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  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: Kareh
  • Chapters: 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 18+
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"She's mine!"He thundered out loudly making everyone turn their concentration on us. "And who the hell do you think you are?Jack roared back at him."FYI,she mine for this night,"turning back to me ,"right miss?" Of course I could not respond back.Jack held me by my waist and off we went. Hess could not believe,so he followed us hurriedly to the club entrance.I could tell that he only wanted to engage into a fight. "Let her go "Hess said. "What's your problem man? I already told you that she's mine for tonight.Do you have a problem with that huh?" This conversation was getting irritate

Chapter 1

Slowly?Not really.I was hurriedly past the tution centre heading to the main National library.I was doing a research on a campus I was to join in two months.I had never been into such a place.I need

help and I couldn't find an attendant nearby"Excuse me,I need to pick a magazine from that shelf."a handsome good looking young man almost my age thundered to me.I excused him reluctantly though I couldn't get my eyes off him."Hey can I ask you something?where can I get a,,......"Before I could even finish my question he was already heading to where he was studying."Okay,that was mean" .I whispered.I had to find an attendant and help me out because I could not afford to get back home without the information.I had also done an online research but my dad was satisfied with the information.Going home without the information he need was like playing with fire.I got the information I need and now I was heading home.Because I still had time I decided to pass by a restaurant which was not very expensive but had nice drinks and snacks.I sat at a table where now one alse was there and ordered a drink.A familiar face passed by my table and sat a the table beside me.He was the guy who was mean to me at the library.its a good thing he didn't sit by me but I wished he had smiled at me.I could no longer concentrate.I could feel he was gazing at me but once I turned he was looking at different direction.I paid my fees and bonded back home.

I was restless the whole night.I could not stop thinking about him.could he be my soul mate?? Nothing like that,,I confronted myself.Thats just a guy you met and you'll never meet him again.You don't even know his name.And with that I was okay.

Two months were over and I was joining campus in two days.The feeling was undescried.I was feeling good I would be away from my dad who always dictated everything and I felt sad I wine away from my friends.I had no friend who was joining the my campus.i had to make new friends.

I was antisocial but this time I had to deal with people.My dad made sure I had been admitted and I got a hostel and the he left.How do people even make friends.?How do do I approach them and what do I have to tell them?I had many questions in my mind.During the first week of the semester I had made two friends.we were actually not friends.We were in the same hostel though they were elder than I .They passed by and said hi and later left.Classes were to start next week and I was sure to make new friends.Thete was no introduction done In class.Lectures said that this was not a high school so there's no need for introduction.I headed straight to my room.Now I had to get used to staying indoors and chatting with my old friends from home and highschool.Boys were men .Campus was wired.How can a student be married to another student? A student working?That was something I couldn't explain.Days passed by and life was becoming unbearable, frequent research's,may assignment ,boys hitting on me,may classes , literally everything i dint expect happened.Before I left home my dad told me that campus life was fun "Campus life is every easy,no one pushes you to do a thing.If you don't fell like eating its okay .No one asks if you attend a lecture or not. Technically,every day is a Christmas,and everything is merry."Those were his words.Fore the passed two weeks that was the apposite.Nothing was merry.You could not miss a lecture and everything was a lie. I had over ten guys In my inbox who were hitting on me and two ladies who also claimed they wanted a thing with me.My dad would have killed me if he knew what was happening.He had also said that he would visit anytime he felt like.

Friday night.Another unexpected thing happened. I was heading home after I rejected to accompany a guy in my inbox to a party night.I was walking alone of course hurriedly cause I was not used to walking at night .It was almost 7.30.My dad called but I couldn't pick his call.He would scold me if he knew I was out at this time.Two guys were behind me and they were drunk.They were arguing about a thing I could not hear well. I was afraid they could fight near me so I started walking very fast .They Started fighting,I wanted to help but I couldn't.I didn't want trouble .One guy was being beaten up and I couldn't watch him being beaten. He was running towards me .I stood and he feel where I was .If I wanted to run away I would have cause my room was just some blocks away."Come on ,you have to help me .This dude is messing up!."He said. He was bleeding but not that much so I offered to help him.He couldn't remember his house."What on earth could make such a guy to get drunk and engage in a fight" Wait ,this face was familiar.I could not recall where I had met him but for sure I had seen him.My dad called again,he asked why I was not picking the phone .I composed some lies and I guessed he bought it.

"Are you alone?"he asked

"Yes,why?"I answered.The guy started groaning in pain and it was loud.

