of the most handsome and coveted guys around here, and any girl would do anything just to marry him, except me. The explanation is quite logical.

The Durand family, like mine, is too traditional for my taste. In the eyes of the heads of these families, women should only be occupied with their husbands, home, and children.

So, working is out of the question.

I definitely don't want that for myself, which is why I took a complete course in secretarial work and foreign languages hidden from my father. After all, I dream of getting a job to be independent. In my original idea, as soon as I achieve that, I'll take Kim to live with me.

" Darling, why don't you serve a cup of coffee for our guest? " Mom asks with a singular cordiality, and before obeying her, I release a breath through my mouth, forcing a smile at the guy.

Then, the entire conversation at the table focuses solely on me. How talented, obedient, a good daughter, and about the lucky man who would marry me. See what I mean?


A few hours later...

"Listen, Olivia" Edie says as soon as we reach the small gate of my house. He holds my hands and kisses the back of them warmly. I take a deep breath, thinking of pulling them away, but he continues. "I was talking to your father earlier. You're already twenty-two and it's time for you to get married..." I immediately pull my hands away from his, and his eyes look at me confused. "Ollie, our families are distinguished, we think the same way and...

That's the problem. I think, determined to put an end to this.

Edie is really cute, but I wasn't born to be just a housewife and the mother of a bunch of children.

"I asked your parents for permission to date you."

"Edie... I'm sorry, but I... I'm not ready to date right now. I..."

"Don't worry, I'm a respectful guy, and we won't date for long because I want to marry you as soon as possible." I shake my head, making a no gesture to him.

"I'm sorry, Edie, but I have other plans for my life now!" I said all at once and didn't wait for his response, simply ran and entered the house, finding a satisfied smile on my mother's face and a reproachful look on my father's face.

Chapter 2


"Tell me everything!" The excitement in my sister's voice is palpable. That's understandable since the strictness of our family doesn't allow us to go to parties, let alone clubs or discos.

"My goodness, Kim, what do you want to know?" I retort, amused by her eagerness, and I look at her lying on her single bed next to mine.

"I want to know about everything. You know, the lights, the music. I want you to tell me about the taste of the drinks and what it's like to dance with a man. Oh Ollie, tell me! Don't hide anything from me!" I finish brushing my hair and immediately go to my bed, under the covers, turning to face her.

"The nightclub is exactly like we've seen in movies," I say, and her smile widens. "There was all that white smoke, the lights running from one side to the other causing a strange sensation in our heads. My friends chose to drink beers and oh my, they're awful!" We laugh at my comment. "But the drink made me more comfortable, so I didn


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