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Contract Bride by Chance

Contract Bride by Chance

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If anyone had told Jessica that the man she has been looking for and her soon to be husband is the most handsome and sexiest man that she will ever come across, she would never have embarked on the journey. A journey of justice and revenge turns unexpectedly into the one of love and a very strong bond. Cole Spears, the most eligible bachelor in town has just a month to get married, according to his grandfather's wish, he had no choice than to chose a bride that night, he chooses Jessica a girl he has been searching for all these while. Their fate collide as what seems to be a planned out story turns into a uncontrollably fire from the heart.

Chapter 1

Contract bride by chance chapter 1

Jessica slammed her hand on her forehead after hearing what Terry just said, there is no way that she is giving up on this mission, she has sacrificed a lot for this course.

"Jessica you need to listen to me, you can't continue with this, just come back home we can find another way around this" Terry said trying to convince her as much as he can.

"Terry you don't understand I need to do this for my sister, it's really important that I do this for her, I can't just give up I have to find another way" she said

"now you listen to me you rebellious little girl, I told you from the start not to do this but you insisted, if you continue on this mission you are not only alone but you no longer belong to the force, do you hear me?" Monica said.

Jessica didn't know what else to say at that point so she just hung up the call, she made her way back to the hotel room where she had been staying for the past three months now.

She came here to this city deliberately because of this, how could she have known that Cole Spears is such a cunning man, he had pitched the interview to be today only for her to be told this morning on her way to the company that he already hired someone.

Gosh this was her only chance of being close to him and taking the long desired revenge that she has been planning for him since she was fourteen.

She was too deep in thought and didn't hear a car horn, and she was almost hit by the car.

"Hey get out of the way" the driver of the car shouted at her from the car and she was forced to look back, she quickly jerked back and ran to the other side.

"I'm really sorry I didn't see you coming" she said, but the driver already entered into the car and was driving away.

Jessica was still apologizing when she noticed the man at the back of the car, he must be the owner of the car but that was was not even the main thing right now.

The man looked so beautiful, she wanted to take a better look at him, but he already put up the windscreen and the car already passed by her.

Jessica was left in a daze as she just stood there doing nothing, it took a barking dog for her to come back to her senses.

Jessica could not stop thinking about the man that she saw just a while ago, how can a man be that hot and handsome, she wished that she was able to have a better look but too bad that she couldn't, that is the least of her problems anyways.

Cole got to his office, and sat down on his office chair, he came in through his private elevator that no one excepts his personal assistants knows the entrance, he just hired a new assistant yesterday and he just hopes that she does her job, and not end up like the rest of them.

"Do you have any news about the girl?" he asked him

"alright fine got it" he said and hung up the call.

"oh Jessie where are you?" he muttered to himself.

The new assistant came right in with some documents in her hand, bringing him back from his thought, and she was obviously shaking as she read him the schedule that he has.

"are you that scared of me?" he asked

"uhh sir well no I mean yes I no" she stammered

"it's fine, I got the answer that I need already, you can go now" he said and she quickly placed the documents and started to flee his office.

She was about leaving finally when he called her back

"what's your name?" he asked

"Pat" she answered

"good Pat, forget to bring my coffee next time and you are fired" he said.

Pat eyes widened with shock as she remembered that the first thing on her to do list is to make his coffee, how could she have forgotten such a thing, she quickly left the office to go get the coffee.

Cole is in such a bad mood already and he really does not mind transferring the aggression on the poor little girl, it was as though he derives pleasure in doing that.

He was called today that his grandfather is seriously ill, the doctor said he had a heart attack overnight, Elder Spears is the only man he loves and cherished in that whole family and he would do anything just to see him stand again.

But what his grandfather is asking him is way beyond what he can do, Elder Spears wants him to get married, the thought of it alone infuriates him.

"if you want me alive you will get married very soon" those were his grandfather's words to him this morning, now he his as confused as anything, where in the world is he supposed to get a wife in a month, because that's the ultimatum that he gave him.

His grandfather is even holding a ball in two days to get him a wife, ' how crazy ' he thought.

Jessica didn't feel like eating anything she was tired of ordering food that she won't just eat, she has been in a bad mood since this morning, a lot of things just seems to be so wrong.

Now Monica won't send her any money again, she would need to get a job if she really wants to survive in this city, she thought.

Her ringing phone brought her back to reality she looked at the caller ID and it is who she thought it would be.

"Hey Terry how are you doing?" she asked

"I should be asking you that question Jessica how are you?" he asked

"I'm good I just need to get my thoughts together" she said

"I think you should just listen to Monica, just come back home and forget about this whole revenge thing, Cole Spears is a dangerous person, he might just harm you" Terry said his voice filled with concern and worry.

"Cole Spears killed my sister, and I'm not letting him go no matter what!" she said firmly.

Chapter 2

Contract Bride by chance chapter 2

"Come on Jessica please don't be stubborn, you can't possibly do this on your own, if Monica refuses to support you, you won't last long on the field, please Jessica just listen to me for once, just this once" Terry pleaded with her but Jessica was just not having any of the things that he is saying.

She dropped the phone on the bed and went into the bathroom.

"Hey Jessica are you still there, are you listening to me?" Terry kept talking into the phone while Jessica walked off into the bathroom, she needs a cold bath at the moment.

Cole got home very tired, aside his domestic staffs, he's the only one that lives in the biggest mansion in the entire city, not even his family mansion comes close, he has no idea why he even still consider those people his family, grandfather is the only family he acknowledges in the family.

He went ahead into the bathroom and took a bath, he stayed


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