"Whose there?"he asked again but now aggressivly.

",Nobody she's a neighbour of mine whose not feeling well."Why don't you go to the hospital??"

"It's girl stuff dad,she'll be okay."We talked a little more stuff and he was done though I knew he was still not statisfied. They guy started vommitng.I couldn't stand himI woke him up and asked him to lay down.I had a carpet.It was better if he dirtied a carpet ruther than a bed .I placed a basin near him so he could do the vommiting there.I cleaned his mess,made dinner and was ready to get to sleep .I was not sure if I was to spend the night with him in the same bed.He was a stranger.I started going through his stuff and his national ID stated that he was from my home town.This was the guy I had met at the national library.What I coincidence.I never thought of meeting him again.His name was Hesbon.I couldn't sleep.He was in second year second semester.He was good looking too.What would have made him drink that much was he okay? Had he been heartbroken? I had many questions I wanted to ask him.

Past midnight but I still get sleep.I was watching a series movie in my laptop but the volume was low and lights of.Was it okay to accommodate a stranger in your house.No he's not a stranger,he's my homie .I never thought he was such a reckless person.


"Hey it's cold down here ,do you mind if I join you?"I didn't expect he could talk."Are you hungry? I've made rice."I headed to my kitchen and warmed food .I told him thou I was worried. Something was off.I placed the food near hear but then I realised that he had no strength to lift the spoon.I leaned him back to the wall so he could sit up .I fed him like a baby.

"So it was you uh?Thanks buddy .I owe you one.That dude is a mess."

"okay...Could you do me a favour of not talking too much and finish up this food?I'm sleepy"

"Relax,,,"now I was getting bored ."Hey ,it's you,"pointing at me trying to remember where we met,"I know you,You are in the accounting class , right?"How did he know all that ,?He had actually forgotten we had met at home.He was talking too much and my neighbours would have heard him.It was three in the morning."You can just use my bed,I'll just lay down here." I told him."Thank you but are you sure you don't want to share the bed with me.Nothings gonna happen.I will behave ."

"No I'll be fine here"I said as I helped him get up to my bed.I handed him a t-shirt for his was dirty. We were now set to sleep.

Morning was here.i dint feel like getting up.I had even forgotten that there was a man in my room.It was a weekend so I had all the day to sleep.Wgen I woke up ,I was not in warm chest hugged tightly.He was not I a shirt..was shocked.How it it happened.I was lying on the mat.So he took me and we laid beside each other.I tried to get up but he hugged me tightly that I could no flee myself.i woke him up and he our eyes held.He moved his chin closer to me .He wanted to kiss me! That was not cool!His mouth was stinky.Ofcourse I wanted to kiss him but I couldn't.I could hear his heartbeat run fast and his 'thing' was hard. I could feel this hands manuover my whole body Was he trying to seduce me or what ? What were his intentions?Was he trying to rape me.After a long struggle I managed to flee myself.I called a friend of mine and asked her to come over.After realising what he had done ,he woke up went to the loo,washed his face ,wore my t shirt and left without even apologizing or even thanking me for helping him and accomodation.That was very rude.He wasn't bothered to know my name .He left me a two hundred shilling noted that I had paid to the guy they were fighting with.The previous night he had promised to refund back the money.I despised him.When my friend came,Stella,I told her everything that had happened.He blamed me for having a weak heart,a heart of helping everyone.T

"My friend,this is campus,no one gives a shit about you!"she said with sarcasm.Learn to be un pitiful,they are not your friends,they just want something from you."Those were the cruel words I had heard from a long time.And she left.I could not concentrate the whole day. I just stayed indoors the whole day.The following day was on a Sunday .I was not much religious but I never skipped church since childhood.

"Hey I just came to drop the t shirt yo gave me the last time I was hear.And by the way I'm sorry for bothering you that night.I had drunk too much."

"Sorry huh,You are sorry, right,it's no big deal to me ,apology accepted!"I said sarcastically"what's your problem anyway,you're so mean and rude.courtesy my friend, courtesy!.That's not how one apologies, weren't you taught any manners back at home?Well, I'm not the kind off a person you just talk too any howly,you need to have some manners and respect!!"He went speechless.I passed by him knocking off his shoulders heading to a neighbour of mine who was a good friend.I asked him to tell him to leave.Hess insisted that he had he need to talk to me.The other guy gave him space but warned him against causing any commotion.Something serious was bothering him.In his bag he had two yoghurts,two pieces of cakes and a packet of chocolate.He gave me the chocolate and said he was sorry for disrespecting me.There was tension between us as we ate the cake.I shared some chocolate to him.It was getting late and he had no intentions of leaving .

