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Entangled With The Two Billionaires

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Camilla Stewart never thought that it would be a disastrous one-night stand for her. Her virginity was forcibly snatched away by Tristan Drayson, a heartbroken billionaire CEO who was betrayed by his fiance, the Japanese model Ayana. Tristan tries to make amends by paying Camilla as much money as she wants. The condition was that Camilla had to leave New York as soon as possible. "Mr. Tristan! I beg of you, I-I need the money right now. You tell me anything this time I won't refuse, as long as you give me the money you promised." "Really? You're not going back on your word again?" Tristan challenges Camilla. Camilla lowered her head and nodded slowly, with the burden of shame already mounting. "Then serve me one more time tonight. If you can satisfy me tonight, I'll pay you double the amount I promised." How will Camilla handle her accidental pregnancy after signing the contract with Tristan? The presence of billionaire heir William is saving her but Tristan’s show-up make their triangle love more complicated than expected. How will Camilla choose between her entangled relationship with two billionaires?


"F*CK!!!" I'm going to kill you!"

Tristan's emotions are unbearable as a man who has just turned thirty-four. He kept punching his fists, kicking hard, and nearly breaking the neck of Carlos, an actor with whom Ayana had an affair. Tristan viciously beats Carlos until he collapses.

No one knows how many punches have landed on Carlos's face, and the guy has lost consciousness.

"Don't do it, Tristan! Please, no."

Tristan's fiancée, Ayana, could only cry hysterically in the corner of the bed while attempting to cover her body with hotel sheets after they were caught red-handed having s*x in the luxury apartment that Tristan had purchased for Ayana.

The girl never thought things would turn out like this. Everything will fall apart. Her fiancé finally exposed her affair with Carlos.

"It's unbelievable!" That voice of despair finally escaped Tristan's lips. "I thought you really loved me, Aya."

Tristan shook his head with a smile filled with pain. His lungs were full of air, so it was now difficult to breathe. The inner disappointment was so great that it made Tristan's knees kiss the floor as his body went limp.

"I've always loved you, Tristan. And that will never change."

"Lie!!!" Tristan responded curtly.

"I'm sorry, Tristan."

"I won't let any man touch you, Ayana! I will kill this b*st*rd man. I will kill him! KILL HIM!!!"

Tristan continues to punch Carlos in the face while cursing. Tristan hit Carlos blindly. Ayana is scared. Her hands trembled. Fear of Tristan finally succeeded in making Carlos no longer able to breathe.

The girl crouched down with her knees bent, her face buried, hoping that Tristan was tired and would let Carlos go. But sadly, no, Tristan just became a mess.

He lifted his head and dropped his gaze to a vase not far from his hand. Ayana knew for sure that it was a bad idea. Ayana knew exactly what Tristan was going to do this time. Ayana knew exactly, where the vase would land perfectly.

Where else? Other than Carlos' head? Tristan wanted to kill that guy!

"Tristan, please stop! You'd be able to kill him if you beat him up like that all the time!!!"

Ayana screamed as loud as she could. Her scream finally woke Tristan's mind. His hand stopped mid-air as the vase landed on Carlos' because of Ayana's scream.

Tristan tilted his head and stabbed a look of despair into Ayana's irises. Tristan had not expected Ayana to betray him in this manner. Double his affection. Share her feelings for another man.

The image of Ayana's body being fondled, Ayana's lips being greedily crushed, and the delicious sigh of Ayana's lips drives Tristan insane!Crazy as hell!

"Ayana, what gives you the courage to betray me? What went wrong with me? What am I missing in your opinion?"

Still, with fists full of fresh blood, Tristan says softly to Ayana. His heart hurts, and he is disappointed with Ayana's behavior of playing with fire behind his back.

"I'm sorry, Tristan. I simply made a mistake."

"Mistake, you say?" Tristan gives a bland smile, wipes the tears from his eyes, and exhales.

"MISTAKE?!" Tristan yelled as loudly as he could in front of Ayana.

Ayana's body trembled with fear. Ayana Cries. Ayana has been dating for over five years with Tristan and has never cried like this before.

