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Princess Missabelle

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Entangled With The Two Billionaires
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Camilla Stewart never thought that it would be a disastrous one-night stand for her. Her virginity was forcibly snatched away by Tristan Drayson, a heartbroken billionaire CEO who was betrayed by his fiance, the Japanese model Ayana. Tristan tries to make amends by paying Camilla as much money as she wants. The condition was that Camilla had to leave New York as soon as possible. "Mr. Tristan! I beg of you, I-I need the money right now. You tell me anything this time I won't refuse, as long as you give me the money you promised." "Really? You're not going back on your word again?" Tristan challenges Camilla. Camilla lowered her head and nodded slowly, with the burden of shame already mounting. "Then serve me one more time tonight. If you can satisfy me tonight, I'll pay you double the amount I promised." How will Camilla handle her accidental pregnancy after signing the contract with Tristan? The presence of billionaire heir William is saving her but Tristan’s show-up make their triangle love more complicated than expected. How will Camilla choose between her entangled relationship with two billionaires?


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