I asked him to stay for dinner ,I prepared spaghetti but he said he preferred indomie to spaghetti.He had no choice but to eat.He reminded me of the encountered where I was feeding him.He was trying to be funny but I was just not in the mood.I didn't want him to leave.I wanted to spend the night with him ,maybe talk and later lay in his chest once more.He suggested that we watch a thriller movies.I rarely watched thriller and horror movies.We were using my laptop,so he sat at the bed while I sat a chair.Lights were off and there came a point where I started shouting and getting frightened by the movie.

"You better come and join me here,atleast you I will hold you close to me and you will not be afraid."I thought of it and moved to where he was.He opened his arm so he I could rest in his chest but I rejected his offer.I leaned against the bed and I was in a better position to watch well.At a point where It was scary I held him tight and hid my face so I could not see what was happening.He was also afraid but he could not show it to me.We still continued to watch and I was getting sleepy,I leaded to his chest and fell asleep .I felt safe and nice.Of course I could not sleep soundly,I still wanted to know if he would lay me to the bed."When did you even sleep?"I heard him say as he laid me gently to the bed kissed me on the forehead and wished me a goodnight.

"I'll just spend the night down here ."Who even told him I was not asleep .there was no need for him to because I had washed one blanket so we had to share the bed with him.I pushed to the furthest corner and faced the wall while he was in the other corner..After some time of being restless I turned only to find him gazing at me.I was speechless and I automatically closed my eyes so I could not look at him directly to his eyes.What was he thinking of at this time of the night. He asked me if I was cold.He asked me to move closer so he can give me some warmth.This time I did not decline.He opened his hand wind an held me to his chest.I could hear his heartbeat run fast.My was on fire.I breathed heavily."Sash,relax"he assured me nothing was going to happen.

"Let's say your boyfriend surprise you with a visit at this time of the night,who would you say I am?"he asked in a funny way.

"First no one comes to my house without consulting me and second I don't have a boyfriend."I told him.

He was surprised by the fact that I didn't have a boyfriend,I asked him about his girlfriend and he said she had not told her where he had gone.Now I was sure he had a girl.I felt bad and withdrew from him.He noticed the change in mood after she accepted he had a girl.We talked a little bit longer and I told him I need to sleep.He wanted we talk much and much so he suggested that I should tell him my whole life story.I was not willing to disclose anything to him but still I wanted to continue talking to him.We talked and he told him about his love tale.It was her girl that was making him drink much.Rose,her ex girlfriend,had just dumbed her over another friend of his who was more financial stable compared to Hess.He also said that she had seen me on may occasions but I was too fast and I seemed to be serious.He had asked his friend to try hitting on me but still I didn't give him a chance.He never talked about his his family.He now moved closer to me,he was breathing heavily and he held me to his me closer.

"Why don't you have a boyfriend?"he asked.I told him my dad was strict and he couldn't stand me fall for a guy.My dad always said. I was too young for such stuff and that was not the right time.This time he held me tighter and moved his other hand to my waist.I could feel his dick move.His breathing rate was fast too as well as mine.I told him that he was the first guy I had shared a bed with.We almost kissed when he stopped,I was not ready for a kiss.I had never kissed before."Can we be friends,,real friends?"I asked him.

"It depends on which kind of friends we are to be come."He was nice and I wanted him.He explained the various kind of friends such as friends with benefits,strictly friends and others.We agreed that we should be best friends and it was done.

The following morning he left but this time in a friendly way, actually he was much reluctant to go but he had to.

Two days had passed and I had not heard a word from him,as a best friend I called him but he was in a noisy place most probably a club.I pitted him but I was not in a position to help me .That night we chat on the phone via messages till late at night.There was something that was probably bothering him but he could tell me.But he hinted that it was some family issues. Hate is a strong word to use but I I disliked people who were usually bothered by thing they were not in control of.Things such as parents death, misunderstanding of parents,marriage breakage,and poor parenting and violence at home.I was a victim but still I found nothing to be worried about. He had invited me for a sleepover at his house the coming weekend.Failure to go would have made him to go and drink the whole night.That day I woke up with mixed feelings,I was not sure if I wanted to spend the night with him but he had promised that nothing much was to happen.

