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Glamorous After Divorce: CEO's Ex-wife Is A Famous Surgeon

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Nicole had loved Samuel for five years, but ultimately it was him who brought her pain and cheated on their marriage. And when she had risked her life to carry his baby, Samuel had no regards for her nor her baby! Nicole thought she could win his heart, but a serious fire destroyed her and wiped out her love for him. Five years later, Nicole came back as a cold, unfeeling psychopath . This time around, she was no longer the same lady who lost everything because of love. With her new found strength, she will step on those scums who brought her pain in the past and pretended to be pure in the face of this earth. Now, she wanted to avenge herself and bring Samuel Green down.


10 PM.

Starlight hotel.

Nicole Bush, a slender lady hurried into the hotel while applying her make up. She was very late for her friend’s birthday party and she knew Camille would be so angry now.

She know she was supposed to have been here earlier, but since she was busy at work, she could only only came late.

Ding! ding!

A message alert sounded.

Nicole brought out her phone, it was a message from Camille.

[ Why haven’t you arrived yet Cole, it’s almost 11 o’clock. Don’t tell me you aren’t coming anymore?]

When Nicole saw this message, she was stunned for a moment. She smiled and thought his silly Camille was thinking she wouldn’t come anymore.

Silly girl’ Nicole cursed with a smile still on her face.

Ding! ding!

Another message immediately followed. It was a message from Hayden.

“Cole, don’t tell you you aren’t keeping your promise anymore… where the hell are you? Every one is waiting! Please hurry up. Best, Hayden.”

Why couldn’t they just allow her be for a while?

Music was already playing when she opened the door of the hotel. Just when she entered, she was welcomed with a scream coming from her friends.

She shivered as Hayden hurried to her. “You finally arrive Cole. Everyone thought she wouldn’t come. Anyways, you look pretty tonight. Are you sure this is mainly for this birthday or you have other motive?” Hayden was saying while both of them walked to where the other sat.

“Other motive as how?” Nicole frowned.

“You know what’s am talking about, don’t pretended. Probably for your boyfriend.”

“Don’t be silly, I told you I don’t have any boyfriend yet. Silly girl” Nicole said.

A cake was already placed on a table and the whole place was decorated beautifully. Camille was from a wealthy family so no doubt she was meant to spend a lot of money to celebrate her birthday.

A kiss was placed on Nicole’s cheek from Camille.

“Happy birthday Cam. You are looking very pretty!” Nicole saId.

“Thanks Cole. You look pretty too.” Nicole was saying.

“Now that you have arrived, let’s began the party.” Camille said and everyone cheered up.

Nicole wasn’t used to this kind of party but she had no option seeing it was her best friends party.

“A glass of champagne for you!” Betty, a blonde haired lady gave Nicole a cup of drink.

Nicole took the drink and sipped from it, “It’s an alcoholic drink. Sorry I can’t take it.”

“But why? Everyone is taking it, don’t tell me you are going for fruit drink.” Betty was saying.

Before Nicole could utter any more words, Betty dragged her arm and poured the drink into her mouth.

“That’s my girl. Don’t worry, after three to four cup, I am sure you will be good with it”

Betty walked away to join the other girls dancing.

Nicole wanted to sit down and watch the party, but Hayden arrived and gave her another cup of the alcoholic champagne.

“You know am not good at this.” Nicole was saying.

“Shish and just drink. Don’t make a mockery of yourself here. How can you drink fruit juice when ever other person is drinking the latest champagne. Don’t worry you will be fine with this.”


“You can do this Cole. Just drink it.”

Nicole finally gave up and drank the drink. The drink felt hot in her throat and tasteless.

Camille also came with her own cup of the alcoholic drink. “Cheers!” She said handing the drink to Nicole.

Knowing she could not refuse, Nicole pretended like she was very good at it, took the drink and drank it.

Camille was impressed and ordered for another cup of drink. It was brought by the waitress.

The drink was given to Nicole and she gulped it down in a go. Camille ran praises on her as she walked away.

Two minutes later, Nicole felt hot all over her body and her her sight felt blurry. She knew this was happening as a result of the drink she took.

Excusing herself, she hurriedly went into the ladies toilet in the hotel.

By then, the effect of the drink has taken over her. With her heart pounding and sweats all over her, Nicole was very scared.

She took her phone and tried to call either of yer friends to pick her up and take her home, but her vision was too blurry to see anything.

“Oh God what will I done now?” Nicole was afraid.

With the little strength in her, she managed to walk out.

She kept on staggering till she came to a room which was wide open and went in.

As she went in, she climbed into the bed in the room and slept off.

Moments later, a man came into the room totally drunk too.

His vision was also blurry and he could not see her face properly.

Noticing someone, Nicole staggered up.

“Who are you?” She asked but her vision was too blurry to see his face.

“Relax and I will treat you well.” Was all the man could say as he grabbed her waist and began to kiss her passionately like his life depended on it.

The kiss was hard and soon Nicole reciprocated back, holding him more closer to and returning the kiss.

“Woman! You are the first to peng me!” Samuel Green said as he devoured her.

Taking off her clothes, he took his off and slept with her.

“Ahh!” Nicole screamed when he went into her, yet Samuel continue with his sexual pleasure and only left her after his seed has been planted in her.

Nicole felt dizzy after the sexual encounter and both of them lay them close to each other as they slept off.

Chapter 2;

The next morning when Nicole woke up, she saw Samuel Green lying next to her.

The red stain on the pristine sheet looked extremely eye catching. It described what had happened the night before.

Before Nicole could comprehend the situation, there was a knock on the door followed by a group of reporters that blocked the exit. They could not wait to publish the news of Samuel Green having spent the night with a mysterious woman.

The Green family were the most distinguished family in this city. Evidently, they had a literary reputation and were an aristocratic family.

Old master Green was an old fashioned man.

Samuel Green was immediately woken up by the noise from the group of reporters. Before the hotel workers could do anything, the reporters had gone into the hotel and started taking intimate photos of Samuel Green and Nicole.

It was so shocking to Samuel when he saw all that was going on, yet turning to his left, he recognized Nicole from the Bus


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