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Encounter danger

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Andylee
  • Chapters: 12
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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  • 5.0
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In this world full of mysteries, some encounters are predestined, like the wonderful encounter between Chen Xi and Gao Zhexing. Gao Zhexing, an unpredictable man, his appearance made Chen Xi feel unprecedented danger, but it made her heart beat faster, as if she was in a thrilling adventure. Chen Xi found that no matter how she dodged, Gao Zhexing could always appear by her side, just like fate was playing tricks on them. Maybe this is the feeling of fate, no matter how you try to escape, you will still meet fate in the end. Gao Zhexing's appearance brought many accidents to Chen Xi's life, and also made her feel unprecedented stimulation. His mysterious eyes make it impossible to fathom his inner thoughts; His calm demeanor makes people feel a threat that cannot be ignored. Chen Xi couldn't help but sigh, such a man is simply a mystery. However, in this trick of fate, Chen Xi also slowly found himself with an inexplicable attraction to Gao Zhexing. Perhaps it's because of his mystery and danger that he becomes so fascinating. It's like a dangerous game, the more you try to dodge, the tighter the two become entangled, as if fate has already doomed the entanglement between them. Perhaps this is the magic of love, which makes people feel unprecedented excitement and pleasure in danger and thrill. Chen Xi smiled and thought that maybe fate is like this, always giving you an unexpected surprise at the most casual time, and letting you fall into a dangerous and thrilling love. In any case, Chen Xi decided to let go of everything and bravely face this journey of fate. Because she knows that in this world, there will always be some encounters that are destined, and Gao Zhexing may be the person she is destined for.

Chapter 1: Do you want to get to know each other better?


At the beginning of the lanterns, a business banquet kicked off in the Z Hotel.

Gao Zhexing is comfortable with customers.

Seeing that he was reluctant to let go of the contract, the account manager was anxious, and gave a look to the hot female assistant on the side.

The female assistant gently twisted forward and sat down next to Gao Zhexing, picked up the cigarette case on the table, and said in a coquettish voice, "Mr. Gao, I'll give you a cigarette to relieve your difficulties." ”

When Gao Zhexing heard this, he glanced at her very shallowly, raised his hand to block it slightly, and said in an indifferent tone, "No." ”

The female assistant had a task on her body, and she was tickled by his charming peach blossom eyes, so she turned her head and leaned towards him while handing over the documents.

The soft touch did not make Gao Zhexing feel pleasant, his deep eyes became sharp, and he turned sideways to avoid this ambiguous distance.

The female assistant was unwilling, and when she was about to repeat the old trick again, the door of the private room was suddenly pushed open.

A pure and beautiful goose egg face met Gao Zhexing's eyes, he was stunned for a moment, as if someone came here by accident, and his eyes naturally stayed on the woman's face for a few seconds.

His eyes narrowed slightly, and he thought about it, if he remembered correctly, the woman's name seemed to be Chen Xi.

The male manager, who was good at observing words and feelings, saw the rare concentration in Gao Zhexing's eyes, and immediately proposed: "Mr. Gao, CICI is a medical graduate student at Keio University and a medical translator hired by our company, so let her explain the professional terms to you." ”

Gao Zhexing's slightly drooping eyes swept over the black silk toes under the table and rubbed lightly against his black silk toes, disgust welled up in his heart, and then looked at Chen Xi who was slightly stunned, and when his thoughts flowed, a smile quickly appeared on the corner of his mouth, and he raised his hand and made a wave to Chen Xi.

Except for the unwilling female assistant, everyone on the customer side was overjoyed, and just like that, Chen Xi, who was just here to deliver documents, was arranged to sit next to Gao Zhexing.

Chen Xi watched the face-to-face negotiation of businessmen for the first time, and Mr. Gao beside him exuded a mature and deep aura in his gestures, and women who knew a little bit of male aesthetics could not resist the male charm that burst out of his appearance and eyes, and when she was nervous, she accidentally made a mistake.

After she found out, she raised her hand and lifted the strands of hair that fell down her face to hide her inner discomfort, looked at Gao Zhexing cautiously, and said apologetically: "I'll tell you this paragraph again, okay?" ”

I saw him smile warmly, and his voice was low, "No problem, take your time." ”

Ordinary interaction, but in the eyes of those who care, it is naturally a signal of interest.

The negotiation table quickly switched to a more lively wine table, and between the cups and lamps, the customer saw the hope of signing the contract, and near the end, the male manager called Chen Xi out.

The other party took her to the back garden, told her to wait there and left, and not long after, a pair of black leather shoes slowly walked into her sight.

Chen Xi raised her eyes and saw that it was Mr. Gao who had made her uncomfortable all the time.

I wanted to stagger past him, but he blocked her way.

At the same time, his thin lips opened slightly, and his deep and pleasant voice carried an overflowing hint,

"Would you like to know more?"

Chen Xi was stunned for a moment when he heard this, as if he was shocked, but he didn't seem to be surprised.

In reality, she is not considered a medical translator for the company, or if the manager asked her to stay for the meeting at the beginning, and she did not refuse, she would guess what might have happened.

The rest is just your own will.

Looking at Gao Zhexing's handsome face, Chen Xi's heartbeat rose suddenly, and the long-lost heartbeat also made those past things trapped by love begin to roll, and a trace of pain appeared in her heart.


