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  • Author: Kler
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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.I can't accept this marriage, I..I was forced into this. I love somebody else" Riya said finally after mustering up the courage,the fear inside of her, her red and ivory bangles jingled as she motioned, indicating she got married."if u didn't want this marriage then why ruin my life huh?!" he yelled, roaring, his eyes bloodshot with anger and he grabbed her by her elbow almost crushing it.Riya Sharma.. was an ambitious, charming and innocent girl, who can simply melt the heart's of people by her simple smile and act of goodness. she had dreams, dreams to be a doctor, a good child to her parents and to one day.....marry her love sameer..... but she was forced by her parents to marry a guy whom she didn't even know and how devilish he was....Yuvraj raichand

  • Author: Kler
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 259
  • 7.5

Saanjh Rathod is the eldest daughter in law of the Rathod family. Being married to Vihaan Rathod her life is a beautiful fairytale for others but a boring nightmare for her. Vihaan Rathod is the "no bullshit" Man and you won't find him everywhere but only in Rathod Residency. The best father his daughter Vihika could get. Saanjh and Vihaan married for their own reasons and are living together like two strangers. Now with new and different entries in their life how will they stand strong and hold their loveless marriage. But somehow a star comes into their lives that allows them to become closer.


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