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"After being tormented for a thousand chapters and ultimately slated to die, reader Ruan Tang was furious! After confronting the author, she finds herself transported into the book, taking over the role of the suffering heroine! Framed by the female supporting character? Wronged by the male lead? Ruan Tang scoffs at the thought and refuses to let any of it happen! Since the identity is hers, she's determined to turn the plot around for the better! But what's the deal with this boss character always lurking around her? She insults someone, he backs her up. She causes trouble, he supports her. Just as she's wondering, she finds herself pressed against his chest. Ruan Tang: 'I'm the strongest, dare you have ulterior motives?' The boss: 'Give me a chance, I want to officially take the job.'"

Chapter 1

"That's it?" 

Looking at the words "end" displayed on the last page of the jumped off her bed in the dorm! 

"Goodbye, Mr. Mu" is the abuse novel she has been following for nearly a year. 

The female lead, Ruan Tang, was abused for over a thousand chapters, just one letter away from her name. 

Not only did she have to be a moving blood bag for the female supporting role, but she also had to endure heart-wrenching pain. 

What she most looked forward to was the scene where the male lead Mu Xiuyan would chase his wife to the crematorium. 

But what's the result? 

Mu Xiuyan was only slightly abused, and the female supporting role even reformed and was forgiven. 

Aside from these, the key point was that Ruan Tang actually died!!! 

This made the reader Ruan Tang lose her composure. 

She fervently left a five-hundred-word comment for the author, expressing her dissatisfaction, and condemning her stepmother-like behavior. 

Who would've known that the usually aloof author actually replied to her. 

"You can you up!" 

Seeing these few down-to-earth English words, Ruan Tang was so angry that she rolled off the bed in the dormitory. 



Ruan Tang, in pain, gritted her teeth and was about to complain that her roommate did not help her. 

But the next second, her collar was grabbed, and she was lifted up. 

As she opened her eyes, she saw a face with an abnormal shade of red. 

Refined eyebrows and phoenix eyes, a straight nose, and luscious lips. 

The face was handsome, just as described in a romance novel, as if it had been chiseled by a knife. 

The man may be good-looking, but the words he spoke were like ice slag. 

"Ruan Tang, did you plan all along to climb into my bed? Today I will fulfill your wish!" 

Ruan Tang was still in a daze, but she couldn't shake off the feeling that she had heard or seen this before. 

But no matter what, what was he doing grabbing her clothes like that? 

"Let go! This is the girls' dormitory, how did you get in?" 

As she spoke, she was even more bewildered -- this wasn't her voice! 

At this moment of bafflement, the man sneered. 

"Ruan Tang, you're still pretending at this time, you're really hypocritical!" 

Repeatedly accused by the man, Ruan Tang's hot-tempered nature was about to explode. 

But when she realized that she was in a luxurious hotel room, she finally understood where that familiar statement had come from. 

"You...Are you Mu Xiuyan? The scumbag in 'Goodbye, Mr. Mu'?" 

The phrase "scumbag" successfully darkened the man's face. 

"Are you planning to change your strategy now? Trying to attract me in a different way?" 

This statement undoubtedly confirmed that he was Mu Xiuyan. 

Hearing this, Ruan Tang was stunned for a few seconds. Could it be that her dissatisfaction with the abuse novel was so deep that she dreamed about the plot? 

She even dreamed about the first chapter of the novel, in which the female lead Ruan Tang was designed by the female supporting character Ruan Xiaoxiao. 

She almost got violated by a third-rate director but ended up wrongly running into Mu Xiuyan's guest room. 

As a result, the female lead suffered all sorts of misunderstandings after being given traditional Chinese medicine by Mu Xiuyan. 

But as she thought that in her dream, the female lead was herself, a strange smile appeared on Ruan Tang's lips. 

Seeing this, Mu Xiuyan narrowed his eyes, "What's with that expression?" 

Ruan Tang didn't answer. Instead, she grabbed the wrist of the man who was grabbing her clothes and twisted it hard! 

Mu Xiuyan, taken by surprise, kneeled in pain when she kicked him in the knee pit. 

At this point, Ruan Tang approached his face. 

"Scumbag, I'm going to 'you can you up', are you ready?" 

Didn't the author leave the comment "you can you up"? 

Then she was going to 'you can you up' to show her! 

In reality, she wasn't like the female lead Ruan Tang, who was weak and pitiable. 

She was forced by her brother to practice Sanda and boxing! 

It was time to put the skills she had learned to use! 

Eventually, Mu Xiuyan noticed that something was amiss with Ruan Tang, and he tried to break free with a stern face. 

But unexpectedly, the usually gentle girl dared to kick him and then immobilized him! 

"Ruan Tang, have you gone mad?! Let go of me!" 

Hearing this, Ruan Tang sneered, "Mad? You have a narrow mindset. Just now, I was thrown off the bed, hit the Governor Vessel[1], and my brain has been cleared!" 

With that, she pummeled Mu Xiuyan relentlessly! 

A few minutes later, looking at Mu Xiuyan, who was tied to the bed with bruises around his eyes and bruises all over his body, Ruan Tang smiled with satisfaction. 

