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Deal with the devil

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Antonya
  • Chapters: 55
  • Status: Completed
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • 👁 528
  • 7.5
  • 💬 2


Leo arrived at the Kosvolk mansion in desperation, and unintentionally stumbled upon the woman who would be his contracted wife. However, his eyes were met with a regrettable surprise upon meeting the only daughter of the mafia boss Dimitriy. Leo determined that he would never commit himself to a spoiled, pampered, and indulged girl, as it would be an insult to him and the Novikov name. Little does he expect that the mafia boss's daughter has her own tricks up her sleeve, including the power of seduction. Will he be able to resist the charms of the girl who has it all?


Leo Novikov is a chauvinistic man, living a carefree life and committed to the family business. When he reached his thirties, he was promised to lead part of Russia. However, this becomes impossible when he suddenly learns that he must marry the daughter of a Kosvolk in order to have absolute power and elevate his surname, as the Kosvolk and Novikov families would be the long-awaited union.

All of this is due to a contract signed by the founding members of the mafia organization, although there are many separate clans that want to overthrow the new bosses, while others want to maintain power through their dependence.

After being explained what he must do to obtain everything he has fought for, Leo takes a step back because he knows that marriage is not what he had planned for himself, as it would be the end of his bachelorhood and the freedom he enjoys with women and travel.

It's insane to think that he would marry an inexperienced girl! It's a disaster from which he wants to run away, but his father has him tied down to fulfill his obligations. The mafia members don't care if she has to fall in love or not; what matters is the union of both families, "the power."

The thought of escaping and not obeying his father comes to his mind, although he also considers not accepting, but that would be the end of his family, as the son of the Kosvolk could find the woman who will give him the power he needs.

It's a total catastrophe because Leo has no other path, although there is a glimmer of hope that Kosvolk would destroy that clause in exchange for granting him power, hoping that the father of the woman who is supposed to be his wife will oppose it. That idea comes to his mind, and he'll keep it as an ace up his sleeve. He won't tell his father anything, not as long as the father of that girl accepts. He has no other choice. He must and has to accept.

Leo didn't take much time to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg, the city where the grand Kosvolk family resides. Everything was going well until fate played a nasty trick on him because it didn't take long for Leo to stumble upon the main piece of all his problems, "Pao."

The man had to blink a couple of times to determine that the girl before his eyes was not the same one he would marry, as he was almost twice her age. In his thoughts, thousands of things come to him, and one of them is that it is not possible to marry a spoiled, pampered, and whimsical brat who doesn't even know what she wants.

The difference between Leo and Pao is that he is a man with experience, and the last thing that crosses his mind is to be attracted to a teenager, even if Pao claims to be of legal age.

Pao wasted no time and threw herself at the lips of the imposing Leo. For a few seconds, she imagined that she would have him at her feet, but everything collapsed when he rejected her, telling her that she is just a child and, worst of all, that she is promiscuous because the first thing she did was throw herself at a complete stranger. She reacted in the worst way possible; she felt offended, used, ugly, dirty, to the point of running away from there.

The man could only shake his head, frustrated, as he met the girl who would be his wife, a teenager! Many thoughts raced through his mind, and one of them was the question, what experience could this girl have? She's not my type, not at all!

And that's when the man decided to turn around and leave the Kosvolk's house. He felt so frustrated, disappointed, and furious because the organization was playing with him, putting a mere child who didn't even know her own name in his path.

Without speaking to the mobster who would solve his problems, he returned home to discuss the matter of marrying a teenager. His family was unimpressed when he described the girl who would be his wife. However, his family demanded that he go back and speak with the girl's father. They insisted that her being a teenager shouldn't matter since she was still a woman, even though they justified everything by saying she was of legal age.

It was all a surprise to him because his family agreed that he should marry the girl he had rejected. If he refused, he had to be aware that it would be the end of his family and the Novikov name.

What will Leo Novikov decide?

Will he sacrifice his freedom to uphold the family name? However, there's also the option that the girl's father might oppose and help him obtain everything, they want, without resorting to marriage.


As Leo keeps appearing in Pao's life, his presence remains a challenge for her. In her mind, she still believes she has everything it takes to conquer any man. All she lacks is a bit of confidence and toughness so that men stop seeing her as a whiny and spoiled child.

Unintentionally, she overheard a heated family argument in her parents' office, in the company of the man who ignored her. Her question of the year is, "Why am I not there?" Jealousy arises because they allow her brother to be in the meeting she should be attending, emphasizing that she is not a child, as they constantly point out.

"Everything is unfair for the unhappy girl." What she doesn't expect is that a big surprise is about to come her way.

Unexpected visit


I have been traveling from Moscow to St. Petersburg for three months, solely to find a solution to all my problems. 

The moment the girl's parents found out about the clause, which they also didn't know about, they wanted to kill me just by seeing me. Their reaction is understandable because they see their daughter, the girl, and a man nearly twice her age as incompatible with having children. 

My response to them was that I had no intention of marrying their daughter, but I also didn't want that clause to harm my family. 

Since the day I spoke about the matter, they have been trying various ways to undo everything, but until today, there are no solutions because it is something that is established, and both children have to fulfill it. 

Her parents intend to take the girl far away. It would be a huge favor for me, but I won't allow it because I don't want to sit idly by. I cannot disappoint my family; I


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