"I've always resisted the temptations of all the women who came to me! Even, the sluts will sleep with me even if they are not paid! I did all of this because I care about you. I avoid all women for you, Ayana. EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU!!! "

"I'm sorry, Tristan. I deeply regret what I did."

"Can your intimate sigh be called a mistake?"

Tristan closed his eyes for a moment as he looked at Ayana's eyes with wide eyes. Disappointment in his heart was unavoidable.

Tristan tries to calm himself with a sigh and closes his eyes for a moment. Tristan's lips finally spoke a sentence that broke Ayana's heart two seconds later.

"I'm sorry, Ayana. I can't marry you. Let's just cancel our wedding plans."


Today has been a terrible day for Tristan. Tristan learned an important lesson today. The lesson is no matter how perfect a man is, he can be cheated on by a woman.

What is lacking in Tristan? He was young, bright, attractive, and wealthy. Tristan has everything he could desire. He is the son of a conglomerate. He is also skilled at business management, as evidenced by the fact that when Tristan was asked to take over as CEO by his father, the company he led grew rapidly and reached its pinnacle of glory.

Tristan has no trouble finding a woman. Maybe the women will submit to him with the snap of a finger. But the problem is that Tristan appears to be blinded by Ayana, a Japanese model he intends to marry.

Tristan has a crush on Ayana. They will marry in Barcelona next month.Tristan has meticulously prepared everything. He desired his wedding day be the happiest day of his life.

But everything came to a halt when the woman he adored betrayed him. Ayana is caught cheating on her with Carlos, who happens to be her celebrity colleague.

"You b*tch, Ayana!"

Tristan continues to curse as he sips his fourth vodka martini. He decided to get drunk at one of New York City's luxury hotels.

"Tristan, you should be aware. In this world, there is no true love. All full of hypocrisy. Your love and affection are only deceiving you. You were duped by Ayana." Tristan continues to rant against himself.

He was utterly inebriated. His vision began to blur, but his consciousness remained, even if it was very faint. Tristan was going to order another vodka because he was sure he could get another bottle or two. Tristan tripped over a rug that was next to the small table.

"Please bring me two more bottles of vodka right away!" he said. "How come this hotel service is taking so long?" Tristan is yelling on the phone, but he collapses on the floor seconds after the receiver hangs up.


"Camilla, could I please ask you a favor?"

Mrs. Suzan's voice as Camilla's supervisor was heard, and she convinced Camilla to return to storing her bag or delay her return home.

The young girl looked at the clock in her left hand. It was twenty-five minutes after eleven o'clock at night. Camilla would have to return home late tonight as a result.

"Oh, Camilla, please hurry, this is the last one." Camilla attempted to cheer herself up.

"Sure, Mrs. Suzan, I'll be there!" Camilla was forced to return to Mrs. Suzan's desk even though it was past her working hours.

"What exactly is it, maam? Is there anything I can do for you?" Camilla inquired cheerfully, even though she was already exhausted from work.

"Please deliver this vodka to room 201. I can't find Thomas, who should be delivering this vodka to that crazy man!"

"Crazy man?" Camilla smirked. Mrs. Suzan's words perplexed her.

"What was Mrs. Suzan thinking when she said that to the customer in room 201? Isn't that the most expensive room in this luxury hotel?" Camilla reflected herself. "Is there something wrong with the occupants of room 201?" Camilla tried to get up the courage to ask Mrs. Suzan why she cursed the VVIP guest.

"I'm not sure what's wrong with him, he just called in a bad mood and asked for more vodka. We gave him four bottles of vodka two hours ago. How busy is his life that he needs more than five bottles of vodka?"

"Perhaps he's in a breakup." Camilla laughed at her remark.

"You are correct. Please bring this to him as soon as possible."

"All right, maam."

"Wait, Camilla," Mrs. Suzan attempted to contact Camilla, who had already walked away.

"Yes, maam?" Camilla turned and stopped walking.

"Just keep it outside the door and don't come in. I'm feeling bad all of a sudden."

"Okay, maam. I might as well go home after I finish this." Camilla smiled and quickly took the golden tray containing two bottles of vodka. The girl finally decided to hurry up and leave.


"Hello, service room here!" Camilla attempted to speak, but there was no response from inside.

"Could it be that the guest is sleeping?"

