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Dominant CEO Husband Comes Knocking

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: LUDESI
  • Chapters: 37
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 44
  • 7.5
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Six years ago, she, with the burden of impending labor, disappeared into the vast sea of people without hesitation. Six years later, the cycle of destiny brought about a dramatic transformation. The once determined young girl has now become a mother, leading a life that is ordinary yet fulfilling. However, an unexpected twist awaits in the future as the father of her children comes knocking on the door. An accidental encounter, an undeniable truth – two irresistibly adorable children become pivotal characters in this unfolding story. When the children's father expresses his intention to marry their mother, a unique challenge quietly takes shape. "To marry our mom, you must pass through us." Two little angels stand before her, their innocent eyes fixed upon the woman who once fearlessly faced the world. Su Xi's sons, Su Zichen and Su Zixuan, vow to protect their mother's happiness at all costs. This is a moment filled with trials and tribulations, a narrative that delves into the realms of family, love, and personal growth. In this family drama, courage, perseverance, and genuine emotions intertwine. The former young girl, now a mother, reexamines life in the company of her children, bravely confronting challenges from both the past and the future. This is a story that transcends boundaries, where the laughter and tears of a family create a tapestry of emotions. Through the companionship of her children, she embarks on a journey of rediscovery, shaping a destiny that stands as a testament to the strength and resilience of life.

Chapter 1

I am not interested in you

Su Xi slept very uneasily on the plane.

It takes nearly 12 hours to fly from France to China. Su Xi had barely slept last night. Since boarding the plane, she had collapsed into her seat. She needed good sleep but was disturbed again and again.

"Sir, you've finished your coffee. Would you like me to get you another cup?"

Here it comes again!

The flight attendants today were overly enthusiastic, appearing every 10 minutes. Their professionalism was so touching it made people want to sob.

Su Xi's frown was barely discernible as she still refused to open her eyes. She buried her head in the furry, soft and fluffy pillow she had brought on board just so she could sleep better.

"Sir, do you need anything else?"

"Sir, your coffee has gone cold. Shall I get you a fresh cup?"



One after another, endless. This was really too much!

Don't these women understand what modesty is? She really admired men's patience, remaining unmoved even when pestered like this without saying a word.

After another hour, Su Xi could endure it no longer. She sat up and flung off the blanket covering her.

She quickly glanced around. The flight attendant disturbing her sleep was undoubtedly beautiful - perfect makeup, almond eyes, straight nose. What's more, the s*xy red lips purposely pouted to better seduce men. If Su Xi were a man, she would probably find it hard to resist such allure too.

But so what? Does a man's good looks fill your stomach?

Clearly not.

Su Xi didn't know if the man would play along, but the flight attendant was stunned, clearly very shocked.

"You, you two..." She looked incredulous. The surprise was written all over her pretty, cute face. She looked at Su Xi, then at the man she had sworn from the beginning she must get. She couldn't accept the reality.

All this time, the man hadn't said a word. When Su Xi looped her arm around his, he had turned to look at Su Xi.

Somehow, under his piercing gaze, Su Xi suddenly felt pressured. He hadn't done or said anything, yet she felt this way. How bizarre!

Only now did Su Xi see clearly that the man's side profile alone could overlook the masses. She hadn't expected his front to be so devastatingly handsome. With skin like that, a man like him left no chance for anyone else, man or woman. In front of him, everyone else was crushed into scraps.

"Seen enough? If so, let go." Fu Yuezhe's brow furrowed slightly, his tone a little unhappy.

Everyone who knew him was aware that unless he permitted it, he disliked being touched casually by anyone.

This foolish woman had leaned on him while he was reading important documents. He knew hundreds of ways women tried to chat him up. This one didn't look bad. Normally he might have gone along with it, but right now he had no interest at all.

"Go tell your captain that if anyone comes to bother me again, they can expect to be fired." Before Su Xi could make another move, he had turned his head and spoken these ruthlessly cold words.

The beautiful, proactive flight attendant had no time to feel happy before this bolt from the blue struck her. She froze, her lips turned white, and her expression instantly became ugly. Even a stupid brain knew now she had provoked someone she shouldn't have. She wasn't dumb - just blinded by his good looks. Compared to male beauty, her job was more important. In less than two seconds, the flight attendant had vanished without a trace.

Su Xi watched all this in shock. She had thought this man was a paper tiger, but it turned out he was the deeply hidden big boss!

"Are you going to let go or not?"

Lost in thought, his cold words reached her ears. Su Xi jerked her hands back in surprise. "Sorry, I..."

"No need to explain. I've seen plenty of women like you. Let me tell you - stay put in your seat. I have zero interest in you."

She had barely spoken a few words before being interrupted. That was one thing, but he actually spoke so arrogantly and narcissistically!

"As if I'm interested in you, you narcissist!"

With that, Su Xi heavily flopped back into her seat and turned her back on him, demonstrating her stand with action. Where he couldn't see, she viciously kneaded the soft pillow a few times. Being mistaken for an admirer deliberately flirting with him really made her want to spit blood!

Chapter 2

Who qualifies to manage me?

Su Xi, who had buried half her head in the pillow, didn't know that after she made that declaration, Fu Yuezhe showed a hint of surprise and interest that flashed through his sharp eyes.

When the plane landed, Su Xi was gently woken up by the flight attendant. She blearily woke up and saw that the seat next to her was already empty.

She had slept very well. Her irritable temper, which she found hard to control when not fully rested, was pushed back down to her bones. She stood up on the spot, took a deep breath. For Su Xi, coming back to A City from France was undoubtedly like entering a battle obscured by unseen gunpowder smoke!

Although the Su family had abandoned her overseas the past two years without a word, they still had to consider their reputation, so someone had been sent early to the airport lobby.

Su Xi followed this


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