Seeing her smug expression, Mu Xiuyan, with his body burning with anger, bit his cheek tightly to control himself. 

"Ruan Tang, no matter what you do, the marriage is set to end!" 

Ruan Tang sneered, "End! It will definitely end. Whoever doesn't end it, he's no different from a grandson!"

"Ignoring Mu Xiuyan's reprimand, she walked straight out of the guest room and left the door slightly ajar.

After some manipulation, she took a taxi back to Ruan Tang and Mu Xiuyan's wedding room.

Not long after she left, a major incident occurred at the hotel.

Ruan Xiaoxiao, who had already been violated by the director, was planning to leave secretly but was stopped by reporters from major media outlets in the elevator.

The ambiguous marks on her neck were clearly captured in the photos.

On the other hand, reporters arrived at the room number mentioned by the mysterious person, only to find photos of Jiangcheng's richest heir, half-naked and covered in various bruises, tied to the bed… Just these ambiguous traces were enough to set the imagination running.

It turns out that the object of countless girls' dreams, Jiangcheng's coolest and handsomest diamond bachelor, actually liked this kind of play.

~ Lying in bed, thinking about what those two would experience, Ruan Tang was so excited that she almost couldn't help but shout! "Ruan Tang, oh Ruan Tang, I've blocked the road for you to forgive the scumbag.

Don't hold on to it and imagine having a good life with him!" After saying this, Ruan Tang closed her eyes, and now she should return to her own world. Before long, she fell asleep. In a daze, she heard a voice. "Thank you." Hearing this, Ruan Tang felt strange, "Who are you, and what are you thanking me for?" The girl lowered her eyes, "I am Ruan Tang." On hearing this, Ruan Tang was overjoyed.

"You're back! Perfect timing, I'm about to go back too! Remember, you must divorce Mu Xiuyan, otherwise, you will have a miserable future… " "I know." Ruan Tang was puzzled, "You know?" Ruan Tang nodded, "I came back from the ending." Hearing her say this, Ruan Tang was at a loss for words.

"You…" "So, can you help me?" "How can I help?" "I don't want to see Mu Xiuyan again. Please live on for me and don't sacrifice yourself for anyone else! Live for yourself in this life!" Hearing this, Ruan Tang was in a dilemma, she still had parents and family in the real world.

If she didn't go back, wouldn't they worry about her? But before she could think of how to refuse, Ruan Tang's voice became increasingly distant.

"Please!" "Hey, don't leave!" Ruan Tang shouted, waking up and finding herself still in Ruan Tang's room.

Unable to tell if it was a dream or the world of the novel, she pinched her thigh hard, feeling the pain.

She had really stayed in the novel! Just as she didn't know what to do, the door of the room was rudely pushed open.

"Miss Ruan, why are you still sleeping? The young master is here and he wants you to come downstairs immediately…" Before the maid could finish speaking, Ruan Tang impatiently threw a pillow at her.

This maid was arranged by Ruan Xiaoxiao, named Lin Yun.

Her job was to bully Ruan Tang when nothing was happening and to trip her up.

"Didn't your mother teach you to knock before entering? So what if Mu Xiuyan is here? Tell him to wait if he wants to see me!" This was the first time Lin Yun had seen the bad temper of "Ruan Tang", but thinking that she had always been the one who controlled her, she straightened her back.

"Ruan Tang, I advise you not to be arrogant.

The young master's face doesn't look good.

If you make him wait too long, you'll be in trouble!" "Bang—" Just as Lin Yun finished speaking, a ​​decoration came flying towards her.

Luckily, she dodged in time, or she would have been hit in the head.

But since Mu Xiuyan was downstairs, she didn't dare to argue with "Ruan Tang", so she stomped her foot and went downstairs first.

Once Lin Yun left, Ruan Tang rubbed her head irritably.

She wanted to show off a bit, but she didn't mean to, Mu Xiuyan was not easy to deal with, andoxiao also had her parents supporting her.

She wanted live according to the original owner's words, but it wasn't that easy! With things at this point, she had no other choice and could only take it step by step.

But when she saw the original owner's face in the mirror, she realized that she was challenging a hell mode! In the novel, to showcase Mu Xiuyan's indifference to Ruan Tang, the author portrayed her as a resentful woman who could not get her husband's love, could not eat well, and could not sleep well all day."

Chapter 2

"You look pale and thin with lackluster eyes, and even your hair has split ends due to your neglect. 

It's really sad to see you torment yourself like this for a man," she said. 

But at the thought of the upcoming battle, she decided to spruce up her face before the female lead. 

She then tied her dry hair into a bun, revealing her slender and fair swan-like neck. After preparing everything, she walked out of the bedroom. 

Before she could even descend the stairs, she heard Lin Yun accusing her of her bad attitude. 

"Miss Ruan also seemed to have lost it. She yelled at me and even threw things at me. 

If I hadn't run fast, I would have been beaten to death," Lin Yun added. 

Sitting on the sofa, Mu Xiuyan, with his back to the staircase, appeared visibly upset. 

But at the thought of his embarrassing situation from the previous night in front of the reporters, Ruan Tang couldn't help but almost laugh o


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