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When Kelvin's mother's phony death triggers a nightmarish chain of events, he's trapped in a sinister web of deception spun by his ex-girlfriend Gloria and former best friend Jeoffery. With vengeance in their hearts, they'll stop at nothing to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs. As Kelvin endures unimaginable torment, his sister Jackie and her unwavering partner Alex embark on a desperate quest to uncover the truth and rescue him. Amidst the chaos, buried family secrets resurface, tearing at the seams of trust and unity. But the ultimate revelation that Jeoffery is no stranger threatens to shatter their identity completely. Set against a backdrop of opulent wealth and urban intrigue, "Devil in Disguise " takes readers on a heart-stopping journey through manipulation, suspense, and the undying bonds of family. Will the Clydes emerge from the shadows of their past, or will their legacy remain forever fractured?

Chapter 1 "SHATTERED"


The day dawned crisp and clear as the sun poured through my windows bringing along with it new hopes and aspirations. I rubbed my blurry eyes and walked to the window to catch a glimpse of the rising sun casting its rosy hues across the sky. I was anything but ready to face the day without Mom. She had gone on a trip and would return today.

I dragged myself to the bathroom,brushed my teeth and took a quick shower. After changing outfits, I run down the stairs and met Jackie and Jeoffery already seated at the table. I inhaled my breakfast, scrambled for my Key and jacket and made to race for the door.

I had turned the door nob already when my phone rang. It was an unknown number.

"What!!" I exclaimed in shock as my phone fell lifelessly from my hand. The news I heard on the phone struck me so hard that I fell to the ground like an empty sack released from a height. All eyes in the room were now fixed in on me shock and confusion as to why I exclaimed as such and fell hard to the ground. The wind whirled around me and the world went black. At first, I couldn't process what I had heard. A shiver raced down my spine and tremor of pain struck my heart as if pierced with an arrow.

"Oh, my God!! Kelvin C. What is it?" l heard jeoffery exclaim as he made fast paces towards me to pick me off the ground.

"what is it Kel C, what happened Kel C, he interrogated. I kept mute as if I heard nothing he said. "Answer me," he asked again but still nothing

Jackie get a glass of water, I heard jeoffery say out loud to my sister. She brought it hurriedly and I took a sip.

He asked again "Kel C what is it"?

" It's mo mo mo". I stuttered out of shock.

"What is mo mo mo" he interrogated.


"Kel c is making no sense here at all, what could be wrong"? I asked turning to Jackie who looked down much worried and confused about his brother. Minutes ago, Kelvin had jolted from his sleep looking lively as ever, what happened now.

"The phone!! " Jackie blurted out.

" Yes! You're a genius Jackie", I said to her as I rushed to where the phone was lying.

I picked it up and hurriedly checked the recently received number, it was Kel C's mom.

"Jackie it's ur mom," I said to her.

"What could Mom have told Kelvin to cause this sudden muteness and stammering"? Jackie asked already in fear. I shrugged

I dialed the number to call back." hello mummy " I said when the call was answered.

"Halo" a deep voice replied.

"Who are u, please? " I questioned him.

" I'm inspector Ernest A.K.A Junior Einstein". He replied.

"Whatever, this is Miss Caries's phone may I know where she is?

"Oh the accident victim? But I told you already". He added

"Nope. It wasn't me, that was my friend and did I just hear you say accident " I replied and asked

" Yes I'm sorry but we lost the victim" he sadly announced

"What!! Miss Carrie died in an accident"?

"No, it can't be! not my mom!" I Heard Jackie say out loud and she burst into tears...


Jackie's POV

"Hey guys dinner is ready!!"I screamed out from the dinner table to call my brothers.

Oops, sorry there were no proper introductions the first time. I'm Jackie Clyde, 18 years old and Kelvin Clyde my elder brother who is 20 years.,and Jeoffery my brother's friend who we took in recently because he lost his parents. I sometimes regret we took him in. Sadly we also lost our dad not too long ago and our mom followed recently

"Jackie what did you make today, am damm hungry," Jeoffery said as he descended the stairs.

"There he goes again," I said within me.

"I made your favourite... Rice and chicken wings". I said as I faked a smile when I saw my brother's gaze

Wow. Mouth-watering. He remarked as they sat down

I began to serve the food.

"I won't eat much" Kelvin said lost in thoughts.

"What is wrong with him again, " I thought.

The food serving was done in no time. and then as if been timed by someone, the doorbell rang before each of us could even taste the food.

I went to check who it was. Three men, two dressed in all black and one in white and black stood at the gate.

"Good afternoon ma'am". he said.

"Huh, me? ma'am"? I chuckled within.

"Yh afternoon" I replied more clearly.

Jeoffery's POV

Curiosity rushed me to the door to check who it was also.

"Oh inspector," I said on reaching where they were.

"What's your name again, " I asked rhetorically

" Einstein, yeah junior Einstein " I replied myself.

" Wossup negga" I switched from the normal ascent doing a nigga's talk

"I'm sorry but I'm not here for your foolish dramatic scene" The officer replied rudely

Feeling ashamed and foolish I kept mute.

"Where is Mr Kelvin Clyde?" the officer asked.

"I'm here" Kelvin replied as he walked towards us.

You are under arrest for killing your mom.

What??!! We all gasped in shock.


"What!! Killed my mom? Haha, you got to be kidding me, officer. " I asked jokingly

"Yoo man I'm not kidding here okay? The officer retorted.

But what the hell are you....the officer cut me off before I could even finish my statement.

"Say something and it would be used against you in a court of law" he added looking serious.

I watched idly as the handcuffs were manoeuvred around my wrist

"Jeez officer, take it easy with my bro...we can settle this amicably, how much do you want?" Jeoffery said worriedly and pleasingly.

Hey young man, you better watch your words before it lands your friend in bigger trouble " the officer replied With rage.

"Okay enough of the drama here, take him to the car" the officer instructed his other men to do so. They single-handedly

"Okay enough of the drama here, take him to the car" the officer instructed his other men to do so.

They single handedly grabbed me and we walked to their car outside. I was overly resistant with they arresting me for such a hideous act. I clenched my fist in rage as he ordered his men to take me in. He wore a unpardonable look on which already showed he wasn't going to pardon me. As such, I held on to my ego.

Sooner after his rants, he shove himself into the driver's seat and sped off abruptly leaving the escapee particles of air to float in the atmosphere

Chapter 2 "THE KIDNAP"

Jackie's POVI stood there helplessly watching my brother being taken away by the police for a crime I hardly believe he committed."Oh dear God, why does it seem like calamity keeps falling on our family when a Ray of happiness seems to be shining on us?What did my family ever do to deserve all this, first it was Dad, then Mom and now Kelvin, Oh heavens please have mercy"All these thoughts rushed through my mind as tears rolled down my cheek."And you! Was that all you had left in that empty head of yours to say?" I said with rage as tears gushed out of my eyes turning to Jeoffery."Was there nothing much sensible to do to help rather than attempting to bribe the officer? I sometimes wonder why my brother allowed you into our home. All you do is eat and waste money and nothing else!!!. I angrily added."You know what, I never had the opportunity to tell yo


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