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Goodbye, my love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Shoar
  • Chapters: 11
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 58
  • 7.5
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She says he is a shining star, always able to easily capture everyone's attention and become the center of attention. In her eyes, he is not a golden bachelor with good looks and good fortune. She likes quiet and low-profile, and thinks that he is a trouble, fortunately, the God of Love is on his side, so that she violates the original principle. In order not to teach her to have the opportunity to regret, he cherished her very much, loved her deeply, and even brought her to the "love wishing tree" with her to propose ......, originally thought they had a lifetime to love each other. A car accident took her life without warning, and before he could get out of his grief, time suddenly rewound ---. Is it possible that the wish he made on the tree of love has come true? He was overjoyed to welcome back the love of his life, but he didn't realize that the price he had to pay was to lose her love forever. ......

Foreword to the story

This is the first time Saman has looked at Jason so close and watched him ...... punch someone.

On a hot summer day, he was wearing a black undershirt, revealing two sturdy arms, but his left hand was gripping the collar of another person's shirt, and his right hand, which was clenched in a fist, was relentlessly greeting the other person's belly, with full force, making his arms muscles pancake and protrude, displaying a full savagery and masculinity flavor.

She didn't understand why he was punching someone, and she didn't expect to see this unexpected scene with her own eyes, but the classmate beside her cleared her mind.

  "That guy deserved to be beaten up, he's been pestering Julia for a while now, and yesterday he even forced himself on her at the school gate, I don't know what he wants to do." Classmate A said, his eyes staring at Jason's strong arms, while unconsciously making the movement of swallowing saliva.

"Yes, yes, I saw what happened yesterday. That guy asked Julia for a date, but she explicitly refused, but he kept pulling her along, and if it wasn't for the instructor stopping him at the school gate, I really don't know what would have happened. Classmate B said what she saw yesterday without reservation, and while speaking, she never took her eyes off Jason.

  I didn't realize that he was usually handsome and gentle, but he actually hid such an eye-catching body, and even his ruthlessness in beating up people seemed extraordinarily fascinating, which made people look at him and couldn't help but feel their hearts beating furiously.

  "Because yesterday was stopped by the instructor, that guy today deliberately pick some distance away from the school to continue to pester Julia, now it's good, kicked the iron plate, others brother out to repair people. Classmate A pulled Saman with her right hand and classmate B with her left hand, and she dragged them two big steps forward, so that they could be closer to the "scene of the incident".

  Saman looked at Julia and saw that she was standing behind her big brother, although she stopped Jason from swinging his fist down, there wasn't much expression on her beautiful face.

She is a celebrity in the school, because she has a beautiful face and a wide range of good connections, coupled with Jason's family's strong background, it is difficult not to know her existence on campus, not to mention that they attend a girls' school, and her prince-like handsome big brother often appears in front of the school door to pick her up and drop her off, and their brother and sister have long been the topic of conversation among their classmates.

  Saman didn't know the siblings, but she had seen Jason from afar a few times picking Julia up and dropping her off in front of the school, but today was the first time she had seen them up close.

  "Don't let me see you again." Jason said clearly, his tone was very soft, but it contained an absolutely stern aura, an invisible killing power, teaching people not to lightly ignore his warning.

  The young man, who had already been beaten to the point of pain and weakness, could do nothing but nod his head tremblingly.

  Jason loosened his grip on the man's large hand, and the man instantly fell limp to the ground.

  Saman thought it was over, but it was, she just didn't expect Jason to suddenly turn his head and look at her.

  The four eyes met, not the kind of unintentional intersection like strangers, but a steady lock on her.

  That was the first time Jason had seen Saman.

It's under that big, peculiar-looking tree.

Chapter 2

As soon as the black RV arrived at Shannan, a man and a woman got out of the car and walked quickly into the restaurant.

  This is a high-class Japanese restaurant hidden in the city, half of the restaurant is designed as a semi-open space, while the other half is designed as private rooms of different sizes, with two different dining styles to choose from, according to the guests' preferences and needs.

  Saman followed Ethan Kim's footsteps, because they were already late, and the restaurant manager had been waiting for a long time, and as soon as he saw them appear, he immediately led the way and led them to the VIP box.

  This restaurant is frequented by many celebrities, Ethan Kim and his friends in the shopping mall often meet here for business gatherings, and as the assistant secretary to the general manager, Saman naturally follows him, so even the restaurant manager recognizes her now.

  They bypassed the open dining area and walked into th


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