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Family Rathod's

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Kler
  • Chapters: 26
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 376
  • 7.5
  • 💬 7


Saanjh Rathod is the eldest daughter in law of the Rathod family. Being married to Vihaan Rathod her life is a beautiful fairytale for others but a boring nightmare for her. Vihaan Rathod is the "no b*llsh*t" Man and you won't find him everywhere but only in Rathod Residency. The best father his daughter Vihika could get. Saanjh and Vihaan married for their own reasons and are living together like two strangers. Now with new and different entries in their life how will they stand strong and hold their loveless marriage. But somehow a star comes into their lives that allows them to become closer.

Chapter 1

Saanjh Rathod After her work, she went to the hospital and asked for a psychologist. She was asked to wait for sometime but luckily got one. Her appointment was fixed and she went towards the cabin of the psychologist. She asked for permission to enter and heard a deep "come in" And she immediately drooled over that voice. When she entered the cabin she was met with a pair of Grey eyes staring at her with a warm gaze and the pink lips stretched into warm smile. She could feel her heart hammering in a chest and was affraid that it would leap out of her chest anytime!!

"Good evening Ms. Rathod. Myself Dhruv, Dhruv Singh. I would be your psychologist. Nice to meet you.  Please have a seat. " He told her all of this with a warm smile on his face and she literally fangirled over him in her mind while returning his smile with a nervous one.

"I- I'm Saanjh Rathod. Nice to m-meet you t-too. " She was very nervous. This was her first time in this kinda place and situation. She didn't know what to say and do. She was feeling very scared and anxious.

"Hey hey you don't have to be so nervous. I know that these kinda things may make you feel nervous but you need to remember that these sessions will help you in becoming better and that here no one's gonna judge you and all of your information is safe with me. Gonna take it to the coffin with me. Don't worry ok. " He told her in his deep voice. It was soothing but right now with her heart beating at a speed of 100 beats per second she couldn't really calm herself. It was difficult to. She had never done this before and her fear and insecurities were literally begging her to go back to the palace and have a chocolate.

"I am thankful for your time doctor. " She replied nervously not really knowing what else to say.

"No worries Ms. Rathod. This is my job. I should be thankful for your time. " He chuckled and she relaxed a bit seeing his smile. That smile kinda helped in easing of not completely but by 1% at least it did.

" I know you're quite nervous. Everyone is initially. So let's take it all slow ok. So for now I'd like you to just fill up this form and we can discuss basic things about yourself. If you're comfortable with sharing that is. " He told her softly.

"I'm comfortable doctor. No worries. " She smiled at him and took the form from him. She had loosened up a lil seeing him be so warm and nice towards her. Although it made her feel a lil weird because no one in her life had been so warm towards her, she liked it. Him talking to her so nicely made her feel good.

After filling the form she returned it to him. He took it and kept it in file. He looked at her who was looking at the calendar curiously. She was trying to read a quote on the calendar. He smiled.

"Life isn’t a matter of milestones, but of moments." He said . "Huh?" She asked confused as to what she was saying. "You were trying to read the quote right. That's the quote. " She nodded mouthing an "oh"

"Oh it's nice. The background picture is also very nice. I love flowers. " She exclaimed excitedly. He chuckled looking at her excited little self. She was cute.

"You do gardening? "

"No I don't actually. But when I used to stay with my family I used to water the plants in my garden. I used to see the flowers bloom and it used to make me very happen that because of my watering they used to bloom. Ever since then I love flowers. I know I sound stupid but that's me. I don't like it when people pluck flowers for anything like proposing or for any religious purpose. I get so angry but I can't stop people. " Saanjh sighed telling her distress to Dhruv who looked at her and chuckled listening to her rambling. Her cheeks turned pink realising that she was blabbering but listening to his deep chuckle she couldn't help but admire him.

"Well then I'll never give you flowers. What if you pull out my hair in anger. " Dhruv joked and gasped.

"I'm not very violent Doctor. I'm very kind and peaceful. " She replied offended that her crush assumed that she was violent in their very first meeting. He chuckled seeing her get defensive. " Okay okay I know you're not very violent. But does that mean that you're violent? "

She again gasped. Did she look violent. She looked like a cute lil doll who couldn't harm even a single mosquito. "No no no. Oh God who was spreading such awful rumours about me. " He laughed seeing her panicked state. She stopped panicking hearing his melodious laugh. Do people with deep voices laugh so beautifully all the time? And she laughed scarier than a witch.

"Ok relax Ms. Rathod. You're the most peace loving woman on this earth. " He teased her and she flushed with embarrassment thinking that she had made a fool of herself in the first meeting itself.

"U-um doctor can I ask you when we can start with the session? " She decided to change the topic. Dhruv looked at her and nodded still a smile on his face.