Camilla remembered Mrs. Suzan's advice not to enter guest room 201. Camilla intended to place the tray of vodka in front of the bedroom door in response to Mrs. Suzan's message.

"All right, my job is done, let us...,"

Suddenly there was a loud sound of breaking glass. The voice made Camilla gasp.

"What the hell is that?"

The sound of broken glass was heard repeatedly. As a result, Camilla instinctively turned the doorknob to room 201. And then,

"Oh, my goodness! It turns out the door wasn't locked?" she said inwardly.

Camilla was perplexed because the door was not locked. She didn't realize she'd just walked into the room. Her interest was piqued again when she noticed the room was littered with glass shards from the elegant dressing table and the antique crystal glass table.

"Oh my God! This cannot be tolerated!" Camilla screamed in her heart,

Camilla's gaze was drawn to the figure of a man in a gray shirt standing with his back to her. Camilla stood facing the glass, but she couldn't see the man who allegedly broke the hotel's property because the glass was broken.

"Excuse me, sir, if I am being arrogant. Damage to the hotel's property, on the other hand, will result in a hefty fine, especially if it's antique glass."

Camilla tried to warn the man, but he did not budge even after Camilla reprimanded him.

"Sir? Do you hear me? I'm speaking to you."


Still no response.


"Stop talking, Ayana! I'm sick of arguing with you!"

Finally, the man turned to Camilla and spoke. The man's expression was unbearable. His eyes are puffy and red. It's as if he's been crying all night. Camilla was once again perplexed by...

"Ayana? Is he hallucinating?" Camilla wondered. "Sir, my name is Camilla, not Ayana."

"I'm your fiancée, Tristan. How could you have forgotten about me?"

"Looks like he's gone insane," Camilla concluded.

Camilla then approaches Tristan, intending to re-explain to him that she is not the girl named Ayana that he had in mind.

"Sir, I repeat my word, that I am not Ayana. And I apologize for having to report this damage to..."

Camilla's words stopped as her lips stopped pursed, unable to believe what Tristan had just done. The man pushed Camilla's body, so she was now on the bed in a supine position.

"Sir, this is harassment! Let me go!"

"Shut up!"

Tristan tried to get Camilla's lips, but the girl looked away. Camilla tries to escape Tristan's grip that night. Fear began to overwhelm her.

"What's so great about that guy compared to me, Ayana?"

"Let me go!!!"

No matter how hard Camilla tried to rebel, it seemed in vain because Tristan was stronger than Camilla.

"Why did you betray me?! I'll show you that my game is better than that b*st*rd!"


Tristan yanks so hard on Camilla's shirt button that it rips. Because her shirt was pulled, the black bra wrapped around her breast began to show. Camila began to cry out in fear.

Tristan's hands quickly slipped between the small ropes attached to Camilla's shoulders and lowered them, trying to open the cloth frame that covered Camilla's beautiful part.

"Please, Mr. Tristan, don't r*p* me," Camilla begs Tristan to stop. Camilla continued to cry and whimper in terror.

"Can you stop crying? You know, Ayana? Seeing other men enjoy your luscious lips is torturous for me! Can that man beat my kiss?"

Tristan buries his lips to meet Camilla's. Camilla nearly passed out from exhaustion while fighting Tristan's passions.And that night was like hell for Camilla. A sweet hell.


Tristan greedily devours Camilla's luscious lips. Tristan's kiss is so intensely suffocating that the girl can hardly breathe! Camilla was unable to move within the confines of Tristan.

The man is currently experiencing unusually intense lust. Tristan explores every inch of the virgin girl's body with ruthlessness.

"What gives you the courage to betray me?" he asked, caressing Camila's face, stopped the kiss, so that, Camilla could breathe for a while.

"Please come to your senses, I'm not Ayana."

Again and again, Camilla explained to a mentally disturbed Tristan. In Tristan's eyes, tonight, there is no Camilla. In his eyes, there was only Ayana.

"I love you, baby. I love you. But why did you stab me in the back?!"

“Akh..., s- stop it!!”

Camilla's eyes widen, and she screams in pain as Tristan squeezes her breasts tightly. Tristan became even more ecstatic after hearing Camilla's response.

He quickly removed his shirt and tossed it arou


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