The idea of letting go of it without any scruples suddenly came to life.

"I..." Chen Xi pursed his lips, still struggling in his heart, and hesitantly spit out a word.

The other party seemed to be very patient, and he was not in a hurry if he didn't get a response from her for a long time, and he didn't make any frivolous movements, only took a step closer.

The two of them leaned closer together, and Chen Hei could feel the hair on her forehead being ruffled by his alcohol-scented breath.

    It was like an invitation, but more of a compulsion.

    She slowly raised her eyes, under the dim light, his dark and deep eyes, like a whirlpool, can attract people to sink.

    Chen Hei's heart beating like a ring, half a ring, she lowered her eyes, lightly nodded her head.

    After that, things went smoothly, Gao Zhexing took Chen Hei to leave.

    But after arriving at the hotel, Gao Zhexing didn't go straight to the point, he told her to make herself at home, and he went to the terrace to answer the phone.

    "Suspend the cooperation with Shago Medical."

    The phone hung up, and Gao Zhexing lit a cigarette, frowning slightly at the scarlet on his hand.

    The client's intention to seduce with beauty was no more obvious, but it also violated his major taboo.

    As for the momentary expediency to bring back this trouble...

    He exhaled a smoke ring and looked through the smoke at Chen Hei behind the floor-to-ceiling window, who was staring at the abstract oil painting on the wall.

    In fact, he had seen her twice in Pengcheng, once on the university campus, where she had waited in line for hours in a rainstorm to get a new book signed by a famous professor, saying it was a birthday gift for her boyfriend, who was also a doctor.

    The professor was a friend of his father's, who was there at the time, and this behavior seemed childish to him, but her innocent smile at that time somehow made an impression on him, so much so that a month later, when he saw her being slapped in front of the operating room, he called the police in a fit of kindness.

    Gao Zhe Xing's hand holding the cigarette nodded his forehead, how to send her away was also a problem.

    Unexpectedly at that moment, she walked towards the terrace.

    Chen Hei's restrained and hostile demeanor caused a teasing gleam to float in the bottom of Gao Zhe Xing's eyes.

    As she approached, Gao Zhexing took a drag on his cigarette and leaned forward, pressing one hand against the glass, instantly enveloping her in a dark shadow.

    Too sudden, Chen Hei couldn't help but freeze, Gao Zhexing suddenly lowered his head again, spitting smoke in her face, she was choked and turned her head away, the smoke that crossed her neck, but like a kiss if not, it burned her earlobes.

    "I..." Heart pounding in her throat, Chen Hei's evasive eyes darted about, but what she wanted to say came out clearly after a pause,...

    "I'm sorry... I'm not feeling up to it tonight."

    Gao Zhe Xing raised an eyebrow at his words, he wasn't surprised, he had seen her wavering for a long time, otherwise he wouldn't have used her to get rid of Xia Wu Medical's gang.

    Trouble solved, the corner of Gao Zhe Xing's mouth pulled up a smile if nothing else, but when he saw the blush on her face, he inexplicably didn't intend to let her go so quickly, and the hand circling around her body still didn't let go.

    When she didn't get a reply from Gao Zhe Xing, Chen Hei was in a state of shock for half a moment, biting her lip, she added, "I don't want to... I'm sorry for spoiling your fun."

    Just when Chen Hei was about to lose her nerve, he slowly said.

    "A man and a woman should always love each other, otherwise it would be meaningless!"

    When he finished speaking, he let go of his hand on the glass and took two steps backward.

    Chen Hei was a bit surprised, but her tense nerves instantly relaxed, without much hesitation, she bent towards Gao Zhexing and pulled the door out without looking back.

    After leaving the hotel, Chen Hei took a taxi back to her residence.

    Her roommate was a bit surprised to see her back and said, "The manager said you went to the hotel with a successful man?"

    Chen Hei laughed softly but didn't answer and quickly went back to her room.

    For a moment, she was moved, but reason returned and she backed off.

    It was possible that she was still in love with herself, and didn't want to let herself fall without a care in the world after being hurt, which wasn't the reason she came to Japan to study in the first place.

    That Mr. Gao was indeed charming and didn't force himself on her, he was a gentleman, I think.

    Only after many years, after Chen Hei became familiar with Mr. Gao's character, she realized that Mr. Gao's best skill was disguise, and tonight she was only accompanying him in a play.

Chapter 2: Re-encounter

Four years later, Pontiac

    Chen Hei came back from a business trip to Tokyo, and as soon as he left the airport, he rushed to the Linhai Resort, where an auction was to be held tonight at a five-star hotel.

    When she arrives, it's already dark, the ballroom is full of guests, and the reception is already underway. She finds Ms. Fong, the auction's coordinator, in the midst of all the glitter and glamour.

    Ms. Fang handed her a piece of information, "I've asked around for you, not many people are interested in the painting you want, so there's a good chance you'll be able to win it."

    Chen Hei thanked her and took it. She was here tonight to auction the painting on behalf of her aunt, who was seriously ill, and the painting was of vital importance to the old man.

    She still wanted to ask about the details, but the originally brightly lit ballroom was suddenly plunged into darkness.

    The scene was


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