"I know you aren't comfortable with sharing things with people. And you absolutely wouldn't be comfortable with sharing things with an unknown person. So before getting into the sessions if you like we could hang out as casual people. Get to know each other a little and then we can start the sessions once you start getting comfortable with me. If you wouldn't want to hang out then we can start with the sessions next week onwards. " He replied in his professional tone.

"Oh I'd would love to hang out with you first. I think that'd make me more comfortable with you. " She replied after giving his suggestion a thought. It could be helpful. Never know what works.

"Great then. Here's my card. You can text me that day and date and I'll see if I'm free at that time. " He told her forwarding the card.

‍​She nodded and then after exchanging their goodbyes Saanjh left his office for home. She reached her home only to see Shreya and her mother in law dressed up in red sarees. She freshened up and saw went down. She noticed that Shreya and her mother in law were missing. She asked Sania where they were and Sania told her that they had gone to the temple. They prepared the dinner chatting and laughing and even Vihika joined them.  She made Vihika sleep with Vihaan. She wanted to sleep with her "dadda" it seems. After having her dinner she sat down to work at around 9 . She decided to call Saanvi and tell her about her new decision. Saanvi will be very happy.

She was sitting on the bed and kept her phone in loudspeaker wanting to multi task. On the first ring itself the phone was answered. " Dude I met a very handsome doctor today. " And as soon as Saanjh completed her sentence Vihaan entered the room which she very cleverly had kept open.

She was sitting on the bed and kept her phone in loudspeaker wanting to multi task. On the first ring itself the phone was answered. " Dude I met a very handsome doctor today. " And as soon as Saanjh completed her sentence Vihaan entered the room which she very cleverly had kept open.

Saanjh's mouth was open. More wider than the cave on seeing Vihaan enter the room with a blank face. She couldn't make out if he had heard or not. He must've after all her delicate voice could be heard miles away even without a mic. She immediately cut the call. She sat straight not knowing how to react or how he'll react or what he was here for. Vihaan just walked towards her bed.

"I heard that you had gone to the hospital today. " He very calmly stated his sentence. " Everything fine? Is there any problem with your health? " She wasn't surprised with him knowing that. There were gaurds appointed for her who reported every suspicious acts of hers or others' around her. He didn't look worried. It was almost as if he was a robot asking this question. She knew he wasn't concerned about her but about his daughter having to deal with losing her mom again.

"Yes I'm fine. I just went for a check up. " She lied not wanting to share anything intimate about herself. Their relationship didn't support sharing stuff. It was just a deal.

"Ok. Take care of yourself. " With this he left. She let out a big breathe of seeing him leave. But the breathe got stuck in her throat seeing him stand near the door. " I hope you do not cheat on people, Mrs Rathod. Let crushes be crushes. " And with that he was gone. His voice wasn't harsh but it was blank. It was like he was talking about the weather today in his style. But Saanjh was fine with that . She didn't find it weird. His response was expected but not from him. He didn't really consider her worthy enough of talking to him.

They never really spoke more than ten words. Even if they did it was only related to Vihika. Nothing about themselves. They couldn't really be called the ideal couple. She wondered if her whole life was going to be. She sighed getting out of her thoughts. She dialled Saanvi's number and again kept it on loudspeaker. This time she went and closed the door. Vihika was sleeping with Vihaan. So nobody would disturb her at this hour but she couldn't take any chance.

She was standing a lil away from the bed knowing how angry her cute lil soulmate will be after she cut the call. She immediately heard a loud scream " WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? WHY WOULD GIMME AN INTERESTING NEWS FIRST AND THEN CUT THE CALL? DO YOU KNOW HOW EXCITED I WAS HEARING YOU  TALK ABOUT A GUY AND THEN YOU CUT THE CALL? DUMBASS I'M GONNA COME OUT OF THE PHONE AND PULL ALL OF YOUR HAIR OUT. NOW WHY ARE YOU SILENT? ANSWER ME YOU FOOL. " Saanjh waited for her to complete and then sat down on the bed. She realised that Saanvi had calmed down and decided to talk. "Lemme tell you. Relax ok. Take deep breaths and calm down darling. Someone might get an attack hearing your scream. " Saanjh told in order to not anger her friend more.

"I'm calm. You tell me why did you cut my call first? No tell me about the guy first. Wait I'm more important tell me why did you cut my call FIRST. " Saanvi told her sternly.

"Okay grandma okay. Chill. I cut your call because Vihaan entered the room as soon as I told the sentence. You- WHAT HE HEARD YOU? WHAT DID HE SAY? " Sanvi immediately cut her friend excited to know about her husband's reaction. Saanjh rolled her eyes already expecting this question.

"Nothing. He just told me that I shouldn't cheat on him that's it. Calm your flat *ss down. " She teased knowing how angry her friend would get.

"Shut up. I thought he'd get all possessive and stuff he's so boring. " She grumbled and huffed. Saanjh didn't comment not knowing what to reply. " Ok forget him tell me about that cute guy. " Sanvi again asked, the curiosity eating her up.