"Can my best friend teach me how to kiss?"

"Why not,I'll be more than glad to kiss you "he had said.

"How about you teach me once I come to your house,is it okay?"

"Yea ,sure,I will."

I had told Stella what was happening between us with Hess and he had warned me about him.Stella said that I deserve a nice man a man who would take good care of me.Her advise fell on deaf ears.I had already fallen for Hess and i did not want to accept that fact.

My neighbour and another friend of mine from our class,Jack ,had told me to be careful.I was a big girl and I had the right to make decision according to my heart desire.My entire life had been I scum, people making decisions for me,being controlled like a robot and putting people first and forgetting myself.This time was different,I wanted to be happy,make decisions,where good or bad,face the consequences alone ,break rule and enjoy life to my fullest.I didn't want a boring life anymore.I had to enjoy my youth when I was still young .


He welcomed me and hugged me tightly that I felt all my problems had disappeared.After a while he prepared a meal of indomie and we ate together.It was around three past midday when I got to his house He said that he had an online class that he was attending for two hours.I told him I was leaving but he insisted me on staying.Two hours,I thought,were to be boring if I stayed idle .so I preferred to lay in his bed and wait until he was done with his class.Of course I could not get sleep.After he was done with his class,he joined me in his bed.He slid slowly though I managed to hear him.He held me by his hand and the other hand was around my waist and the turned me around so I could face him.My whole body was in shivers.He laid me gently into his chest and he started playing with my braided hair.we started chatting that I almost forgot about my first kissing experience when he rolled me towards him and our mouth touched.Everything happened in a spurn of a minute.we yearned for one on other.The feeling was mutual.lips were desperately I need of another silava.i followed his kissing rhythm .He gently slid his hand on by back and roughly grabbed by ass .At this point I was on top of him kissing him mercilessly .we took intervals to gasp some air and our kisses became deeper and deeper .He drew me near him and I could feel his heartbeat run fast .He caressed my ass gently .I felt nice.He now rolled me back to his bed and he was on top of me .still kissing he searched for my brazier and he started unstarping me.He removed his t-shirt and undressed me .He cupped one of my boobs with his hands while the other hang was still on my ass.He caressed me roughly and moved his other hand to my other boob .my body was shivering and it was still in great heat.I could feel my pussy misbehave .His dick was already was huge elegant and was hard .I could feel it though he had his boxer on and my pair of trousers were still on .Once he noticed that I was desperate for him ,he started teasing me.He lowered his chin into my boobs and his lips were all over my breast except for the nipple.The nipple was acking for the kisses and sucks but it was not time yet.I moan gently as he dirt my nipple with saliva.He rolled his tongue round the right nipple which he did it perfectly.The left nipple was now yearning and craving for more.I lifted his head and made him suck the other bob but he couldn't.He wanted me to be more and more desperate.I had heard my friends say that kisses on the neck stimulated sex.I started kissing him on his neck gently.Gently the kisses turned to roughness.I was caressing his neck .He slid gently with one hand to my vagina.He rubbed it well thou it was done roughly.He managed to to get off my pant with no resistance.He now moved his head into my clit.and he wanted to suck when I let out some moans.He looked at me with eyes of lust and at the same time love.I was already wet.He took off his boxers short and his dick hang freely , straight upwards and erect while his balls hang loosely beneath his penis.I grabbed his both balls gently and he let out a moan that really turned me on.He half his my hand that was caressing his balls and he directed me to his penis tip .it was salivary.I knew he was In much pain but I wanted him to he desperate as I was.i moved to his lower part of his dick and started massaging it upward.Now he was moaning.He could not near it any more .I could feel his body tremble as he clinched back to me and held me tightly.His moans had effect on me.I released his dick and he was all on me again.This time he dirt my clit with the salivary fluid that I had released.My body was acking for more.He now rubbed my clit with his finger untill it aced my legs were shaking in need of more and more.He slid his finger inside me and I let out a loud cry of moaning.He silenced me with a gentle kiss as he dug deeper .Once he was incide he still wanted to go deeper but he removed his finger and this time he looked me directly to my eyes pleaded to get wholly.There was no time to were a condom .By the look in his eyes he assured me that he was In control of everything and he would not mess around.His dick was now the one capping my clit.It was both pain and pure greatness when he penetrated in.we both let out groans and moans I other mouth.He went in deeper an I could not let go him .I dug deeper into his back.i scratched his back and the more I clenched in him the more he hit it deeper faster and harder.Mi fought where I was.i can't tell how I fell but It was nice.He hit it raw for almost three minutes non stop.I was already tired from moaning and also being rolled over and over.He was also tired and he was sweating profusely. He held me tighter and this time he was hit it slowly but more deeper that the other time.i kissed him into his mouth and mistakenly slid my hand into his back ass while the other one was on his chest.On touching his breast he lost it all and he cummed.He tried to pull it out but it was tool late .He cummed inside me.that is when I realised what he had done.I rushed to his bathroom and forced it down .it managed to come out but I can't tell if it was all of it .i felt he had betrayed me.He handed me a towel and I cleaned myself.I could not look him direct into his eyes.He hugged me tightly into his huge chest and he mummued softly to my ears that everything would be legs could carry me no more and ok nearly collapsed when he held me tightly and carried me back to his bed.

