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Blood Passage

Blood Passage

  • Genre: Romance
  • Author: HanGram
  • Chapters: 6
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Age Rating: 16+
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  • 3.0
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Centuries, as it was perceived; the world of the supernatural were said to be united in harmony. All races with each specific prowess of its own. Werewolves, Elves, Witches and the strongest of them all. The Vampires. It was described to be peaceful till the beginning of the prophecy. Werewolves wanted freedom, Elves wanted to keep their dragons and be free to chant. Witches felt the need to have their Queendom, to perform chants and even trade with it… all of these couldn't be done under the rules that the Vampires had prepared. They wanted to keep all possible powers from humans and so, it led to their fight. Rogues became later introduced as the pain of losing one's valuables was unbearable. Tides changed, they began killing themselves.. their blood gathering together like that of a red sea, but it was merely the beginning. Leaving only the Elves, Witches and Vampires… another decade passed till the return of a new chosen. An Elf whose power is still not awakened and only a mere human. A prophecy that said she'd mate with a true blooded Vampire, an inevitable curse but also a solution. Would Alyssa come to understand herself from onward? Would she be able to receive the challenges and consequences? What would become of her if she mates with the Vampire crown prince Gabriel? Would dark Elves and light Elves accept Alyssa and Gabriel as mates after their unending fight..? Would they reunite to fight against the Witches who from them was the beginning of this misunderstanding..?

Chapter 1

It was all in a daze, she couldn't breathe. Her lungs burned, her eyes watered but she continued running.

They were after her again, those people.. those heartless monsters that took her everything but still wanted to take her. She couldn't look back, her feet ached. The wetness of the grass isn't enough to soothe the pain from under her feet, her clothes were nothing to be described. What was this..? What do they want..? W..why.?!

Houses were far from her reach, her breathing pitched slowly, they became out of control. Her heart was thudding with full force but still; she can't stop. No, she mustn't stop.

Alyssa's hands clenched on the bedsheet, her figure was vibrating. Beads of sweat ran freely on her body in the cold yet mixed with goosebumps. Her nightmares won't stop, not even any time soon. Sprawled on the bed with her lips whispering the unknown, she seemed to be battling with whatever it was that wouldn't let her be.

Down the stairs, in the kitchen, the sound of hardwood hitting another wasn't stopping. Seren needed to do something for the young lady in the room as she seemed to not want to wake. Till the last of the herbs were beaten, she quickly gathered all and ran to where Alyssa laid.

"Please, please…!" She kept pleading as her hand reached for the door and then, that was when it seemed her world ended.

"Noooo!!" Alyssa screamed, suddenly jolting from her long slumber. She looked ragged, her pale skin like that of the dead. "No.., no!" She continued breathing hard.

Seren, who was outside, didn't know what she could do any more. That girl had been unconscious for five days. Her body was messy, she was just as pale. Seren had thought she was a ghost, at least until Alyssa finally gave up from running. Seren stood only a step away from the door, her hand in the air indicating she almost opened the door when Alyssa turned at her. Her breathing was now normal even when she was still sweaty. She was caught! But Alyssa isn't moving, too weak from all the running she had pertained in without even realizing it was all real.

As if she was controlled, Seren finally snapped out of her daze, taking a deep breath before returning to the room. Just who was this girl! What kind of nightmares could she be having? As she neared the bed, not in fear but with a larger amount of curiosity, she stopped.

"Y.. you're awake..!" She called decisively, as if in denial. Hearing no response, she dropped the bowl in her hand as she moved to help the already helpless Alyssa. "Would you be able to manage..?" She called out, but still Alyssa couldn't talk. Sighing, Seren helped her up and allowed her to take from the bowl, the herbs that were grounded.


"Here you go. A little more," Seren voiced as she watched Alyssa fumble with the food in her presence. Everything was a blur. Her body was in pain, the pain of her running wild only to discover they were real. She remembered nothing and hopefully, there was Seren to take care of her. The lady was kind.

"You should eat more." Seren said again. Her eyes were glassy, no.. she looked like she's the one in pain in the stead of Alyssa. Just what happened to her..?

A while ago, Alyssa had awakened but after taking the herb, she slept back peacefully as if nothing ever happened. The herbs helped release some of her pent-up stress and even for a short while, afforded her a sleep.

"T..thank you." Alyssa sturtterd, her voice still shallow.

Pushing aside the dishes, Seren couldn't take it anymore. Alyssa was holding back a lot and she.. she's either going to be of help or even far worse.

"What happened..?" Seren asked, her eyes fixed on the lady opposite her. Her words seemed to have awakened something in Alyssa's memory. Yes, what had happened..? Who are they..? Why were they after her..?

All sorts of questions waited in her mind but nothing seemed to be amiss. She was chased, only to end up in a coma for five days. In a place she doesn't know, with an older lady that seemed very kind. All over her body ached but still, nothing seemed to answer the mystery. How did she even end up here..? What had she done..?

However, Alyssa knew just one thing from within herself. 'They won't stop coming.'

" don't know..?" Seren asked again as Alyssa was yet to give her an answer.

In negativity, she shook her head with a frown.

Sighing, Seren could only breath hard. This feeling, she knows too well what it is. It happened before, and is probably already happening again. She had long waited for it since it was what had kept her alive. It was all a prophecy that was sure to happen, but why does it feel like Alyssa is something else..? Does she even know herself..?

"It's alright." She smiled at Alyssa, the seemingly younger version of herself. "You should not force it and rest. You'd need your strength." She advised.

Alyssa could only nod knowing she could only rest for now before she'd continue in her run again. Bitterly, there wasn't anything she could do other than to run.

Was this the end or beginning..? A part of her wanted to give up, that part of her that has endured enough. Still trying to figure out how she ended up with Seren; she was at most grateful.

After escorting the girl back to her room, Seren came out to where they had sat before. The prophecy..!

She waited decades ago for it as she was to train the next chosen. She was one, like the rest, she would have to teach Alyssa the basics and even the prophecy that was now happening to the poor girl whose life would only become worse afterwards.

Chapter 2

They jumped and leaped, running in their vampiric speed, allowing the earth to tremble at their race. It continued, they weren't stopping. Howls were heard, yes, werewolves died but still, the fight wasn't stopping. Elves flew around heaven with their dragons, witches performed magic. It was the prophecy, it was happening.

All races of the supernatural were against themselves. Vampire's wanted to rule, Werewolves wanted freedom. Witches wanted their very own Queendom, Elves wanted to continue training their dragons. Peace was even a crime, their blood sputtering around like a red sea. Slowly, Witches were reduced, Vampires and even Werewolves. The Elves, having dominance.. they fought till it was all over, but it wasn't.

"Father, allow me. Please." Seren pleaded with her king father as he prepared to fly his own dragon. News already brought it that her mother died in the battle, the rage fueling her father to avenge.

"Please, fath


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