"Ok so I had gone to the hospital today to meet a psycologist today the -  YOU WENT TO ONE? WHEN AND WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME EARLIER? " Sanvi again interrupted Saanjh annoying Saanjh but Saanjh still maintained her cool. " Yeah I decided to go to one after talking to you yesterday. I realised it'd help me. " Sanvi sighed softly. " Good you realised. I hope it helps. How was the meeting by the way? "

"It was ok. " Saanjh narrated the whole thing to her not before telling Sanvi not to interrupt her. Sanvi was very happy that Saanjh had agreed for the therapy. They then spoke for some more time. Sanvi shared about her work life and a lot of other things.

"Ok then I wish you luck for your therapy. Tell him everything and don't be shy. It'll help you. If you have any problems then tell me. Ok? " Sanvi told her.

"Yeah I know and I'll tell you about any problem. Don't worry. Good night. It's late. Sleep. " And then they bid their byes and Saanjh got to work. It was around 10.

She sat till 11 and then went to the kitchen to get some late night snacks. The whole mansion was dark. She used her phone's torchlight to see clearly, not wanting to switch on the lights. She loved eating late at night. She took out some chips. While returning to her room she saw that Shreya and her mother in law had returned. She wanted to greet them but saw them quickly rush to their rooms. Probably they were tired. She shrugged and went to her room. She slept at around 11:45.

In the morning she saw Shreya working in the kitchen with Deepti telling her something. Sanvi was nowhere to be seen. As soon as she entered the kitchen they stopped talking. "Good morning mamma and di. What are you preparing today? " Saanjh asked enthusiastically. Both of them smiled at her and replied. " We're preparing some poha today. Something light. We didn't know what to prepare today. " Saanjh made an "oh " Face.


‌"Saanjh you go out today. Go to the lawn. Even Sania is there. Go accompany her. Today I'll prepare everything don't worry. " Shreya told Saanjh standing behind the counter while Saanjh was standing opposite her. "No it's ok I - Saanjh beta go and accompany Sania. I'm there here. I'll help her. You go. " Deepthi immediately told Saanjh and Saanjh nodded leaving the kitchen.

Saanjh was walking towards the lawn when she saw her Vihika was playing with someone's phone. Vihika was on the couch in the living room. She woke up late so didn't see Vihika in the morning today. Whenever Vihika sleeps with Vihaan she wakes up early thanks to Vihaan's habit of waking up at 5. Vihika wakes up at 6 and then Vihaan gets her ready not wanting to trouble Vihika. If Saanjh wakes up early then she can play with Vihika. But if she wakes late then she cannot because otherwise she'll be late to work.

"Vihu" Saanjh called out walking towards Vihika. Vihika squealed seeing her mother.

"Who's phone is that baby? " Saanjh softly asked Vihika. "Dadda"Came the distracted reply. Saanjh sighed. She knew Vihaan didn't have any restrictions for Vihika. But phone was a very important thing for a businessman so if anything happened to it then it may trouble him.

" Did he give it to you you himself? Did you ask his permission before taking it? " Saanjh asked sitting beside her. She slowly caressed her hair who leaned he head on Saanjh's chest still distracted in playing with the phone. "No mamma" Saanjh again sighed. If Vihaan would see this then he could get angry. She slowly tried taking the phone and said " Vihika give this phone to me. Let's go out and play. " But the said baby was stubborn and shook her head mumbling a "no" And tightened her hold on the phone. Saanjh tried taking it again but Vihika didn't give it to her. This time Saanjh told a lil more sternly " Give me the Vihika. " Vihika again refused. Saanjh tried taking the phone again.

"Vihika give it. What if your father scolds you for taking his phone. " This got her attention. Vihika looked at her mom listening to her strict voice. This strict voice means scolding. She got scared. Tears appeared in her eyes. Saanjh panicked seeing the tears in her eyes. But before she could react she heard a voice.

"Did you just scold my daughter and make her cry? "‌​​‌‌‌​​‌​‌‌​‌​​​‌​‌‌‌​‌‌​​​‌‌​​‌‌​‌​‌​​​‌​‌‌‍

Chapter 2

"Vihika give it. What if your father scolds you for taking his phone. " This got her attention. Vihika looked at her mom listening to her strict voice. This strict voice means scolding. She got scared. Tears appeared in her eyes. Saanjh panicked seeing the tears in her eyes. But before she could react she heard a voice.

"Did you just scold my daughter and make her cry? " Saanjh turned around to look at Vihaan standing behind her. Although his face didn't really give out his emotions the clenching of his fist and jaw couldn't go unnoticed. She immediately stood up. For a second Saanjh flew into another universe seeing him get angry. His anger was dangerous. She knew. She had seen him get angry on his employees and brothers. He would literally erupt like a volcano and then burn the person with his words. His anger was scary. And she had never been on the receiving end. This was the first time.

She had to calm him down before he would burst out


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