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  • Author: Andylee
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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In this world full of mysteries, some encounters are predestined, like the wonderful encounter between Chen Xi and Gao Zhexing. Gao Zhexing, an unpredictable man, his appearance made Chen Xi feel unprecedented danger, but it made her heart beat faster, as if she was in a thrilling adventure. Chen Xi found that no matter how she dodged, Gao Zhexing could always appear by her side, just like fate was playing tricks on them. Maybe this is the feeling of fate, no matter how you try to escape, you will still meet fate in the end. Gao Zhexing's appearance brought many accidents to Chen Xi's life, and also made her feel unprecedented stimulation. His mysterious eyes make it impossible to fathom his inner thoughts; His calm demeanor makes people feel a threat that cannot be ignored. Chen Xi couldn't help but sigh, such a man is simply a mystery. However, in this trick of fate, Chen Xi also slowly found himself with an inexplicable attraction to Gao Zhexing. Perhaps it's because of his mystery and danger that he becomes so fascinating. It's like a dangerous game, the more you try to dodge, the tighter the two become entangled, as if fate has already doomed the entanglement between them. Perhaps this is the magic of love, which makes people feel unprecedented excitement and pleasure in danger and thrill. Chen Xi smiled and thought that maybe fate is like this, always giving you an unexpected surprise at the most casual time, and letting you fall into a dangerous and thrilling love. In any case, Chen Xi decided to let go of everything and bravely face this journey of fate. Because she knows that in this world, there will always be some encounters that are destined, and Gao Zhexing may be the person she is destined for.


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