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Game Of Love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Noorie
  • Chapters: 46
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 535
  • 7.5
  • 💬 3


Bella, an introvert girl, has everything any girl could wish for. She married her university sweetheart Aryan who treats her like a princess. All their friends envy their love as they all know the journey of their life from being the perfect lovers to the perfect partners. Ayush Mehra, a well-known CEO, has a wife every CEO wants, a woman who is not an idle girl, and neither is she a gold digger. Akshita is a beautiful and independent lady who understands her husband and his workload more than any woman could. They have such a perfect life with their partner, then what made them stuck together in a dark world called BDSM? “ Ayush!! I, I think, we should stop it now, it's... It's not right, ” Bella begged “ No, ” he replied sternly, “ Why? ” “ Because.. ” he paused as he chewed her earlobes, “ Roses are red, the sky is Blue... S*x is boring when not doing with you, ”

Chapter 1

“ Mm... Harder... Do it harder, oh yess..”

She was moaning louder while her maid knocked at the door, completely pissing her off

“ What happened? ”

she yelled coldly

“ Madam, Young master has arrived.. ” her maid replied while she frowned, “ Oh Shitt.. ”

“ You go.. I'm coming, ”

she yelled while closing the p*rn site, she then immediately cleared the browser history and shut down her PC.

After taking a long, she curled her lips into a smile as the person has finally arrived for which her heart beats. She couldn't wait anymore as she ran downstairs with brightened eyes.

“ Aryan.. You came back..!! ” she said excitedly before throwing herself in his arms while he chuckled,

“ You aren't wearing your slippers? ” he asked with darkened face while she bit her lips, “ Oops, I forgot in excitement, ”

“ How many times do I have to remind you to take care of yourself, Bella, sometimes, you really make me mad, what if you catch a cold, huh? ” he said with worried eyes whereas her smile widened on her lips as she said, “ Okay, I'm sorry, sweetheart, don't be mad, I'm going back to my room to take my slippers, hmm? ”

“ Forget it.. ” he said as he picked her up in his arms while she frowned, “ What are you doing? Marry is still here.. ” she reminded him that they weren't alone in their home, there was a maid too.

“ So what? I'm doing romance with my wife, is it illegal? ” he said jokingly before placing a kiss on her soft lips while she blushed.

Her life was a fairytale to her. She has everything, a loving husband who treats her like a princess and spoils her like a kid, what else does she need in her life?

After taking a bath, she chose not to wear her nightgown tonight, she came out from the bathroom wearing a s*xy bra and a g-string, that she has been thinking to try for a long time but didn't get the chance to try it as Aryan was out of the city for his business, but now her husband was lying in the bed, it was the right time when she could let her fantasies out on her husband.

After breathing in and out about five times, she coughed to grab Aryan's attention towards her who was doing something on his pc, but he seems too busy that he didn't notice what she was trying to do. She smiled seductively as she slowly walked up to him and sat on his hile closing his laptop, only then he looked at her and couldn't help gazing at her with stunning eyes.

“ Bella, you..? ”

“ Am I looking hot? ” she said while biting the corner of her lips,

“ Super hot, ” he said with frowned eyes while she started rubbing her butt in his lap and then pushed him down to the bed,

“ Then what are you waiting for, take me in.. ” she said as she moaned whereas his eyes widened.

“ Bella, are you alright? You seem.. Mm.. different tonight, ” he said with surprising eyes while she moaned, “ Take me in, Aryan.. ”

She moaned louder while unzipping his pant, he struggled, “ Bella.. wait.. ”

“ No.. I can't, Mm.. ”

“ Bella.. ”

“ A.. Aryan.. ”

“ Bella.. What are you doing? ” he suddenly pushed her away and looked at her with frowned eyes, she then came back to herself and looked at him with stunning eyes,

“ I.. I.. ” she felt too embarrassed to say anything, she was feeling ashamed of herself for behaving like a sl*t. She just bowed her head down in embarrassment while he sighed and then held her shoulder softly,

“ Bella, it's not like I don't want it, I too want to do it, it's really hard for me to restrain myself when my wife sleeps beside me but... You know your health is not good, the doctor has forbidden you to do heavy exercise... We should wait.. ”

He was right, few months ago, she has lost her child and her health condition was too bad to have any sexual activity. But, it has been months now, still Aryan takes too much care of it. He truly loves her wife with all his heart and doesn't want to see any harm to her either physically or mentally. She is so lucky to have him as her husband, women wish to have such kind of husband who is loyal and careful to his wife even if she can't fulfill his sexual need..

Right now, she wanted to tell him that she feels completely fine, her health was much better now, and that she can do it, but she was feeling so much ashamed of herself for what she did few minutes ago that she couldn't speak it right now. It seems like she should really stop watching p*rn videos, it's now somehow affecting her in a bad way.


“ Honey can we go to a movie tonight, my friends were asking to go with our husbands, are you free? ” a calm and gentle voice sounded on his phone

“ I have a meeting tonight, ”

He replied with no more words than needed to reject it.

“ Oh, okay, then, are you free tomorrow? There is a small party in which a partner is needed.. ” she asked again with the equal calmness as before.

“ No, I have work, ”

He replied with the same tone.

“ Mm, okay, no problem, do your work, good night hubby, ” she replied calmly before hanging up.

“ Mr. Mehra really has the world's best wife, how can your wife be so much understanding? If it would be my wife, she would have started cursing me for don't know how many things... ”

“ You are saying right Mr. Khurana, Mr. Mehra is really lucky in terms of wife, Mrs. Mehra is a really outstanding woman, ”

His colleagues started praising him for having an outstanding wife and feeling jealous of him while he smiled as he said, “ You are right, my wife is really the best wife in the world, ”

Ayush Mehra, who got married just after completing his education. At that time, he was setting up his business but his family arranged a marriage for him. At that time, he wasn't interested in any woman, all he could think was his business, he didn't want to think about his marriage but when he met Akshita, he found that she is the woman he needs, she was an independent businesses woman who has her own plans for future. They felt too compatible with each other.

What else a businessman like him wants? An understanding and the independent lady that he got so easily.

They get married and has been leading a happy married life because there is mutual understanding between the couple, they don't demand too much from each other and understands each other's problem. It's like the couple made in heaven. They are examples of the perfect match.

Chapter 2

“ Bella, are you ready? ”

“ Yeah... Coming.. ”

she yelled while looking at her reflection in the mirror

“ Wow.. What a beautiful wife I have got, ” Aryan said before placing a soft kiss on her lips, making her cheeks red as she blushed.

“ Now, let's go.. Arushi has been calling me for thirty minutes, we are getting late, ” he said while looking at his wristwatch,

“ Yeah, I'm so excited about this reunion, Aryan, it will be so fun no, meeting our friends after two years, I'm wondering how interesting it would be, ” she said in excitement, he smiled while opening the door of his car and she sat in.

They were going for a small gathering of college friends. Aryan and Bella have been college friends before falling and end up tying a knot with each other after completing their college life. Their friends were so surprised to hear how fast they got married, and now it was the time for a friends reunion, it's obvious they would be exci


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