I could feel him breath heavily.Still in his bed he held me tightly that I couldn't breath.He was afraid that maybe I felt bad that he had cum inside.He suggested that we counted when I was supposed to be on safe days .There was no worry because my I was expecting my periods in the following day.If they didn't show up then I would use the contraceptive pills.He started all over to play with my hair and he slowly slid in my top and started carresing me over and over.We had not spoken a word yet the he suddenly burst out,

"I would like you to be my girlfriend."he was sure of it and at the same time pleading me to say yes."We just had sex and I've fucked up,of course it was nice.I know we had only planed of kissing but we found ourselves fucking.Dont you find it interesting?were are ment for each other."he said waiting for me co say something.I sincerely wanted him to be my man.He had all the qualities of a good man that is good sex,elegant body ,broad chest,masculine body and chest and of course a large an enormous dick with good sized balls.He wanted us to talk about the sex we had just had but I couldn't hold myself up to tell him it was nice.we had both enjoyed.His dick was still hard and he was In pain he asked me to hold it well and I started massaging it gently that he let out moans softly as I kissed him vigorously into his mouth.I felt I wanted more but I couldn't ask for it.He also caressed by boobs roughly that he left them itching.I directed his hands to my pussy.I was already wet he slid his fingers, this time with ease and without hurting me and dug deeper .He slid his other finger inside and now he was doing it faster.He kissed me several on my cheeks as he went deeper and deeper.i did not want him to stop.

" Yes , I also want you to be my boyfriend."I thought he had not heard me well and I clinched him classer to me as he put back bis penis's into my clit.It was painful but I still wanted it.I moaned loudly saying that I wanted to be his girlfriend.He now lifted my legs and placed them on heis shoulders.He went inside and inside,deep and deeper,fast and faster and hard and harder.His whole penis was inside me.We changed styles each and every minute.This round was more enjoyable compared than the first round.I slip my legs in the air and patted them widder making pathway for him to penetrate well.he hit it harder showing no mercy to me.


Endless thoughts.Awful and mind blowing.i could not help than wonder what next was to happen.I had just had sex with I guy who I was not sure if he he'd the same feelings as I had.Yet he had cum inside.If no action was to be done I would definitely get pregnant.Those would probably be the worst neews I would ever tell my dad.ii had no choice but to take contraceptive pills.I watched him as he lay comfortable bedside me and I felt nothing but guilt and hatred.I had an feeling that he was not completely genuine.I couldn't help but cry.i felt betrayed and used.i hated myself for that.

He heard me cry, though I did it silently.He woke up and came closer hugged me and held me tight that I felt comfortable again.He asked if I was comfortable sharing my problems with him.I was straight forward and I told him everything.He calmed me down with some few kisses in the forehead and assured me that he would buy me the pills.he also said that next time he would be more protective.We talked and talked but we never got bored.Real talk's turned into nasty and sexier and the room was filled with tension.i could sense that he wanted more and more so I had to carry on with the nasty talks.

"So how was your experience when you first had sex?"I asked him.okay "To be honest I have never had sex ever in my life .This was my first time.Thats why my pull out was slower.i have never felt so much greatness in my life."he said looking up the ceiling maybe ashamed of himself.Well the fact tha he performed very well and it was his first time made me now that he would be better than h e was.he continued to say that he had several blows done by her ex girlfriend.He also said that he would teach me how to do one.I couldn't help but wonder where he learn all such staff so I had to ask him I guess it was a funny question to him because he just laughed sheepishly and never answered the question.We were now getting sleepy but the talks were more interesting.It was a heart to soul talk.All I hoped for was that this moment would never come end.


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